eye makeup for blue and silver dress

magine yourself wearing a blue outfit and looking perfect. Once you begin coordinating colors and picturing how your eye shadow or lipstick will appear, you may start applying makeup. With consideration of your skin, the color of your eyes, and the occasion, you’ll need advice on whether to wear subtle makeup and when to go dramatic.

You may stand out from the crowd with your blue dress by using a range of cosmetic methods. To find out more about the what eye makeup goes with blue dress, what makeup goes with a silver dress, and what eyeshadow goes with silver dress, keep reading!

what eye makeup goes with blue dress

Have fun with Color

The color chart is the first thing you should be aware of while attempting new cosmetics. Colors that go together well are said to be complementary. Thus, you can wear blue’s complementary hue when wearing it.
The complementary colors to blues on the color wheel are reds and oranges. Therefore, you may combine blues with hues from this spectrum like coral, orange, peach, and brown.
Makeup Ideas For Blue Dresses
Here, you may experiment with color and seek hues that complement your features and skin tone.
Another method is to make one color the focal point of several clothing components. You may incorporate blue into your makeup, for instance, if your clothing contains blue parts scattered throughout but is not fully blue.
Even if you emphasize the blue theme, the addition of additional colors makes your appearance intriguing.

Create Makeup Base For Blue Dress

Depending on the sort of look you want to achieve, you may choose to use a foundation or minimal makeup.
Foundaton Makeup Ideas For Blue Dresses
To start the day off right and keep your skin looking fresh and radiant all day, use a nice scrub and moisturizer.
Warm hues like deep red or orange can be used with cooler blue tones to produce a warm effect.
foundation Makeup Ideas For Blue Dresses
Warm tints of blue trend more toward purple, whilst cool shades of blue contain more green.
Start by concealing all of your blemishes, zits, and dark circles using a regular concealer stick for a warm appearance.
foundation base Makeup Ideas For Blue Dresses
Select a foundation shade that is one darker than your natural skin tone. This provides your skin with a radiant, healthy shine that doesn’t fade in photos.
You might use a tinted body butter or moisturizer instead of foundation if you already have a tan complexion.
Use a mineral powder to cover the base. It will enhance the makeup looks for a blue dress.

Advantages of Priming

Priming Makeup Ideas For Blue Dresses
In addition to evening out skin tone, priming the face will also help the foundation last longer. You don’t want your makeup to seem splotchy at the end of the night or the party, aren’t you sure? Right?


Apply the foundation that properly matches your skin tone after priming your face with a face primer.
If you feel more comfortable, use simply your fingertips or a foundation brush.
Makeup Ideas For Blue Dresses
Additionally, It depends on whether you want my natural skin-like fresh appearance with a thin foundation or a cakey makeup look.
Although it can still look beautiful for nighttime makeup, too thick and cakey foundation looks dreadful for the daytime. So have that in mind while you prepare! It will be formal makeup for a blue dress.

Makeup Ideas For Blue Dresses

Last but not least, make an effort to apply translucent and loose powders to set the makeup for a flawless finish. Even if you have used a sheer BB cream or tinted moisturizer, you may still attempt setting the entire look with a little dusting of loose powder.

Cheek Makeup For Blue Dress

Although they are equally vital, your cheeks shouldn’t be the focal point of your appearance.

To take the color play to a new level, color-coordinate your lips and cheeks. Blue tends to be a chilly hue. So a warm blush would be appropriate for a blue dress since it prevents washing out and an unfavorable pallor.
Makeup Ideas For Blue Dresses
A blush with a pink undertone would give you baby-cheeks-like rosy cheeks. Try a blush in a plum tint if you want to seem cozier. It will be one of the steps towards formal makeup for a blue dress.
Apply three little dots of the powder blush in the center of your cheeks’ apple to begin using the blush. Blend it in circular motions with the skin using a sizable, round brush.

Blush on Cheeks

You should be aware that a burst of color blush, such as crimson, hot pink, orange, etc., will seem out of place with your blue dress and will only make you look like an overdone Barbie doll. So, maintain a gentler blush.

Cheek Makeup Ideas For Blue Dresses

If your skin tone is darkish, use hues like light peach, soft coral, or even light pink or cinnamon. Keep your blush softer and more natural-looking; choosing the right hue becomes incredibly important when you have dark skin. Avoid going overboard and have a look at makeup looks for blue dresses.

How do you use blush?

Cheek blush Makeup Ideas For Blue Dresses
You may absolutely use a contour kit for your nighttime makeup to give your cheekbones and jawline a carved appearance.
Apply contouring powders to provide extra depth, then highlight the brow bone and cheeks with some highlighter.
Since the accentuated face looks great with the blue clothing, this will work like magic.

Eye Makeup for Blue Dress

An attractive blue outfit should tell words about your eye. You must keep in mind that a strong, gender-neutral hue like blue looks great with feminine eyes. Cat eyes, metallic smokey eyes, and smoky eyes with wing tips are a few examples of traditional eye makeup for blue dresses that work wonders.

If you already have a navy or other strong blue on, gold or champagne may be the metallic color in your eyes. To prevent the costume effect, attempt to play down your cheeks and foundation if you plan to make your eye the focal feature of your face. Try to add green or blue to your eyes if you are wearing cool blue.

The color purple or teal goes well with a warm blue outfit. The colors shouldn’t be exactly the same hue even if they belong to the same family.

Eye Makeup Ideas For Blue Dresses

Avoid using strong eye makeup if you want to play up your lip and make it the center of attention. Apply a light brown or peach eyeshadow that goes with a blue dress, all over your eyes, and then use kohl to line your lashes tightly.

We offer some advice on eye makeup as well: (Additional Tips)

Never use eye makeup without an eye primer or an eye shadow foundation. When you see the impact it makes on your eye makeup, you’ll thank us afterward.

After applying the eye base, wait 10 to 15 seconds.

Using a flat applicator brush, paint the eyelids and pack the color by patting.
Then apply the crease color with a fluffy brush. Blend everything thoroughly until there are no sharp edges remaining.
It’s time to put eyeliner on now. Try the form that looks best on you, such as a normal triangle or thick-winged eyeliner.
The lashes should be covered with mascara.
Take a small, clean brush and dip it in a highlighting color; options include vanilla, champagne, and others. For a lovely appearance, place the highlighting shadow on the brow bone.
If your dress is navy or dark blue, you may also try a smoky black eye makeup look or one of the best eyeshadow that goes with a blue dress, but try to keep the eye shadow softer if your dress is light blue or turquoise.

Lips Makeup for Blue Dress

Makeup Ideas for a blue dress consist of one of the exposed parts, the lips. We can’t forget to give you tips and tricks for maintaining your lips.
Lip Makeup Ideas For Blue Dresses
A nude lip color goes well with dramatic eye makeup. Apply lip balm and a nude lip liner after you’ve cleansed your lips.
Use peach, pink, or other neutral-colored lipstick to conceal your lips. Choose a red lip tint if you want to make your lips the center of attention with your outfit.
A lip liner that extends the wear of lipstick should be used after lip lining.
lip Makeup Ideas For Blue Dresses
Apply bold red lipstick on your lip now.
Coral or warm pink also work well with blue.

Finishing Up

Apply a spray of makeup sealer to finish your appearance. You’ll look good for a long time if you do this. Applying a mineral powder sealer to your face can create a shimmering look.

Eye lip Makeup Ideas For Blue Dresses

Blue is a serene and calming hue that is always a good choice for clothing. But you must be aware of how to give your face a magical touch that complements the blue outfit wonderfully. You can start looking amazing now that this has been addressed in our post on makeup with a blue dress.

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