Bras that lift and separate

A new wave of Australian brands is trying to build a better bra. Less environmental impact, more comfort and – to support both those things – no underwire.

When my editor asked me to try a few of them out, I was sceptical.

“Are any going to fit me?” I shot back.

“Most say they’re for all sizes.” Really?

While sharing my bra size with the world isn’t my idea of a fun time, it’s pertinent to the story, so here goes. I’m a 10GG. If you don’t speak fluent brassiere, this means I have a small frame and, well, giant breasts. It also means chronic pain and a reduction surgery savings plan.

Bras that lift and separate

Until recently, few brands catered to my size, and those that did charged an arm and a boob. But thanks to punitive beauty standards and cosmetic surgeons, the number of small-framed, large-busted women is growing, as is our choice of garments to house them. Most still aren’t cheap, but progress is progress.

Occurring in tandem is a growing trend towards soft, underwire-free bras. Photos of women of all shapes and sizes hanging out in unstructured bras are all over social media, like it ain’t no thing.

Like an old pearl-clutcher, my initial reaction to this was dismay.

It’s not that I think they look bad, I just hit puberty when the phrase “lift and separate” was drummed into girls’ psyches as much as “stranger danger” and “Jason Priestley”.

Full-Cup Bra

These supportive bras give a great shape, whether underwired or non-wired. Full-coverage cups give a smooth outline under clothes.

Expert tip: if you’ve got full breasts choose a full cup – as well as offering total cover and the necessary support, it suits nearly every body shape.

Balcony Bra

The balcony bra has wider straps which lift from the bottom of the cup, creating an boosting effect. These bras are great for giving maximum uplift and a fuller shape to lower or dropped breasts. Wide-set straps mean they’re great under low-cut necklines.

Expert tip: if you have a slight gap in your cleavage and a more defined shoulder line, a balcony bra will give you the right level of breast support.

Plunge Bra

The plunge bra supports the bust from the centre of the cups and pushes the breasts together, creating a great cleavage under tops with a low-cut neckline.

Expert tip: If you’ve got a small frame and your breasts sit closely together, a plunge style will give you the support and positioning you need.

Multiway Bra

These versatile balcony bras have detachable strap options to ensure secure support under tricky outfits.

Best for: halterneck, one-shoulder and backless tops and dresses.

Non-wired bra

This soft and comfortable bra gives gentle support and a natural shape without wiring.

Best for: Developing teens, pregnancy and sensitive and delicate skin.
Shop non-wired bras.

Finding the most comfortable and well-fitting bra can be just as challenging as finding the best pair of jeans. It takes hours of your time, you go through dozens of styles and you often come back home empty-handed. Let’s face it – at some point, all women will have to reap the benefits of bras with side support and lift, so why not get the most comfortable and affordable option? Trust me, you don’t need to be a bra expert to find the bra of your dreams. I can even guarantee you there’s one on this list that will supersede your expectations!

Choosing a bra can be difficult, so we selected the top 10 bras with side support and lift, according to reviews. If you want a detailed guide on how to choose the best bra for lift and support, scroll down to the bottom of the page and have a look at our FAQ section.

With age, comes a lot of good things and while you’re moving past the age, you may notice something that’s not so great about getting older: sagging breasts. Take a sigh of relief for you are not alone. As you age, it’s normal for some of your assets to start drifting southward.

According to Google Trends, searches for “how to measure bra size at home” have increased 200 percent over the last 90 days. There’s also increasing evidence of the impact of breast-supporting garments on women. But while women are constantly searching for the perfect bra that offers comfort and won’t dig into their shoulders, there is more to the hunt than just identifying your band and cup size.

Shop TODAY talked to bra specialists to get an accurate read of your true bra size and fit, along with how to determine when to ditch onerous intimates once and for all.

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