Glam makeup for redheads

Glam makeup for redheads is all about finding that perfect balance between your natural features and a more dramatic look.

The first step is to prep your skin with a hydrating moisturizer and primer. This will help keep your makeup lasting longer and prevent caking, which can be especially problematic for redheads.

Apply foundation that is two shades lighter than your skin tone, using a brush or sponge. Blend it in well so that it looks natural and not too obvious.

Next up: highlight! Using a cream highlighter, apply it along the tops of the cheekbones and brow bones. Blend well so it doesn’t look too sharp or unnatural.

Now for the eyes! Apply eyeliner on both top lids—we recommend liquid liner if you’re new to this kind of thing—and then add mascara to both lashes and ends of brows (you know, to give them some life).

For lips, we recommend using either a lip pencil or lipstick in a shade that matches your natural lip color (so if you’re really pale, go for something really light pink). Then add gloss on top to give it some shine!

Glam makeup for redheads

Keep Your Base Light

Fact: Red hair is often accompanied by fair skin. Let your natural complexion (and any freckles) peek through by using a lightweight tinted moisturizer, which will even out any splotches without masking things like a foundation can.

Choose Bronzer Carefully

Steer clear of anything that’s too gold or tan; it can look harsh or even muddy against your skin. A peach-toned bronzer or blush is your best bet for instant brightening and warmth.

When In Doubt, Go Peach

Just as this shade of bronzer subtly enhances your complexion, a slick of peachy-pink lipstick does the same for your lips. Consider this your everyday neutral for when you don’t want to look too done.

Don’t Go Too Dark With Brows

Skip the blacks and dark browns when filling in your eyebrows. Instead, try ashier shades like taupe. The cooler tones will pop against the warmth in your hair and look more natural, says Oquendo.

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But Do Go Dark With Lashes

Take note of Debra’s super lush and extra dark lashes, which frame her eyes without overwhelming the rest of her features. Swipe two to three coats of black mascara to get a similar effect.

And Be Bold With Eyeliner

Your eyes are one place you can really lay on some color since you’re keeping everything else fairly light. Exhibit A: Molly’s thick-but-crisp cat-eyes offer a focal point to her otherwise neutral look.

Experiment With Shadow

For everyday makeup, taupes and lighter brown shadows provide subtle definition; for a slightly unexpected pop of color, try a plum or aubergine shadow, which will contrast nicely against your hair.

Red Lipstick Is A Go

The notion that redheads should avoid red lipstick is vastly outdated. Paired with softly bronzed skin, a cherry pout looks especially glamorous next to strawberry locks.

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