eye makeup for hooded eyes over 40

Hooded eyes basically means you have a small flap of excess skin under each eyebrow. That flap of skin conceals your crease and often your eyelids too. They are more common than you might think. Some people are born with hooded eyes. But a lot of time, as we age, and our skin laxity intensifies, our eyes become more hooded.

In this article we have complied information on eye makeup for hooded eyes over 40, what is the best eyeshadow for hooded eyes, and how do you apply eye makeup for hooded eyelids.

how to do eye makeup for hooded eyes over 40

  1. Please, Stop Applying Highlighter on Your Brow Bone.
    You know that heavy-ish fold of skin sitting under your brow bone you may have been born with or inherited with age? When you “highlight” this, you’re making it appear more prominent and drawing more attention to it. So, for the love of life itself, stop putting shimmery shadows or highlighters under your brow bone. The good news is, your shimmery shadow days are far from over. Instead, pop that shimmery shadow on the inner corners of your eyes for extra sparkle.

The shimmer shades in the Designer Brands On The Go All in One Face Palette are some of my favourites.

  1. Use a Long-wear Cream Eyeshadow Stick.
    A long-wear cream eyeshadow is the most fool-proof way to wear eyeshadow for anyone, but it’s one of my favourite game-changing makeup tips for over 40s. Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Cream Shadow Stick and MAKE UP FOR EVER Aqua Resist Smoky Shadow both come in lots of awesome colours. Long-wear cream eyeshadows don’t sit in the crinkles of your eyelids either. Plus, they don’t transfer and are dead-easy to apply. Even if you struggle to see what you’re doing, trust me, you can do this. Simply choose an eyeshadow crayon, twist it up and colour in your eyelid. It’s instant eyeshadow, without all the fuss.
  1. Change the Way You Do Eyeshadow for Hooded Eyes.
    Traditionally, we’re taught to add dimension to the eye by blending a darker eyeshadow colour into the crease of the eye. But if that hooded fold of skin has dropped down over your socket, there’s no point. Instead, achieve dimension, shape and lift by creating a “false” socket in another spot. Bronzers are a great tool for giving your eyes lift and balance. Take a bit of matte bronzer like Benefit Hoola Bronzing Powder on a pencil-shaped eyeshadow brush and run it under your lower lash line, then kick it out a little and upwards at the end. This will give the illusion of more lifted-looking eyes and create balance. You can watch exactly how I do this makeup technique for hooded eyes in this TikTok video below.
  1. Mascara for Hooded Eyes.
    We want to see your beautiful eyes and mascara is the quickest way to make your eyes stand out. Apply mascara to the root of your lashes first, really get stuck into it! Wiggle the wand close to the lash bed, then drag the mascara through the lengths of your eyelashes. If you struggle with mascara transferring onto your eyelids, try a tubing mascara like Mirenesse Secret Weapon Mascara or Blinc Mascara Amplified because they’re smudge-proof and won’t budge, even if your eyes water.
  1. Buy a Magnifying Mirror.
    Magnifying mirrors are practically illegal until… you begin to lose your eyesight. I think they’re essential once your eyesight has been compromised. Do yourself a favour, get one. It’ll make doing your eye makeup infinitely easier.
  1. Eyeliner for Hooded Eyes.
    Eyeliner does not always suit everyone’s eye shape, particularly as eyes begin to “down turn” at the outer corners because it can accentuate that droopiness. The best way I’ve found to do eyeliner for hooded eyes is to always line the lower lash line first. By following the upwards angle of your lower lashes before applying eyeliner to your top lash line, your eyes will look more upturned. Take a soft, waxy eyeliner pencil like Inika Mineral Eye Liner and line the outer third of your lower lash line. Kick it ever so slightly up beyond your upper lash line.
  1. Do Whatever Makes You Feel Like a 10/10.
    Amanda Ramsay
    Finally, if you love your current makeup look and it doesn’t fit with the above guidelines, stuff it! These are some of my expert tips to lift, flatter and enhance ageing eyes, but you do you. Please just keep doing what makes you feel fabulous, because that, my beauties, is what makeup is all about.

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