Eye makeup for glasses wearers

Are you a glasses wearer who wants to look amazing in your glasses? Well, if you are, chances are you don’t feel particularly confident with your eye makeup. With all the knowledge about eye makeup for glasses wearers on the Internet, it’s becoming increasingly more difficult to decide which advice is credible and which isn’t. I’m here to help.

Glasses shouldn’t stop you from wearing makeup. You can still look as good as you feel while wearing glasses by following these tips.

  • Wear a primer before applying your foundation. This will seal the pores on your face and help keep makeup in place throughout the day.
  • Use a concealer with an orange undertone to help neutralize the redness caused by glasses.
  • Apply a highlighter to the inner corners of your eyes to make them appear larger, which is especially important for wearers of thick frames or prescription glasses.
  • Use eyeshadow colors that are similar to your skin tone so they don’t stand out against your skin when viewed through lenses.

Eye makeup for glasses wearers

Whether you have just started wearing glasses or have been wearing them for quite some time, it is a challenge to adjust your makeup so that it shows up bright through your glasses. If you love your eye makeup and don’t want to stop accentuating your eyes just because you wear glasses, here are a few tips you need to keep in mind. Just because you wear glasses doesn’t mean you can’t look like a glamazon! Scroll down to know more!

Mirror mirror on the wall

Situation: You have to go so close the mirror to apply your makeup that your eyeliner brush actually hits the mirror?

Fix: To avoid such hilarious but frustrating situations, use a magnifying mirror and make sure the makeup area is well-lit. Also, apply thin layers of makeup; don’t go in with a heavy hand. Thinner layers are easier to build up to desired opacity and stay longer.

Curl ‘em up

Situation: You apply a fresh coat of mascara and a few minutes later, your glasses are coated in mascara! Long lashes are a blessing, but with glasses on, they can brush against the lens, making application of mascara time-consuming.

Fix: Curl up your eyelashes. Clamp a eyelash curler firmly at the base of the lashes and hold it in place for 10-15 seconds, while lifting them up. This benefits in two ways – firstly, it lifts your lashes up, so when you apply mascara, it won’t touch the lens on your glasses, and secondly, because it lifts your lashes, your eyes look bigger.

Use concealer

Situation: The shadow from your frames accentuates the natural darkness under your eyes and makes you look like you have panda eyes?

Fix: Panda eyes look good on those cuddly creatures, but not on you! So choose a concealer that is two shades lighter than your natural skin tone and apply it under your eyes up to the lash line and dab a little in the inner corners of your eyes and blend. Press the product in patting motions and avoid rubbing or dragging the product with your fingers. If you feel the concealer still has not lightened the under eye area, you may have to use a colour corrector in shades of peach or range underneath the concealer.

Eyes do not look defined

Situation: Your eyeliner does not show, and your eyes are not defined. People ask you if you are tired/ill.

Fix: Many times your glasses totally obscure your eyeliner and make you wonder if you forgot to apply it in the first place! You have to match the eyeliner thickness with the thickness of your frames. If you are wearing thick-rimmed glasses, apply a thicker line and if you are wearing rimless or thinner frames, line your eyes with a thinner line. Apply white eyeliner on the lower waterline, to open up your eyes, and provide contrast to the eyeliner so it stands out prominently.

Use eyeliner to your advantage

Situation: Your eyeliner does not show prominently 

Fix: Line both your upper and lower lash line. The upper line has to extend from the inner corner of the eye to the outer corner and the lower lash line just the outer 2/3 of the eyes. Use a liner that is darker than your eye colour for vivid definition. This will make the eyes look larger. Curl your lashes up and add mascara. This really opens up your eyes.

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