Eye makeup for sensitive eyelids

Eye makeup for sensitive eyelids can be tricky, but there’s always a way! Even though sensitive eyes are often prone to irritation and dryness, you shouldn’t have to sacrifice wearing your favorite shades in order to keep your eye area hydrated. Here’s how to wear eye makeup while keeping the sensitive skin around your eyes happy.

Eye makeup can be a wonderful way to express your personality and make yourself feel more confident, but there are some people who find that their eyelids become irritated when they wear eye makeup. If you have sensitive eyelids, it’s important to take special care when applying eye makeup.

There are several things you can do to reduce irritation from eye makeup:

• Make sure you’re using the right type of makeup remover. Some people use witch hazel or baby shampoo as a remover. If this is something you want to try, be sure to use it very gently and avoid getting it into your eyes. You can also try coconut or jojoba oil as a remover instead of harsh chemicals.

• If your eyes get sore after applying mascara, try using a softer brush or an eyelash curler before applying mascara. This will help get rid of clumps and give lashes more volume without irritating them as much.

• Mix equal parts olive oil and coconut oil together in a small jar or container with a lid; this will give your skin extra hydration while adding shine and glossiness without irritating it like mineral oil would do by drying out the skin too much (which could lead directly to p

Eye makeup for sensitive eyelids

Eye Makeup Tips For Sensitive Eyes

If you keep certain things in mind, you can rock any eye makeup look without discomfort.

Having sensitive eyes doesn’t mean you will have to say goodbye to eye makeup forever. Instead, you can make them your canvas and indulge in creative and elegant eye art with a few eye makeup tips for sensitive eyes. By adopting the right tips and tricks, you can keep watery and itchy eyes at bay while rocking that dramatic smokey eye look. Are you excited to know more about these tips and tricks? Read on to find out!

Why Do My Eyes Get Irritated When I Wear Makeup?

People with sensitive eyes know that their eyes get irritated if any makeup touches the area around their eyes. However, there are also many people who develop sensitivity to eye makeup over time. This kind of reaction to eye makeup can be blamed on contact dermatitis.

Contact dermatitis is a skin condition in which a substance triggers your immune system, resulting in your skin becoming itchy and irritated.

Contact dermatitis caused due to eye makeup can be of two types – allergic contact dermatitis or irritant contact dermatitis:

  1. Allergic Contact Dermatitis: You may be allergic to one or more ingredients used in the makeup products. This triggers your immune system and results in your eyes becoming itchy and red. Other symptoms of allergic contact dermatitis are hives and swelling.
  2. Irritant Contact Dermatitis: This condition develops over time with constant and excessive exposure to makeup products. This is why you might find your skin reacting to certain makeup products that you had been using without any issues in the past. The common symptoms of irritant contact dermatitis are itching, burning, and stinging of the eyes. When it is severe, you might get blisters due to irritant dermatitis.

There are certain ingredients in eye makeup products that can cause allergic reactions in your eyes. Let’s check out these ingredients below.

What Ingredients In Eye Makeup Products Cause Allergic Reactions?

  • Talc: If you look closely at the ingredient list of any eyeshadow, you will see the main ingredient is talcum powder. Overuse of talc around your eyes may cause irritation.
  • Preservatives: Almost all eye makeup products contain some kind of preservatives, like bronopol or dimethicone, which may cause skin and eye irritation.
  • Colorants: The dyes used in eyeshadows may also cause allergic reactions.
  • Fragrances: Most of the time, the fragrances that are used in makeup products are the primary reason behind an allergic reaction.

So, what can you do when you love makeup but have sensitive eyes? Well, there are some makeup tips that you can follow. Check them out in the next section!

Eye Makeup Tips for Sensitive Eyes

1. Opt For Hypoallergenic Makeup

The first rule of buying makeup when you have sensitive eyes is to go for products that are hypoallergenic. Hypoallergenic products contain no ingredients that may cause any allergic reaction in and around your eyes. Additionally, you can go for unscented makeup products to reduce the chances of causing any other irritation to your eyes. Also, organic products with fewer chemicals and more natural ingredients are much less likely to cause irritation.

2. Cream Eyeshadow Over Powder Eyeshadow

Choosing a cream eyeshadow over powder eyeshadow can be a good choice to avoid any allergic reaction. Basically, powder eyeshadow contains talc, which is a known irritant. Powder eyeshadow can also spread and fall out around your eyes and cause an allergic reaction.

3. Change The Way You Apply Eye Makeup

Apart from the makeup products, the way you apply makeup can also cause eye irritation. Using hard strokes to apply makeup on your eyelids can cause irritation. Hence, being gentle while applying eyeshadow should be your main goal. The best way to apply makeup on sensitive eyes is by using a patting motion and blending it out without applying too much pressure.

4. Opt For High-Quality Brushes

Another thing that you should keep in your mind is that using unclean brushes or brushes with rough bristles can also cause eye irritation. Instead, use brushes that have soft bristles and wash your brushes regularly to minimize any eye irritation.

5. Avoid Your Waterline

Wearing eyeliner on your waterline gives you a defined look while enhancing the beauty of your eyes. However, if you have sensitive eyes, it is better not to line your waterline with any kind of eyeliner to avoid irritation. If you still want a defined look, you may apply the liner under your waterline.

6. Keep It Simple

It’s best to avoid using too many eye makeup products if you have sensitive eyes. For example, if you are planning to wear eyeliner, you can go eyeshadow-free for that look. Using tons of eye makeup products at once may irritate your eyes and cause an allergic reaction.

7. Remove Your Makeup Thoroughly

Removing eye makeup properly at the end of the day is one of the most important things you need to do to keep your sensitive eyes safe. Avoid going to sleep with makeup on. Use a good makeup remover or cleansing balm to gently remove all your eye makeup.

It can be intimidating to do anything with your eyes when they are sensitive and tear up easily. Applying makeup around them seems like too much of a stretch. But we would like to assure you that you do not have to give up on eye makeup owing to this fear. Using appropriate makeup tricks and the right products, you can use eye makeup without triggering the sensitivity of your eyes. Follow these steps from our eye makeup tips for sensitive eyes and follow some caution. You can have glammed-up eyes to suit various occasions and fresh looks.

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