eye makeup for light green dress

When it comes to selecting a gown color for an upcoming event, the vibrant green hue is the perfect option. Besides the fact that it offers you endless options and a variety of shades to choose from, it’s also super complimentary for most skin tones. However, the trickiest part is picking what makeup ideas to try with a green dress and what shade of green best suits your skin tone. This post will show you what eye makeup goes with green dress, what eyeshadow looks good with green dress, and eye makeup for light green dress.

what eye makeup goes with green dress

The Mint Green Dress

‍Feel freshly ethereal in a mint green dress this formal season, a great shade when you’re looking for that soft, girly finish. Take the pastel trend to the next level with a muted green gown. Embellishments such as lace or embroidery offer your outfit an element of dynamic edge, perfect for setting you apart from the crowd at your next event. To style yourself pretty, opt for soft pink tones such as peach or rose, lightly highlight your cheeks and gloss your lips for the ultimate naturally coloured look.

The Lime Green Dress

‍Not a look for the faint-hearted, a lime-colored dress will offer your stylishly lavish look an exhilarating burst of harmonic energy. Give off super fresh vibes at your next evening cocktail event or girls’ night out with this dramatically playful style. Perfect for spring, a lime-coloured outfit is guaranteed to make an impactful statement. Complement your zestful look with bold voluminous lashes and a metallic purple-lined lower eye for a modern contrast. For the perfect finish add a matte nude-colored lip.

The Jade Green Dress

‍Electrify the crowd in a jaw-dropping jade-coloured dress, perfect for making the ultimate party statement. This gorgeous brightly colored gown is a great option for your upcoming school formal or wedding day event. Experiment with bold cutout patterns or high neck collars for an extra element of drama. To complete your fabulously edgy style, add a dramatic dark smokey eye and a simple nude-coloured glossed lip.

The Emerald Green Dress

‍Emerald green is such a classic pick when it comes to selecting a green gown for a special function. Like it’s neighbouring tone teal, emerald green suits almost all skin tones, making it a super popular pick amongst fashionistas. This rich hue offers you an opulent and indulgent edge that is perfect for an evening gala ball or red carpet event. Complete your look with a rich dark burgundy lip shade and shimmering gold eyes. This look will have you feeling award worthy in no time.

The Teal Green Dress

‍Teal or Aqua as known to some, is a gorgeous blue toned green that suits almost all skin types. Whether you are fair, medium or dark skin toned, wearing this colour is bound to create a few shockwaves at your next function. To style this super-hot colour trend of the moment, opt for a bold coral coloured lip which will offer you a gorgeous contrast against the luxe toned dress.

The Forest Green Dress

‍Elegantly timeless, the forest green gown will have you channelling picturesquely glamour vibes at your next gala ball event or formal engagement dinner. This vastly rich hue is absolutely alluring and offers you the essence of regal beauty. Whether you’re after a show stopping gown or form fitted midi, this shade will undoubtedly turn you into the queen you know you are. Complete your royal look with subtle smokey metallic eyes and soft shiraz coloured lip.

The Olive Green Dress

‍Olive green is a colour that most of us seem to shy away from as the colour is almost always associated with all things drab and dull, it reminds us more of combat wars rather than glamour balls. The key to making this look feel and emulate glam chic is all in the hair colour. If you’re a red or orange haired beauty this look works especially well for you due to the amazing colour contrasting values it gives off. Complement this underrated look with a soft illuminated bronze complexion, bold winged eyeliner and a matte cherry nude lip.

How to do best eye makeup for light green dress

  • Start off with a freshly washed and moisturized face.
  • Apply a quarter-sized amount of foundation to the back of your hand. Dab a clean foundation brush into the makeup.
  • Sweep the loaded brush down the bridge of your nose. Dab a small amount of foundation on your chin, cheekbones and over your forehead. Apply two small dabs on your eyelids.
  • Buff the foundation into your skin with gentle sweeping motions using the foundation brush. Follow the curves of your face. Keep blending until the foundation is completely smoothed onto your skin. Don’t forget to blend the foundation on your eyelids, moving up toward your eyebrows.
  • Dip a fluffy kabuki brush into a translucent setting powder and sweep lightly over your entire face to set the foundation in place.
  • Dip your index and middle fingers into a cream blush in the coral family. Smile and dab your fingers over the apple of your cheek. Blend in with your fingers until the color sits smoothly on the apple of your cheek. Repeat this process with the other cheek.
  • Dip an angle brush into a brow-correcting powder. If you are blonde or have light hair, pick a corrector that is one to two shades darker than your natural hair color. If you have brown or dark hair, choose a corrector that is one to two shades lighter than your hair color. Apply the corrector onto your eyebrow using small dashes to fill in any areas that are sparse.

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