Eyebrows makeup for beginners

Eyebrows are a way of expressing yourself. It can be used to show your emotions and how you feel about a situation. Eyebrows are also an important part of your face because it gives you expression and character. With the right eyebrow makeup, you can express yourself even more! There are many different types of eyebrow makeup, but today we will be focusing on beginner-friendly steps that you can use to apply your own eyebrow makeup at home.

First things first: You need to find your natural shape. You can do this by taking a look at your eyebrows before doing any work on them. Find out where they start and stop, where they arch up at their highest point, and where they curve down at their lowest point (this is called the tail). Once you know this information, gently brush out any stray hairs underneath or above your eyebrow line so that all hair is in place as much as possible before applying any makeup.

Now comes the fun part! If you want something bolder than just an everyday look then try using an angled brush or pencil brush to create a more dramatic shape for your eyebrows

Eyebrows makeup for beginners

How to do eyebrows for beginners, A definitive guide with all my secret tips and tricks to do your eyebrows like a pro, even if you are a makeup beginner!

Eyebrows have become a beauty topic with so many different trends for years ago.

After we finally overcame the super-thin eyebrow from the early 2000s, the eyebrows makeup trend has been to get them thicker and thicker.

But let’s talk about things you should consider before shaping your eyebrows.

How to do eyebrows depends on your natural eyebrow shape; not every face shape can’t wear the thick eyebrow look.

In this post, we will touch on how to style your eyebrows based on your personal style and your face shape!

The current eyebrows makeup trend is to get your eyebrows as natural as possible, and fluffy model-like feathery brows is what you should see everywhere.

I honestly love that.

Why? Because natural will always be better! 

Let’s begin

How to do eyebrows: Which eyebrow shape is best for you? 

First, look at your natural eyebrow shape. How angled is it? How thick or thin is it? 

And base on that, you can choose a design for your eyebrows. 

We can also use an eyebrow-shape guide to see what matches our natural face shape (before contouring haha) 

Perfect Eyebrow Shape for Your Face Shape 

Straight – long face

Curved – Heart and diamond face

Soft arch – Oval and square

High arch – Round face

S-shaped – Square and diamond face. 

Upward – Oval and Square face. 

This chart is a guide only because better than anyone else, know your face shape and your natural eyebrow shape.

And even when there is beauty/makeup rules we “should” follow, you are free to choose which one you feel more comfortable with.  

But also is always better to look for expert tips to create your dreams brow shape! 

As a professional makeup artist, I’ve worked with tons of different eyebrows and face shapes, and I know how to design the perfect eyebrow for you!

I will cover the main tips and tricks in the tutorial below. 

How to do your eyebrows? (at home)

2022 UPDATE: This Eyebrows guide is still relevant and up to date, but I no longer do my eyebrows using this technique, now I do and recommend a fuller eyebrow look.

After deciding which eyebrow shape will be better for you, you will need to have a natural full eyebrow. 

I recommend you let your eyebrows grow for about six weeks to have full natural eyebrow results and then give it a design. 

Pluck just a few eyebrow hairs that do not allow you to have your brow shape with makeup. Don’t use a magnifying mirror, and try to do it in daylight to have better results. 

“Your Brows bring the balance to your eyes and face, it’s super important to use a mirror that allows you to see both of them.”

Benefit Cosmetic Bro Expert

What I mean with “just a few eyebrow hairs” to keep it as natural as possible, because we can do anything with makeup and you don’t have to lead with constant hair removal. 

Only a few eyebrows with a lot of problems will need the tweezers twice a week or the eyebrow waxing every 2 weeks. 

Or if you prefer the “perfect always clean” looking, you will need to wax every week; it’s up to you, everything is valid! 

 Next, you need to choose which eyebrows makeup tools will be better for you too.

How to do your eyebrows: Makeup for eyebrows

There are many different products to choose from, and I will talk about each one below. 

First, your eyebrow color! Tends to be one or two tones lighter than your hair is you have dark hair, and 1 or 2 most ominous tones for bright hair colors. 

Brow Pomade 

The brow pomade can be a good fit for you if you like to go for a natural finish and an Instagram glam sometimes. 

With a brush, you can add more products and pressure and create the perfect glam look.

Or go for a natural finish with only a little bit of product and a smooth, soft application. 

The best seller pomade and favorite of everyone is this one from Anastasia Beverly hills. If you are looking for another option, Maybelline has a good one as well! 

Brow gel

I love to use this one!

When you like to follow your natural brow design and you don’t want to change your shape, this is perfect! 

Works well with a natural eyebrow finish, and also set your eyebrows.

I love this one from Maybelline. 

Brow pencil 

This product is perfect if you have a lack of hair in some areas of your eyebrows, or if you have a previous tattoo problem to cover.  

But with this product, it is essential to have an eyebrow brush to blend it well.

I love this brow pencil! 

Brow powder

I don’t recommend this product to be used by itself, and I think it is better to combine it with a brow pomade or brow pencil. 

Because you can create a natural finish with it, but if you don’t have a naturally defined shape on your eyebrows, you can hardly get a good result using it by itself. 

But it is a plus to use a brow powder combined with a brow pencil!

After defining your brows with the pen, the brow powder will set it and give your eyebrows a better finish.  


It’s crucial to clean and highlight your eyebrow with a concealer or with a highlighter eyebrow pencil. 

I recommend you go for a liquid concealer and use only a bit of product to better results.

Eyebrow brush 

If you are using brow pomade or brow powder, you will need a brow brush too. It needs to be flat, thin, and with an ankle end. 

Please avoid using a brush with an ankle end and flat but not thin or flat enough, this can ruin the entire eyebrow shape definition. 

How do you know what eyebrow color to use?

First, Analyze which hair color you have.

If you have ombre hair you need to take the darker tone of your hair look.

If you have a Fantasy color, you can take your natural hair color.

After having this color reference, take a look at the Eyebrow Color chart below and find the perfect shade for your eyebrow makeup.

Black or darkest hair color

You should go for a dark brown shade or ebony.

Always look for 2 tones lighter than your hair color.

Never take a black color even if your Hair is a super deep color.

Medium Brown, Warm, Orangy Hair colors

You should go for an auburn, medium-light brown shade, it depends on your subtone.

If you have warm hair color, opt for a warm 2 tone lighter shade.

If you have a medium taupe brown color, go for a 2 tones lighter shade but with a gray subtone.

Blondie, Gray, Lightest Hair Colors

You should go for taupe, light brown shades.

If you have blonde, beige, or gray hair, you need to find a 2 tones darker shade and balance the subtone if you have gray subtone go for a shade with a gray subtone instead of a warm shade.

How to fill in your eyebrows? 

How to do eyebrows: Step 1. Brush the hairs all the way up

Take a brow brush and brush your brow hairs up, looking to get it ready for makeup but keeping it natural. 

Follow your natural eyebrow direction. 

How to do eyebrows: Step 2. With a pomade and a brush, make a line.

Next, take a small, flat, and thin brow brush and a pomade, and with a little bit of product, create a line below on your eyebrow.

This line will define your eyebrow shape, so if you chose a soft angled way, do a soft angled line, and if you decide for upward, you will need to do a straight line below. 


How to do eyebrows: Step 3. Blend it 

With the same step 1 brush, brush your eyebrow and try to blend the line that you did before by focusing on blending it up. 

You still want to have the line define what with a natural-looking. 

How to do eyebrows: Step 4. Create Hairs 

With the small, thin, and flat brush, take a little amount of product and star to create tiny hairs on your eyebrow, following your natural brow hairs. 

Start from the thinnest part of your brow, and then start to create hairs in the middle, let the beginning of your eyebrow for the end. 

These hairs need to be as thin as your natural brow hairs, that’s why I recommend having a small flat brush for better results. 

How to do eyebrows: Step 5. Blend it again

Most carefully than the last time, take the brow brush and smooth brush your eyebrow.

Try to blend the hairs that you created but without losing all that you just did. 

Keep repeating steps 4 and 5 until you get your desire brow finish. Avoid concentrating too much product at the beginning of your eyebrow.

Try to always concentrate more product at the end of your eyebrow and then blend it to the beginning. 

How to do eyebrows: Step 6. Set with brow gel 

Now set your work with a brow gel, which can be clear gel or tinted.

If you go for the tinted one, keep in mind that you will add more color and create a hard- look. 

Brush your eyebrows again with the brow gel, and we are ready for the highlight! 

How to do eyebrows: Step 7. Clean up to define

With a small flat brush (it doesn’t need to be an ankled brush), take a liquid concealer, two tones lighter than your skin tone. 

Place it to your brow bone and try to define yourself, even more, your brow shape. 

This tip also cleanses any mess that you could do and gives a highlight fresh finish! After that, blend it with the same brush or your fingers. 

Next, take a liquid concealer 1 tone lighter than your skin tone or foundation and define the top of your eyebrow. 

This will create a cleaner look and also can correct any mistakes that you could make. 

If you are in a rush or for an everyday makeup look, you can skip this step, but I love to do it even when I’m looking for a natural finish because the highlighter can change a lot on your face! 



For an eyelift finish, you can chan a little bit of your eyebrow shape upward and focusing on keeping it straight. 

With this trending technique, you can create the illusion of having more lift eyes and go good with a foxy eye eyeliner technique. 

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