eyeshadow makeup for green dress

When it comes to selecting a gown colour for an upcoming event, the vibrant green hue is the perfect option. Besides the fact that it offers you endless options and a variety of shades to choose from, it’s also super complementary for most skin tones. However, the trickiest part is picking what makeup ideas to try with a green dress and what shade of green best suits your skin tone. In this post, we’ll show you what eye makeup goes with green dress, what makeup to wear with a green dress, and best eye makeup for navy dress.

what eye makeup goes with green dress

Golden Glitter Eyes

Golden glitter is a luxurious eyeshadow and is a perfect contrast shade with a green dress. This eyeshadow will look attractive when you wear a plain green dress or a green dress with golden border or sequins.

Before applying this rich eyeshadow, neatly apply the black eyeliner on your upper lashline. This eyeshadow will suit an emerald or olive-green dress the best.

Olive Green Eye Makeup

Olive Green Eye Makeup

If you have gray eyes and you are ready to rock the party in a light green dress. You can select the dual shaded eyeshadow makeup for your oval shape or round shape eyelids. It is a praise worthy eyeshadow shade that looks exclusive on women having an olive skin tone. Won’t look bad if you have fair skin too.

Be tactful with how you apply it on your eyes. Mix it with a shade of golden or dark brown to make your eyelids look colorful. You can apply a light brown lipstick with this eyeshadow. Don’t go for a dark brown lipstick, keep it simple and subtle. If you go for a dark lipstick, the charm in your eyeshadow will be lost.

White And Brown Shimmer Eyeshadow

White And Brown Shimmer Eyeshadow

This makeup look with your green dress can be achieved only if you are passionate about making your eyes look charming and unique. You will have to start your eye makeup early.

A mixture or silver white and light brown eyeshadow will make your eyes look attractive. Don’t forget to shade the inner corner of your eyes with white. A thick line of eyeliner will also suffice to highlight your beautiful eyes.

Nude Brown Eyeshadow

This nude brown pretty eyeshadow is the most suitable shade when you want to make your eyelids look subtle and not overdone. One a dark green dress, this eye makeup will look highlighted.

If you are going to apply this light eyeshadow, you can manage to apply a dark lipstick shade to make your face look bold and charismatic. Apply a thin line of eyeliner on your upper lash line and then gracefully spread this delicate shade on your eyelids.

Forest Green Glitter

Forest green glitter eyeshadow is for all the fashionistas wearing a forest green color dress. It looks suitable on women with a fair or wheatish skin tone. This is an endlessly hot eyeshadow shade.

This shade will reveal the enchanting beauty of your pretty eyelids. Don’t go for a dark lipstick shade if you want to highlight the eyeshadow. On the other hand, a dark lipstick will neither make your eyes nor lips look charming. This eyeshadow shade would look special if you have grey eyes.

Go for this eyeshadow color only when you are confident about carrying off this shade well. This makeup idea tops the list of a good eye makeup idea with a green dress.

Simple Black Eye Liner And Kohl Pencil

To look hep and stylish, you don’t always need to brush too much of glittery eyeshadows. The choice of keeping it sweet and simple is always yours. Nevertheless, you can make the simplicity appear dramatic.

One such example of a dramatic simple eye makeup is drawing a thick line of kohl pencil and eyeliner on your upper and lower lash line. To make any green dress look super-hot, extend the eyeliner line you draw on your upper lash line.

This eye makeup look is apt if you are going for a date, casually catching up with friends or for office. Black eyeliner matches with every possible skin tone. If you have round eyes, don’t extend the line and if you have an oval eye shape with big eyes. You will look like a sexy doll.

Mint Green Eyeshadow And Eyeliner Wings

Mint green eyeshadow is a special and bright eyeshadow that looks lovely on light and dark green dresses. Going to meet your prince charming in a green dress? He is surely going to love your eyeshadow.

Apply your eyeliner and extend it as much as you want and after that you will apply this bright looking mint eyeshadow.

Golden Glitter Eyeshadow

For a prom night, wedding or a party, this lavish golden glitter eyeshadow cuts a dash on your eyelids and the inner corner of your eyes.

At times, you should give up on vibrant shades and pick twinkling eyeshadow shades like golden and silver to look unique.

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