Cover corrective makeup for rosacea

Cover corrective makeup for rosacea is the solution to the problem of red, blotchy skin that makes you feel self-conscious about going out in public.

Rosacea is a common condition that causes redness and inflammation in the skin. It can affect people of all ages, but it’s most common in adults between 30 and 60 years old. It affects women more than men and tends to run in families.

The cause of rosacea is unknown, but it’s thought to be related to abnormal blood vessels in the face. The symptoms vary from person to person, but they usually include facial flushing (redness) and pimples or bumps on the skin.

You may have heard that rosacea can be treated with antibiotics or steroid creams, but those medications don’t treat the underlying problem—they only treat symptoms. That’s why we created Cover corrective makeup for rosacea; it covers up redness so you can get back out into the world without worrying about how your skin looks!

Cover corrective makeup for rosacea

When you have rosacea, finding the right make-up can be twice as tricky. Depending on which sub-type (or types) you have, you’ll want something that can cover redness or skim over texture, all while remaining gentle enough not to make your delicate complexion more inflamed.

It’s a fine balancing act, and there are surprisingly few products that are truly up to the task. Despite the commonality of rosacea (it’s believed 10% of us have the chronic condition, but that figure doesn’t take into account all the undiagnosed cases out there), there are relatively few brands that place rosacea-prone skin types at the forefront of their formulations.

What’s more, lots of brands still believe that rosacea-prone make-up wearers simply want something heavy enough to mask their redness in entirety. Of course, sometimes this can be true – camouflaging a flare-up does deliver a quick confidence boost – but it can be revolutionary to work with, not against your aesthetic rosacea symptoms.

A gentle, dewy highlight or bold red lipstick looks beautiful on any skin tone, regardless of your degree of redness or texture. Here, make-up artists, influencers and beauty editors share the one product they’ve found to help them calm, camouflage or complement rosacea-prone skin.

The Best Make-Up For Rosacea, According To Those Who Really Know


Rose Gallagher, Make-Up Artist

IT Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC+ Cream


‘The number-one thing I would recommend for people with rosacea is the It Cosmetics CC cream. For me, it felt like the first thing I’d tried that gave me a completely full coverage but didn’t look or feel heavy – plus, it acts as your moisturiser, primer, SPF and colour corrector in one.

‘In terms of the skincare, you’ve got niacin and ceramides: it’s going to be really comfortable on a very hot skin. Another thing I love is that it comes in three finishes, so whether you want a skin-like finish, more radiance or something completely mattifying, it works.

‘I’ve got two different types of rosacea myself: sub-type one, which is what causes red flushing, and sub-type two, which is what causes the texture. So as well as something that hides redness, I want a product that sits well over texture, which this does really well.

‘I know we’re always taught to ‘blend, blend, blend’ but when it comes to redness, patting your product in is so much better: if you rub red skin too much, not only are you removing that coverage before you’ve built it, but you’re also exasperating existing irritation.’


Neil Young, Make-Up Artist

Charlotte Tilbury Invisible UV Flawless Poreless Primer


‘For reactive skin or rosacea, I tend to keep the application process as minimal and light as possible. Opt for a cooler (yellow) under-toned foundation or tinted moisturiser, as this will minimise most of the redness. Keep the application light and use a brush to prevent additional reddening of the skin. If necessary, use a long-wearing concealer on any redness that is still visible.

‘When wearing make-up, one of the challenges with rosacea is the heat in the skin, as it can often be difficult to keep your foundation in place. I love Charlotte Tilbury’s Invisible UV SPF 50 Flawless Poreless Primer. It’s a great primer for any complexion, but it also reduces redness, hydrates and offers high protection as well as pollution defence, which are all essential for keeping the skin in optimum condition.’


James Molloy, Make-Up Artist

Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage


‘I use a couple of approaches when working with rosacea. For mild examples where the skin is more flushed in appearance, I prefer to use concealer before my foundation.

‘I love the Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage as it covers without looking cakey. The pan comes with two shades, allowing you to correct with one and skin-match with the second. or custom blend them together as needed. For application, I recommend a larger fluffy brush such as the MYKITCO 1.7 My Ultra Multi as this builds coverage gently and gives you control over a larger area of skin.

‘When working with more defined redness I will use a green corrector: but avoid anything that is too pigmented. I prefer a gentle mint that still corrects but doesn’t completely kill the skin tone.’


Lex Gillies, Rosacea Advocate and Skin Positivity Campaigner

Fenty Beauty Stunna Lip Paint


£17.60 (20% off)

‘When it comes to my number-one make-up product, I would definitely have to say a bold lipstick. I find that on days when I’m feeling more self-conscious about my skin, I find it easier to redirect people’s attention, instead of trying to cover up the areas I’m less confident about.

‘I used to get really bogged down thinking people were staring at my skin, when actually people have incredibly short attention spans and are usually more worried about people looking at them!

‘I usually reach for a hot pink, an orangey-red, or a dramatic plum colour – anything that brightens my mood and draws the eye. My current favourite is the Fenty Stunna Lip Paint in Unlocked.’


Natali Kelly, Aesthetic Practitioner

Oxygenetix Oxygenating Breathable Foundation


‘A brilliant foundation for rosacea, this mineral formula is breathable, protective, and heals skin conditions as you wear it. By using a unique aloe vera base, it soothes rosacea flare ups. The coverage lasts longer and feels lighter than other foundations, giving the impression that you are not wearing make-up.’


Joy Adenuga, Make-Up Artist

No7 Airbrush Away Colour Balancing Primer


‘A little goes a long way with this targeted primer. I love using my fingers to apply it over areas with redness. It can also be used without foundation, which it what makes it such a winner for me.’

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Mira Parmar, Make-Up Artist

Dr.Jart+ Cicapair Tiger Grass Color Correcting Treatment


‘My favourite make-up product for rosacea-prone skin has to be Dr Jart Cicapair Tiger Grass Colour Correcting Treatment, as it calms and neutralises redness, evening out skin tone.

‘The green hue shifts to beige on application, correcting redness on all skin types. Use it alone, or add extra coverage with a foundation on top.’

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