Comfortable supportive bra

Finding a bra that keeps you lifted and supported often comes at the expense of comfort. Underwire can dig into the skin, leaving behind an imprint to prove it, while slippery straps and bulging at the back can call for constant readjusting. But breasts don’t need to be strapped in tight and overly compressed together to feel supported or enhance their appearance. Insider editors have tested dozens of bras over the years and have found the ones that’ll leave your days of rushing home to unclasp the hooks behind.

Of course, there is no perfect one-size-fits-all bra, and needs vary from cup to cup, but these tried-and-true favorites should let you skip some of the trial and error. Below, find our top choices for bras and bralettes comfortable enough to replace your current go-to.

Comfortable supportive bra

Because my chest is on the smaller end of the spectrum, I normally don’t look for bras with maximal support. Instead, I prioritize comfort which automatically rules out most push-up and underwire bras. This is why the SKIMS Cotton Plunge Bralette works so well for me. Padless and wire-free, this cotton bralette feels nonrestrictive while the wide elastic band it sits on fits more snug. Paired with leggings or biker shorts of the same color, this bralette has become my go-to for lounging and cleaning up around the house. —Kayla Bickham, Style & Beauty Editorial Fellow.

SKIMS Cotton Plunge Bralette

As someone who tries to avoid wearing bras at all costs, SKIMS Fits Everybody Triangle Bralette is the bra I forget I’m wearing. I was worried that the minimal design of the triangle cups would cause a few slip-ups, but I don’t feel exposed or like my curves are slipping through seams. What I like most is that the 2-ply supportive stretch has a magnetic effect against my skin so that it forms to the contours of my chest and the straps are set in the exact spot I placed them in. —Kayla Bickham, Style & Beauty Editorial Fellow

Wacoal Body by Wacoal Seamless Underwire Bra

I have this bra in both colors it comes in because it’s the perfect mix of comfortable, supportive, and good-looking. The mesh panels and very minimal lining give it a really light and airy feel. —Ellen Hoffman, editor-in-chief. I have a lot of success with Wacoal bras in general, and this front-closure bra is another comfy and supportive option from the brand. It holds up nicely to regular washing over time too. —Ellen Hoffman, editor-in-chief.

Natori Statement Underwire Bra

If you’re looking for a “sexy” comfortable bra, look no further! I love this unlined, full-cup bra from Natori that goes up to a size 42H. The delicate lace creates a really pretty scalloped neckline, and you’ll be surprised by how supported you feel in it. —Ellen Hoffman, editor-in-chief. This is my favorite bralette for sleeping and lounging around in at home. I don’t have a lot of success with bralettes, but this one manages to support my 34D chest very nicely. Tommy John’s “Second Skin” fabric is also so comfortable you barely realize it’s there. —Ellen Hoffman, editor-in-chief.

Girlfriend Collective Milo Racerback Bra

I’m mostly wearing bralettes and sports bras these days, and I find myself reaching for my Girlfriend Collective Milo most often. It comes in the brand’s FLOAT fabric, which is soft, not compressive, and comfortable to wear all day. I love this cut specifically because of the racerback and the longer sides; I feel like it offers more coverage and avoids spillage, especially because I have a larger bra size where that can be an issue. —Angela Tricarico, Streaming Editorial Fellow

Everlane Cotton Bralette

I love almost everything Everlane releases but their bras have truly stood the test of time. My first bralette purchase was back in 2016 and to this day, I cannot find a more comfortable option than the Everlane Cotton Collection. The fabric is super soft, breathable, and never shrinks in the wash. Better yet, they offer sizes from XXS-XXL and have a comprehensive size guide that has never failed me. —Maiya Pascouche, Associate Story Producer.

Finding the right bra is truly a journey, and let’s be honest, kind of an annoying one. Your first inclination is to ask the group chat. But it’s also hard to get recommendations from friends since they are so individual and there are so many different styles that work best for different body types and breast shapes. That’s where we come in.

Below, we’ve rounded up the most supportive, comfortable bras in lots of different style categories. We’ve also answered some frequently asked questions and provided some tips that will help you find the perfect fit. Natori ‘Pure Luxe’ Underwire T-Shirt Bra claimed our top spot for best overall because of its comfortable fit and coverage, nice size and color range, and everyday t-shirt design.

We get it: Finding a comfortable (and, ideally, attractive) bra is hard. Maybe not quite as difficult as solving the Saturday New York Times crossword puzzle or finding a rent-stabilized apartment, but challenging nonetheless. There are so many brands, styles, sizes, fits, and fabrics to choose from—and yet we still find ourselves stuck with ones that dig in, gape, or are downright painful.

But supportive, well-designed, and just plain pretty bras do exist. And that’s why we’ve sorted through the racks, ratings, and reviews to compile a list of the most comfortable bras from the best-quality brands on the market for every shape, preference, and budget, from large to small busts. Whether you’re looking for a bra with side support and lift for daily use, a wireless bralette that’s flattering for larger breasts, an affordable Amazon bestseller, a style ideal for plus sizes, a strapless bra that actually stays up, or even an option that feels as comfy as a sports bra, all of our picks from trusted lingerie brands feel so good, you may forget you’re even wearing them.

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