Classy makeup for purple dress

Purple is a color that will add elegance to your look and make you appear more sophisticated. It can also be used to make you look younger, as it makes your skin glow underneath the shade. If you want to look classy and beautiful at the same time, then this purple dress will be perfect for you.

The best part about wearing purple is that it looks good on any skin tone. You can wear it with confidence and feel like a million bucks while doing so!

If you are looking for classy makeup ideas that will complement this dress, then follow our step-by-step guide below:

  1. First off, take some foundation on your fingers and apply it evenly over your face using circular motions. Then use a concealer brush to blend in the edges of your foundation so that no lines are visible when looking up close from afar (which would be very embarrassing in this case).
  2. Now take a small amount of blush on your cheekbones and gently dab them upwards towards your temples until they reach their natural higher position; this will give a fresh look to your face without making it appear too overdone or overly done up!

Classy makeup for purple dress

Makeup for a girl in lilac tones. Makeup under a purple dress

Purple is a very feminine and passionate color, a great alternative to the usual red. There are about two hundred shades in the palette – from light and bright to dark and tart. Violet includes overflows of lilac, pink, blue, lilac, purple, eggplant. It is a very beautiful, multifaceted and impressive color that attracts attention and makes men stop and keep their eyes on beautiful image in purple.

Who is it suitable for?

On the red carpet, some important social events, you can very often see celebrities in dresses of exactly the purple palette. Such an evening dress suits the owners of different skin tones (due to the wide color palette), which is why so often designers and fashion designers prefer purple.

A graduation or a party, a social event or a wedding with friends – a dress in these colors will look appropriate at any event.

Brunettes, dark-skinned and dark-skinned beauties very often choose purple dresses. But they need to be careful with dark shades so they don’t blend in with their outfit. For such an evening look, a not very bright make-up is best suited, closer to natural, without color accents in lipstick and shadows.

Eyes can be accentuated with black eyeliner and mascara. For lips, you should choose pastel colors or a transparent gloss balm. A peach shade is suitable as a blush.

Makeup under purple dress for red-haired beautieswith light or golden skin it will be brighter, but not flashy, without pretentiousness. You can safely emphasize the cheekbones and highlight the blush on the cheeks with the help of coral. The emphasis should be on the eyes, clearly draw the eyebrows with a brown pencil or special shadows.

On upper eyelid you can only apply black eyeliner, on eyelashes – mascara. For lips, coral and natural pinks are suitable.

Girls with fair skinin makeup, you need to use a foundation and concealer. On their face, any defects and irregularities instantly become noticeable – pimples, redness, circles under the eyes. A purple dress (especially if it is dark) will only accentuate skin imperfections. At the same time, make-up can be both natural and catchy.

Step by step implementation

Make-up for a purple dress should be selected, focusing not only on the skin, but also on the eyes and hair. For brunettes with green eyes as evening makeup you can choose shades that are close in color to the outfit itself.

To make a bright, spectacular make-up yourself at home, you should read step by step instructions and follow all recommendations.

You should start with the eyebrows.If natural data allow, and the eyebrows are wide and thick, then you can simply walk over them with a colorless gel so that they keep their shape better. Otherwise, a brown pencil and special shadows of the same shade will come to the rescue.

After the eyebrows, you can start working on the eyes. The first step is to apply white eyeshadow to the upper lid, under the brow. Then start working on the lower eyelid. Take a blue pencil and draw your eyes down to the middle of the eyelid, starting from the outer corner. Then use a brush to paint dark blue shadows in the same place as the pencil outline.

Blend everything well. Then you can take the upper eyelid.

Work out the outer corner of the eye with a black pencil. and apply dark shadows on the lower eyelid, the upper one, including the movable one. Gently blend the makeup with a brush. Now it’s up to the purple palette, three shades are required.

Can be taken as a light option pink tone – plus lilac and eggplant (as the main colors). Pink eyeshadow is applied to the remaining free area of \u200b\u200bthe movable eyelid. Apply eggplant over the black eyeshadow (in the outer corner of the eye), and lilac around the edge.

All this is carefully shaded so that there are no abrupt transitions.

The final point will be the application of black eyelineralong the upper edge of eyelash growth. You can also use a black pencil. Apply several layers of dark mascara to the lashes themselves. You can use overhead – for greater effect.

You can see how to do makeup step by step in the next video.

How to do purple makeup

As with any makeup, you need to start with the foundation. For a purple make-up, the skin should be of a uniform tone, which can be achieved using foundation, powder and concealer. If you skip this step, the notorious dark circles under the eyes can play cruel joke and the result will be far from what was expected. Uneven complexion combined with purple can create an unhealthy look.

First, a thin layer of foundation is applied, then with the help of a corrector, the skin color around the eyes is evened out. Also, the corrector is applied over the upper movable eyelid. At the end of the foundation, a light powder is applied to the entire face, which gives the skin a matte finish.

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