Contour makeup for round face

Contour makeup may not be ideal for faces with round shapes. Most contouring is done by defining the cheeks, jaw lines and forehead. But if you already have a round face shape complemented by full cheeks, a rounded forehead and a prominent jawline, it won’t complement your shape. You’ll actually look unflattering with such contouring.

Contour makeup for round face is a great way to accentuate your best features and minimize the ones you don’t love.

You’ll want to start with a foundation that matches your skin tone and has a matte finish. You can find a color match at any makeup counter, or you can buy an all-in-one palette that has colors for every skin tone.

Next, you’ll want to put a highlighter on the tops of your cheekbones, along with some blush on the apples of your cheeks. Be careful not to apply too much blush—you don’t want it to look like you have clown cheeks!

Finally, apply some bronzer under your cheekbones and on the top of your nose, using a brush with long bristles so you don’t accidentally blend it into all of your makeup.

Contour makeup for round face

Today’s post is especially dedicated to all the round faced beauties. With a little highlighting and contouring, you can make your round face appear more sculpted. Contour products are used to illuminate the center of the face while slimming it on the sides.

Products: For contouring, always use a product that is two shades darker than your skin tone to shade areas that you want to define, like cheekbones, chin, forehead and nose. For highlighting, use a concealer or highlighter that is about two shades lighter than your skin tone to accentuate areas that catch light.

Determine your face shape: A round face is equally long and wide with soft and round corners.

Follow these steps to perfectly contour your round face.

Step 1: Highlight

• Cheeks and under eyes: Apply the highlighter to the upper cheekbones and also under the eyes.
• Eyebrows: Apply the highlighter above your eyebrows and blend towards the temples.
• Eyelids: Apply to entire eyelid and inner corner of each eye.
• Nose: Draw a straight line along the bridge of the nose.
• Lips: Make a highlighting dot just above your cupid’s bow.This will also enhance the shape of your lips.
• Forehead: Draw a circle at the center of your forehead, joining it to the line along the bridge of the nose.
• Chin: Highlight a triangle on the chin with the base of the triangle being just below your lower lips.

Step 2: Contour

• Forehead: Apply the contouring product along the sides of your forehead and along the temples.
• Cheeks: Draw a curved line from the center of your ear to your jawline.
• Nose: Shade the sides of your nose.
• Brow bone: Shade along the brow bone and lightly blend with the highlighter.

Step 3: Color

Use a blusher to take the look a few notches higher. Start by applying the product at the hairline just in front of the center of your ear. Blend towards the mouth. This step also helps reduce some volume from the cheeks and fake a longer face.

Step 4: Blend

This is the most important part. First, blend the highlights with a small brush. Then use a large brush to blend your contour. Check to blend any harsh lines.

Step 5: Fix

Finish off with a translucent powder for a matte finish. Use pressing motions of the brush to make the contouring stay in place.

There you are! Use your favorite mascara and lipstick to finish off the entire look.
Hope this helped. Take care!

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