eye makeup for brown eyes blonde hair

Usually, one would think someone with blonde hair would have blue or green eyes. But what about blonde hair brown eyes? Is it rare for people to have a combination of natural blonde hair and brown eyes? The combination of blonde hair and brown eyes is quite rare because if you have brown eyes, you have more melanin. And it is rare for a body to produce blond hair if there is more melanin in the system.

This hub will give you makeup tips for best eye makeup for brown eyes blonde hair, eye makeup tutorial for brown eyes blonde hair, and does blonde hair make brown eyes pop. If you want to look like celebrities Eva Mendes, Jessica Alba, or Eva Longoria when they rock this look, this article will guide you along

best eye makeup tips for brown eyes blonde hair

  • Stick to brown mascara since most of your features are pale. The brown will blend beautifully with your eyes while still setting them off.
  • Wearing brown eyeliner around your eyes will give them a more noticeable frame, especially if you have naturally blonde eyelashes and find your eyes and skin have a stronger contrast than you want.
  • Great eyeshadow colors are deep and varied shades of brown, peach, soft pink, and violet. The Too Faced Chocolate Bar Eye Palette is an excellent palette with all of these colors and will give you a look similar to Kiera Knightly’s.
  • Try adding a hint of cream eyeshadow below your eyebrows to give your skin a light glow that will complement the dark hues of your hair.

best eye makeup for brown eyes blonde hair

Lip Color

Girls with blonde hair and brown eyes should choose the best lip colors that will accentuate their blonde hair and brown eyes, such as soft pinks, peach-infused shades, soft browns, and violet-infused shades. Remember always to choose lip colors that are darker than your blush.

With your brown eyes, you need to even out the dark and light effects on your face. So, you have to choose colors that will make your lips pop out.

Eye Makeup

The best colors for eyeshadow include soft pink, various shades of brown, violet, and peach. There are eyeshadow kits that contain most of these colors that you can buy on the market.

Wear brown eyeliner around your eyes. It will enhance its shape and frame, especially if your eyelashes are naturally blonde. This will also add a good contrast between your skin and eyes.

Add a hint of white eyeshadow lengthwise under your eyebrow. This will provide your skin with a bright glow and complement your hair’s light hues.

Since most of your facial features are pale, limit yourself to using brown mascara. The color brown will blend wonderfully with your skin and hair while enhancing the look of your eyes.

If you want to lighten your naturally dark eyebrows to blend well with your blonde hair, apply crème bleach to your face.

Always maintain the cleanness and shape of your eyebrows. Doing so will give you a beautiful and highly polished appearance.

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