Bridal makeup for green eyes

Green is one of the rarest eye colors, especially in combination with other common eye colors like hazel (blue) or brown. Finding eye makeup that actually matches your eyes is often a difficult task. However, there are some simple steps you can follow when choosing bridal makeup for green eyes.

Bridal makeup for green eyes is a bit of a challenge.

The main issue is that green eyes are very bright and colorful, and therefore they can be hard to work with. Bridal makeup for green eyes should be kept to a minimum so as not to distract from the actual wedding dress.

The best way to apply bridal makeup for green eyes is by using neutral colors and keeping them subtle. To do this, you will want to use a neutral eyeshadow palette and apply it with a brush that isn’t too large or small. You might also want to use darker shades on your eyelids than you normally would because they will help soften the color of your eyes without taking away from them too much.

Once you have finished applying your eyeshadow, you can move on to applying mascara (if necessary). For bridal makeup for green eyes, we recommend using an eyelash curler before curling your lashes; this will help open up your eyes and make them appear larger than they really are!

Bridal makeup for green eyes

Did you know that just an estimated 2% of the world’s population have green eyes? If you’re lucky enough to rock this rare eye colour, you’ll definitely want to make sure those peepers pop on your wedding day. Choosing the right makeup for your eye colour (whether it’s green, blue, brown, or hazel) will not only enhance the colour of your iris and create bright eyes, it will also help to create a bright and fresh complexion, so you look your absolute best as you walk down the aisle. As any professional makeup artist will tell you, the place to start when working out the most best makeup colours for your eyes is with the colour wheel. Complementary hues are located directly across from the colour in question, and in the case of green eyes, that means red-violet (so warm colours, pinks, and red-based purples are all key shades). Ahead, we’ve rounded up all the info to help you choose your wedding makeup for green eyes, along with some beautiful inspiration from the talented Make Me Bridal makeup pros!

To bring out the vibrancy in green eyes, look to shades like soft pink, mauve, blush, rose gold, and merlot. Pinks really brighten green eyes and can bring out gold tones as well. For bridal, you want to keep it soft and natural, making light pinks a great choice. A darker shade at the outer corners opens up the eyes and finishes off the look perfectly.

Pink doesn’t only work on the lids to bring out green eyes. Another trick if you like a bold lip is to wear a lipstick from the red-violet part of the spectrum like a bright pink or pink-red. Keep eye shadows neutral for the best effect.

Purple really flatters every eye colour, but it’s particularly stunning on green eyes. You’re looking for purples with red undertones like lavender and violet. The subtle purples with a bit of shimmer make this an ideal look for a spring or summer bride.

Coppery bronze eye shadow shades are another great option for making green eyes pop, whether you go for a matte terracotta shadow or something with a bit more sparkle as used here. A nude lipstick would work well, but we love this high-glamour look with a bright red lip!

To bring out the earthy tones in your eyes, opt for warm neutrals like taupe, beige, peach, and mocha or warm browns with orange undertones. Adding shimmer to the inner corner adds dimension.

You can’t go wrong with a smoky eye! Go for brown to make green eyes stand out or opt for an olive-toned grey. And, though we love a dramatic eye, your makeup artist can also tone it down for bridal if you want to look more classic.

If you have green eyes and red or auburn hair, take your cue from your skin tone. If you have classic fair-to-medium skin with warm undertones, then pinkish browns work beautifully. If you have darker skin (or more pink undertones), choose bronzes and dark greens instead.

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