eye makeup for hooded eyes and low eyebrows

Hooded eyes makeup needs much more attention than normal eyes makeup because if it wont be done correctly, it would make your eyes look smaller or closed ones. There are many hooded eyes makeup tips and smart hooded eyes makeup tricks which assist us to properly make the eyes attractive and smoky without a feeling of a much hooded eye. You don’t need to curse yourself about having hooded eyes, instead you need to learn the pros of hooded eyes and makeup techniques to have unique yet attractive eyes in a crowded place or a function.

I am going to give you a simple rundown on how to do natural eye makeup for hooded eyes, easy eye makeup looks for hooded eyes, and what are hooded eyes a sign of. I will cover eyeshadow, eyeliner, brows, and false lashes.

how to do natural eye makeup for hooded eyes

First of all, let’s have a detailed overview of hooded eyes, why they are different and why they need some different makeup technique for popping them up.
Hooded eyes and makeup are somewhat different and unique because of the slight difference in the shape of eyes. Hooded eyes have some extra layer of thick skin covering the eye crease which leads the eye-lid to appear smaller. Now we need to adjust our makeup style according to this specific shape to make the lid more wider, more prominent and brighter. So, our eyes won’t appear as the closed ones. Let’s start with several hooded eyes makeup tricks related to each important step. Have a closer look at the following Do’s and Don’ts.

1. Always apply a base to your eyelid before applying any highlighter or shadow. A base will help you to create an artificial crease line which won’t appear normally in case of a hooded eye. Then you can obviously adjust the artificial crease a bit higher than your normal ones. That’s how you can cope with the hooded eye situation.
2. Do apply darker shade and brighter highlighter to support a fake transition supporting your artificial crease upward to make your eyes wide open.
3. Do create a depth of the transition with a bit darker shade on the artificial crease.

1. Don’t push your eyebrows all the way down. Just keep them shorter and naturally upfront.
2. Don’t highlight your whole brow bone, otherwise you will end up popping out your hooded eyes and makeup won’t look professional.
3. Don’t apply rigid artificial eyelids. They will ultimately make your eyes smaller and closer.

These are basics to fake the hooded eyes and makeup. Now let’s see a proper way to put hooded eyes eyeliner and hooded eyes eyeshadow to pop up and make even hooded eyes wider and more professional.

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