Bridal makeup for blue eyes

What kind of makeup for you, who is about to getting married? Your big day is unique and you may want to wear bridal makeup for blue eyes. This blog post will give you step-by-step instructions on adjusting your beauty routine and revealing the best of your natural beauty.

Blue is one of the most striking eye colors, and it can be especially beautiful on a bride! Whether your wedding is formal or laid-back, knowing how to enhance your blue eyes will help you look your best.

The first step in applying bridal makeup for blue eyes is finding the right shade of blue. If you’re looking for something subtle, try using an eye shadow with a hint of silver in it. For a more dramatic effect, pick up an eye shadow that has a hint of purple or green. You can even go with a smoky eye look if you feel like going all out.

Next up: highlight your cheeks! Use a blush that matches your skin tone—if you have pale skin and pale hair, for example, then use something light like peach or pink; if you have darker skin and hair, then opt for a bronzer instead. Apply the blush in circular motions so that it blends seamlessly into your skin tone!

To finish off the look, add some mascara and lip gloss or lipstick—whatever makes you feel like the most beautiful version of yourself!

Bridal makeup for blue eyes

All eyes on the bride! As you make your way down the aisle, let your eyes do the talking. Your wedding eye makeup look can be minimalist and simple or bold and glamorous, depending on your personal style. While the only two words coming out of your mouth should be “I do,” your eyes have the ability to convey countless emotions with just one look. But, what look should you choose?

When you’re looking at bridal beauty looks to inspire your own, the first thing you should consider is your eye color. Brides with blue eyes look best in neutral tones, like champagne and taupe, as well as coppers, corals, and bronze. Blue eyes stand out on their own, so you want to avoid overwhelming light eyes with dark eye shadow. Instead, enhance blue eyes with shimmery golds and cool-toned browns. 

Looking for inspo? “When looking for bridal makeup inspiration, avoid using ‘bridal’ or ‘blue’ in the search, which can bring up outdated and overly made-up looks that aren’t fresh or modern,” advises makeup artist Tanya Bures. “Stick with words like ‘event makeup for light eyes,’ ‘red carpet makeup for light eyes,’ or ‘natural eyeshadow for light eyes.'”

Clean and Classic

Blue eyes are striking enough on their own. Take a cue from this Chicago bride and keep it simple on the eyes: A thin line of black eyeliner makes your lashes appear thicker and darker, helping blue eyes stand out even more. Natural, shimmery eyeshadow and wispy lashes complete the look.

Liner and Lashes

Your partner may only have eyes for you, but on your wedding day, you may be wanting to play up yours a little more than usual. Black liquid liner accentuates blue eyes beautifully, while false lashes emphasize your natural eye shape. Bride Lauren paired the look with a soft smoke and gold shimmer to really make her baby blues pop for the Atlanta nuptials.

Sunset Hues

“Sunset tones and rose gold shadows are still having their moment,” says Bures. “For blue eyes, this is the perfect backdrop as orange is the complementary color to blue in the color wheel.” We love this bride’s warm, dusky vibe for her tropical Palm Springs wedding.

Copper Monochrome

“Darker hair color will always create a more vibrant blue in the eyes, and adding complementary warm tones on the eyes will amplify that contrast,” notes Bures. We love this bride’s allover wash of copper hues from the metallic eye to the matching lip. The look sets her vivid eyes ablaze for the Miami nuptials.

Eye-Catching Eyeliner

Full brows and dark liner give a powerful presence to blue eyes. While winged eyeliner is always a classic, not all liner needs to extend up towards the brow. Stop extending just before you get to the outer corner of the eyes for a more natural, lifted look.

If bringing inspo photos to a makeup artist, try to find models with the same eye color, skin tone, and hair color to get the most accurate idea of what it will look like on you.

Natural Smokey Eye

This bride’s blue eyes are absolutely piercing, thanks to the dark shadow laid down closest to her upper lash line. Skip the shadow on the lower lash line and leave the brows looking natural and full to keep all the attention on those bright baby blues. A pink lippy keeps the face looking fresh without competing with the eyes.

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