Chubby face makeup for round face

Chubby face makeup can be simply stated in this paragraph.Chubby face is a round face is also known as a circular face, it’s a kind of faces which are characterized by full cheeks that form a well-rounded shape. Face with chubby fuselage has thin lips and eyebrows, small nose, big bright eyes. Chubby face does not need to match outfit to adorn positive atmosphere, you can select any clothes matching your favorite colors to create different styles. Round shaped faces are long whole completions, but should use the right color choice and makeup methods, add highlights based on the following suggestions.

If you have a round face, you can still wear makeup! But you have to choose the right products and techniques. Here are some tips on how to master chubby face makeup for round faces:

  1. Choose the right foundation

Your foundation should match your skin tone, but it shouldn’t be too dark. It should also have a bit of coverage because chubby faces tend to be oily. Once you’ve found a good foundation, apply it with a brush or sponge and blend it into your skin well so there aren’t any lines or streaks.

  1. Use concealer sparingly

Don’t use too much concealer; otherwise it will make your face look even rounder than before! Instead, try using a little bit of bronzer instead—it will give your skin more dimension and make you look less like an orange! You should also avoid using highlighter on your cheeks unless you want them to look even puffier than they already are.

  1. Stay away from blush-on powders

Blush-ons are great for adding color without making too big of an impact on your face (so they’re perfect if

Chubby face makeup for round face

No matter how beautiful our features and appearance, as humans, we always have insecurities about the way we look. Too thin, too dark, too chubby, too tall – there’s no end to the list of flaws every person is capable of finding in themselves. While there’s something cute about girls with a round face and chubby cheeks, we know so many girls who are not satisfied with the way they look. Instead of a rounded look, they like a defined look. If you’re one of these, we can imagine how you feel. We too have been in situations where our chubby cheeks have stood out more than we have, and it’s not always nice. What if we told you there was something you could try to make your face more sleek and elongated? No, don’t worry, we are not talking about dieting to lose the chubbiness. We have a bag of makeup tricks that can make your face appear sleeker than it is. Yes, doing makeup the right way can actually make your face look thinner. Read on to know the 5 hacks you must keep in mind when doing makeup for a round face. As a bonus, we’ll also share a few dos and don’ts to follow. So keep scrolling and apply these hacks IRL to achieve your desired sleek look.

  • Contour it right
  • Use blush to hide the chubbiness
  • Ace your eye makeup
  • Bring attention to your brows
  • Style your hair smartly
  • Do’s And Don’ts

Contour it right

Contouring is the key to adding definition and structure to your round face. If you contour your face right, you can absolutely change the way you look and achieve miraculous results! Since it is basically about enhancing your face’s most attractive features, you can choose where you want to focus the attention and where you want to take the attention away from. In the case of a round face, you’d naturally want to take away attention from your chubby cheeks. So let’s get down to this first hack in doing makeup on round face the right way.
The first thing you need to do is to find the right shade for your face. The trick is to opt for a product two shades darker than your foundation. If you want a more dramatic look, you could even opt for three shades darker. For a more natural shadow, use shades that have cooler, grey undertones. After all, you’ll end up looking comical if the contour shade is too orange and we’re sure that’s definitely NOT what you want!
Next, let’s get to the actual contouring. We suggest you follow the classic rule to give structure to your curved features – the classic ‘3’ contour. What this classic rule means is that you should start by contouring along the outer edges of your forehead. Then, contour under your cheekbones and finally, contour around your jawline. Don’t forget to blend the contour properly, else you risk leaving those harsh lines. Also, you want to avoid contouring the chin though. By leaving your chin contour-free, you’ll be able to add more height to your face, creating the illusion of a longer face shape. With seamless contour, you won’t have to worry about chubby cheeks! 

Use blush to hide the chubbiness

Adding blush to your cheeks will definitely draw attention to your chubby cheeks, and that’s why, most people with round faces avoid using a blusher. However, you couldn’t be more wrong! Yes, blush accentuates the cheeks, but how about tweaking the step a little? By simply changing the placement of blush by a bit, you can get peachy results, quite literally!
Along with giving your face a natural flush, a blush can also hide the chubbiness of your cheeks to make them appear thinner. Adding this cute flush of colour will also enhance your contour’s definition, giving your face a more defined look.
In the second hack of makeup for a round face, we’ll tell you how to enhance the dimensions of your face by using your blush the right way. Instead of applying your blush in a circular motion, apply it in a diagonal manner to give your face a slimming effect. We’d suggest you sweep your blush lightly across your cheekbones. Start lightly at the apple of your cheek and draw it towards your ear. This will elongate your face. For best results, opt for a blush in a darker shade like the Lakmé Absolute Face Stylist Blush Duos – Rose Blush. While applying your blush, don’t go overboard with the quantity, less is more! 

Ace your eye makeup

Your eyes are your focal point, and we vehemently believe that the right eye makeup can make your look and bring it up a notch! This hack about makeup for a round face is all about perfecting your eye makeup skills to enhance your eyes and make them look bigger! Since your eyes are the first things someone will notice about you, we’d recommend you go all out with your eye makeup. Of course, you can’t go for smokey eyes for a day at work.

So for a day look, choose a bold eyeliner or a strong eye shadow. Subtle eye shadow shades can add a spark to your face. For a night look, you can go all out with smokey eyes or a bold eye shadow. Apply lots of mascara to make your eyes pop. This way, you can create the illusion of having larger eyes. 

Bring attention to your brows

Neatly done eyebrows are always a sureshot way to draw attention to your eyes. However, we’ll take it a step further and tell you how you can use them to your advantage for a slimmer, sleeker look. Since a round face has no proportions that define it and stand out, giving your brows an angle will highlight your face. High, arched eyebrows will create the illusion of an elongated face, and this hack in makeup for round face will guide you how to go about it.
To bring attention to your brows and lift your face, you can start by brushing your brows upwards using the spoolie that comes with the Lakmé Absolute Spotlight Brow Perfecter – Charcoal. After that, use a applicator on the arch and tail of the brow to elongate the face. Adding a bit of highlight to the brow bone will also work to heighten your face. Fill in your eyebrows and stick to your shade. We suggest you don’t experiment with your brow shade, because it can ruin your entire look. 

Style your hair smartly

According to expert hair stylists, for someone with a round face, certain haircuts and styles can create the illusion of a softer, oval shape. Along with doing the right makeup for a round face, your hairstyle also shapes your look, so choosing the right cut will give your face a defined shape.

Layers are one of the most flattering haircuts for a round face. Getting layers will give you the illusion of a soft, oval shape. Asymmetrical haircuts are great for round faces as well. So you can opt for a bob or an asymmetrical lob the next time you go for a haircut. To keep the hairstyle fresh, get your layers cut every 6 to 8 weeks. 

Do’s And Don’ts

  • Do: Play with highlighter on the top edges of your cheekbones and the centre of your nose to enhance your features.
  • Do: Pick a bold lip colour that suits your chosen blusher.
  • Do: Sport side partings rather than a middle parting to streamline a round face.
  • Don’t: Be heavy handed when applying your blush as it may appear blotchy.
  • Don’t: Opt for lots of makeup as it will just broaden your face.
  • Don’t: Be afraid of using kohl on your eyes. Defining your features will take away attention from the roundness of your face.

Back To Basics: Tips To Apply Blush For Round Face Shape

Blush is the unsung hero of makeup. Why? Because just a single swipe of blush can brighten up your face and make you look more fresh and youthful in an instant.

However, there are a few key things that one needs to keep in mind when applying blush. The most important one being, your face shape. From experience, we know that a round face shape proves to be the trickiest because you’d want to use the blush in such a way that it doubles up as contour. Doing so will help add length and dimension to a round face.

If you’re wondering how to do this, then we are going to give you some simple tips to keep in mind while applying blush on a round face.

  • Tip #01: Placement is key
  • Tip #02: Blending is essential
  • Tip #03: Steer clear from shimmer

Tip #01: Placement is key

If applied strategically, blush can make a round face appear more chiselled. Start by applying blush a little lower than the apples of your cheeks and extend it up, towards the hairline. This will help your face look more lifted and angular.  

Tip #02: Blending is essential

Once you apply blush on the apples of the cheek, it’s necessary to blend it upwards and outwards for a more natural finish. Also, avoid blending the blush towards your nose as this can make your face look rounder.  

Tip #03: Steer clear from shimmer

When you want to give your face a chiselled and contoured appearance, it is best to avoid using shimmery blushes. This is because shimmer particles reflect light and make your cheeks look rounder (something you definitely don’t want). Hence, it’s best to stick to a matte formula.

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