eye makeup for silver sequin dress

While the little black dress and the floral frock have their moments, nothing shines quite like a sequin dress. While you might be tempted to match the power of a gold- or silver-bedazzled gown with some equally shimmery makeup, avoid the call. Instead, keep your face matte, bold and crisp for a beautiful and classic style pairing.

All that glitters is not gold, it could be silver too! Silver outfits are a complete vibe that surely makes you stand out from the crowd. A cool-toned silver outfit is the perfect way to make a glam statement. But as beautiful as silver outfits are, they can be a little tricky to pair your makeup with. This guide is your solution to finding the perfect silver dress makeup look. Keep on reading to find the eye makeup for silver sequin dress, what eye makeup goes with silver dress, and eye makeup with pink and silver dress!

what eye makeup goes with a silver dress

  • A Smokey Purple Eye
Blonde woman with smokey dark eyeshadow makeup on eyes

Purple and silver are absolutely gorgeous together. And if you’re looking for a nighttime dramatic look to pair with your silver dress, look no further. Choose a deep rich purple to fill the lid and pair it with dramatic black eyeliner and mascara for a look that will make that silver dress stand out.

  • Rosey Pinks With Silver Highlights
Model with pink powder isolated on black background

A beautiful rose pink, highlighted with shimmering white, silver, or champagne will look delicate and beautiful with your silver dress. This is a look that can dress up or go out for the day, depending upon your dress.

  • Bronzed skin

Adding warmth to your face makeup is the perfect way of balancing the cool tones of your silver outfit! Adding bronzer to your silver dress makeup look adds life back to your face. After blending your foundation and concealer, add some cream contour to your face. Blend it well to add some definition to your face. Now with a fluffy brush sweep some bronzer along your cheekbones and the perimeters of your face. This will give add a hint of sun-kissed colour to your skin! If you don’t want to purchase a separate bronzer, a great hack would be to use a matte brown eyeshadow. Make sure you pick a warm-toned brown eyeshadow to match your skin colour.

  • Autumn’ eyes

Picking the right eyeshadow shade can be tricky while doing your eye makeup for silver dress. Cool-toned shades tend to clash with the outfit and can wash you out. And unless you’re aiming for the early 2000’s frosted eye look, that isn’t the look we’re going for!

Opt for autumnal eye shadow colours like brown, deep purple, plum or even burnt orange. These colours will perfectly complement your makeup for silver dress. If you are attending a nighttime event, you can do a black smokey eye to elevate your silver gown makeup. This will create a beautiful contrast between your deep eye makeup and glittery outfit! We suggest keeping the eye makeup matte, however, if you want to add some glitter you can opt for a rose gold shimmer shade. Avoid using yellow gold shimmer as it will clash with your outfit.

  • Sharp cat eye

There is no better pairing than a sharp cat eye with your autumnal eye makeup for silver dress! A winged eyeliner elevates your eye look and adds drama to it. It frames your face and completes your eye makeup. You can use a deep matte black gel eyeliner to create a precise wing. If you are in the mood to experiment you can create different graphic eyeliner looks as well!

  • Champagne highlight

It’s time to add some bling to your silver dress makeup look! After you are done with all your makeup steps, it is time to add some highlighter to seal the deal. When doing your makeup for silver dress, it is better to choose a highlighter shade with champagne or rose gold tones. While a blinding gold highlighter is gorgeous, it might clash with your outfit! A champagne or rose gold highlighter adds the perfect hint of glow to your makeup look. You can use the same highlighter to accentuate the inner corner of your eye. This small step will make your eyes pop and tie the whole look together!

  • Deep lipstick

Your lip makeup can surely make or break your silver dress makeup look! Deeper lip shades with your silver outfits are a match made in heaven. You can opt for a deep red or brown lipstick with silver dress. This will add colour to your pout and make you look picture perfect! If your eye makeup is heavy, you can opt for brown-toned lipstick to balance out the look. However, if you have a simple eye look you can add drama to your look with a deep plum or red lip! These deep shades create a beautiful contrast against the cool aura of your silver outfit.

Steps of doing eye makeup with blue and silver dress

  1. Preparation. Prepare your skin with the same steps as in day makeup.
  2. Skin tone. For evening makeup, use thicker foundation, applying it with a beauty blender or a synthetic brush for a more even skin tone. Touch up the contours with sculpting powder and apply blush to your cheekbones.
  3. Eye makeup. Highlight your eyelid folds with eyeshadow of your chosen color. Apply matching shimmering eyeshadow to the center. Emphasize the corners with light shimmering eyeshadow. Blend the borders between colors. Draw neat wings with fluid eyeliner or a pencil. Apply two layers of black mascara to eyelashes.
  4. Brow makeup. Highlight your eyebrows with pencil or eyeshadow that is one tone darker than your hair. Secure with gel.
  5. Lip makeup. Outline your lips with a lip pencil, matte lipstick of cherry, plum, or marsala color. You can give your lips more volume with a layer of lip gloss.

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