Eye makeup for evening

Are you looking for how to do eye makeup for evening party? Maybe you are planning a date, or just want to look good for a night out. You can have the eyeshadow you wear during the day and it will look different when applied in evening. There are some differences of eye makeup for evening in comparison with everyday makeup. I will tell you about what eyeshadow colors you should use, how to apply it and that is important to remember. You can also see some nice examples of evening makeup combining different shades of blue, purple or green with black or brown clothes and black shoes.

Evening eye makeup is all about being bold, but it can also be subtle. Here are some tips for making your eyes pop for a night out!

  1. Start with a clean base. Use an eye makeup remover to get rid of any mascara, eyeliner and shadow that’s already on your eyes. Then cleanse the eyelids with a gentle cleanser or oil-based balm to remove any residue from the cleanser or balm. This will ensure that your base goes on smoothly and stays put throughout the evening.
  2. Prime your lids with a light shade of eyeshadow that matches your skintone and blends into your crease when you’re done applying it. This will help keep the lid color from creasing or fading throughout the night as well as make sure it stays true to its original color all night long.
  3. Apply a medium shade of eyeshadow over top of the lid primer; this is where you’ll begin building up the intensity of your look for evening wear! If you’re going for something more dramatic than usual (like a smoky eye), apply this color above and below your crease line; if not, just apply it above

Eye makeup for evening

To have a professional makeup everyday it doesn’t really mean you should have your personal stylist. You can develop your abilities by exercising continually. With a little patience and quality cosmetics you will create amazing makeup for which you will only get compliments. Invest in some good brushes, because it will greatly ease your work. Here, we have a green glitter makeup, which is perfect for a special event, a date or for a night out.

You will need: eyeshadow base; cappuccino, vino, heavy metal and onyx eye shadows; gel eyeliner; green glitter; glitter adhesive (this is optional, but you can use it to keep glitter in place for longer); a set of brushes.

Steps for a glitter eye makeup:

1. Apply eye shadow base all over the eyelid. Apply the cappuccino color in the inner corner of the eyelid, with a crease brush.

2. Using an angle line brush, draw a line with gel eyeliner in the outer corner of the eye.

3. Time to apply vino eyeshadow: use a contouring brush to blend the eyeliner with this eyeshadow, so that you obtain a little faded line in the outer corner.

4. Using a flat brush apply the heavy metal eyeshadow all over the lid, so that this colour meets the cappuccino and vino eyeshadow.

5. Clean the flat brush and use it to finally apply the green glitter on top of heavy metal.

6. Finish this makeup by applying gel liner on bottom lash line and heavy metal eyeshadow under the lower eyelid.

This is a really intense makeup, so avoid applying bright color lipstick. A beige or a pale pink lipstick will perfectly match to your eye makeup.

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