Eye makeup for large lids

Large lids are one of the most common features of Asian eyes. It has become a fashion trend to have large, doll-like eyes and new makeup products are making it easier than ever to achieve this look. In this article we provide tips on wearing eye makeup for large lids.

If you’ve got big eyes, you probably already know that it’s best to keep your eyeshadow a few shades lighter than usual and use fewer layers of color. Here are some tips for how to apply your makeup:

-Use light colors in the crease of your eye to help make them appear smaller.

-Use white-based or light pink shadows on lid and under brows to open up your eyes.

-The darker shades should be used in the outer corner of your eye, where it meets your brow bone. This will make the lid appear smaller and less prominent.

Eye makeup for large lids

Big eyelids are beautiful, but knowing exactly how to apply makeup to enhance them can be a little confusing. Read below to learn the tricks of the trade. By following these steps, you can learn the best way to apply your eye makeup and let the beauty of your eyes shine through.

Shadow. Stick to darker colors to reduce the size of your lids. Try a medium brown on your lids. Add a dark brown, gray or even black to the crease and spread outward, extending slightly past the outer corners. Highlight your brow bone with a light color such as tan, beige or light pink. Highlight with white for a more dramatic look.

Line your eyes on top of the shadow in a thick black line with an eye pencil. Smudge the line so that it is not very defined. The thick line will cut the size of your lids slightly. If you feel that your eyes are large in general and you want to make them appear smaller, then line the inner rim on the bottom of your eye with the same black; otherwise, skip lining under your eyes all together.

Curl your upper lashes and apply one coat of black mascara. If your eyes in general are average size to small, apply a light coat of mascara to the lower lashes as well. If your eyes in general are large in size, then skip the mascara on the lower lashes. Curling your lashes will open the eyes up and over your eyelids.

Keep your eyebrows relatively thick and the arch minimal. If your eyebrows are sparse or over tweezed, fill them in by brushing some shadow in a shade close to your natural brows into sparse areas.

For an evening look, apply the same makeup a little heavier and you are ready for a night on the town! Try some eye glitter or sheer eye shadow on the brow bone for a little extra shine!


  • Practice this look when you have time and are not in a hurry to go out.

Downturned eyes mean that the outer corner of the eye is slightly lower than the inner corner. This shape also tends to have a classic almond contour and plenty of space on the top lid. Pair these striking eyes with playful eyeliner, smoky color and full lashes.

Apply an eyelid primer over your entire lid for lasting eye makeup. Dip an eyeshadow brush into a cream or ivory matte eyeshadow. Sweep the color over your entire eyelid and up to your eyebrow. This single color creates a strong foundation and draws attention up to the top of the eye.

Sweep a rose gold or gold-flecked eyeshadow along your bottom lash line with an angled brush. Apply this color as close to the lashes as possible using small dash strokes to create a fresh, wide-eyed brightness along the bottom of your eye.

Sweep a blending brush across a medium brown, gray or purple matte shadow. Blend the color into the crease at the outer corner of the eye. Keep the color focused on the outer edge of the crease to create subtle dimension and pull attention up.

Dip an angled brush into a dark brown or black matte eyeshadow and apply to the outer half of your top lash line with small dash strokes for a soft lined look. Finish this daytime look with a couple coats of black mascara, focusing extra attention on the outer lashes for lift and definition.


If you don’t have eyelid primer, apply a dab of cream concealer on each eyelid and blend in for a smooth palette.

Cat eyeliner suits downturned eyes because it draws attention upward with the simple flick of a brush.

Apply black liquid or gel eyeliner to your top lash line as close to the lashes as possible. Start the line next to the inner corner of the eye, and keep it thin and even, using small dash strokes.

Start to draw the line up at an angle toward the outer end of your eyebrow when you reach just beyond the outside edge of your iris. Extend the line just beyond the outer edge of your eye and fill in the line with black liner for the classic cat eye.

Finish a glamorous evening look with a short strip of lashes on the outer corner of each eye. Then apply volumizing mascara to the top lashes. Don’t line the bottom lash line or add mascara. This technique opens up the eye for a fresh, strong look that emphasizes your eye shape and draws attention to your top eyelid.


For a dramatic evening look, use a slightly shimmery champagne color instead of the matte cream shadow. Build up the crease shadow for a smokier effect.

Since winged eyeliner is a such a major beauty statement, keep the rest of your makeup fresh and simple. Apply a rose or coral blush to the apple of your cheeks for a natural, balanced glow.

Keep your lips neutral with a vitamin E lip gloss or opt for a sandy-toned nude lipstick to keep the attention on your eyes and the top half of your face for daytime. If you want some added drama, opt for a berry or pink lipstick for a bold evening look.

No matter how old you are, makeup is a tool that will make you look polished and boost your self-confidence, says celebrity makeup artist Sandy Linter. Signs of aging, such as wrinkles, dark circles and age spots, can have a negative impact on self-confidence. While thick, dark makeup is appropriate for young women, mature women look fresh and confident with light-colored, minimum makeup. If you want to look young and get rid of creasing, conceal signs of aging and boost your self-confidence.

Foundation and Cover-ups

Rub a moisturizer with SPF 15 or higher onto your face and neck.

Apply primer around your eyes, lips and cheeks.

Blend creamy concealer into the inner eye next to your nose and under your eye with your ring finger or a concealer brush. Apply and blend concealer on any dark spots and blemishes.

Blend creamy, light-weight foundation all over your face with a cosmetic sponge.

Apply a thin layer of translucent powder around your eyes with a powder brush. Do not apply the powder on wrinkled areas of your face.

Apply a light-colored blush on your cheekbones with a blush brush.

Blend lipstick on the lips with a lip brush. Soften the lines of the lip color with a tissue or a cosmetic sponge. Avoid using dark lip colors.

Eyes and Brows

Pull the lid of your eye up gently, and apply a thin line of dark-chocolate pencil eyeliner along your lash line. Draw a thin line over your pupil and inner eye. Thicken the line at the upper outer corner of the eye.

Look in magnifying mirror, and pull your brow skin taut. Pluck all stray hairs on your brow with a pair of tweezers.

Define your brows with a soft-colored eyebrow pencil. Draw the natural shape of your brows with light, smooth strokes of the eyebrow pencil.

Brush your eyebrows with a spoolie brush to blend the pencil into your brows.

Highlight and lift your brow by applying light-colored eyeshadow under it.


Blot your face with blotting papers to get rid of oil on your forehead, nose and chin. Avoid dark lip colors. If you cannot remove stray hairs, go to a professional beautician to wax your eyebrows.


Plucking may cause inflammation, redness, skin irritation and ingrown hairs. Contact your primary physician if you get ingrown hairs.

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