Bras that cover back fat

Back fat is uncomfortable and can be a result of wearing ill-fitted lingerie. So, add the best bras for back fat in your wardrobe and avoid this situation. These bras offer proper support and keep your skin from bulging out. They flatten, contour, and define your beautiful curves while providing the right amount of compression to prevent breast sagging. These versatile garments offer a sultry look and help you flaunt your dresses with confidence. Swipe up to grab them from our list.

Bras that cover back fat

While we think that all bodies are beautiful, the best bras for back fat can help to alleviate a common hang-up that some people would rather disguise. And the main cause of so-called “back cleavage“? A bra that doesn’t quite fit right. The best bras should fit firmly enough to fully support your bust, but not so tightly that they cause skin to spill out on either side. Similar to the best bras for large busts, a good test is to see if you can fit two fingers behind the clasp of your bra when it’s on the loosest hook. If you can’t quite squeeze your fingers in, it’s too tight and could cause bulges. If you want more tips on fitting your own bra, check out our how to measure bra size guide.Getting your foundations right under your clothing can make a world of difference to how an outfit looks and should be the very first thing you consider when building your capsule wardrobe. The market’s best bras for back fat offer a wealth of smoothing options that are guaranteed to boost your confidence. For best results, look out for smooth, seam-free edges and wide back panels.


SPANX has become the go-to for many of us looking for the best shapewear, but the brand actually offers some really reliable bras too. And their Breast of Both Worlds® Reversible Comfort Bra is magic when it comes to comfort, support and banishing back fat. The signature SPANX material means that the bra manages to hold up and create shape even for heavier bust sizes, without the use of hooks, wires, and seams—meaning you get the support without the digging and bulges. It also has removable cups for additional shaping and you can reverse it to sport a different color too!


A real game-changer when it comes to banishing back bulges, this bra comes up extra high under the armpits to completely negate the problem. Beyond smoothing, it features lightweight cups, which provide full coverage and hold the bust in place. The bra also offers a natural lift, flexible side boning, adjustable straps, and a back hook closure for a perfect fit. It uses light compression to streamline your shape, too.


With its signature soft fabric, Sloggi makes some of the most comfortable bras on the market, so of course it’d be a good option for banishing back fat. The second-skin-like claims definitely mean the bra lives up to its name, with material that feels almost like a super-thin, lightweight swimsuit. And it even does the seemingly impossible by offering support to heavier busts with its sturdy material and removable padded cups that lift the bust for a lovely shape. And with no obvious lines, there’s no hint of back fat with the bra. There are a lot of colors to choose from, however the sizing can be a bit odd as it only runs XS-L. That said, the L does fit anything up to and around a 36G, so it’s not too limited.


There are the bras you want to be seen, then there are the ones you want to sit quietly beneath your clothes and work their magic. This is one of the latter. Undeniably comfortable, it’s made of second-skin soft microfiber, as well as a light foam lining and smooth cups that secure your breasts in place. The bra also integrates a flattering neckline, a thoughtful detail for everyday and elevated wear.


Bralette sales have boomed in recent years, thanks to their extreme comfort factor. In a pack of three, these offer great value for money and forgo a hook and eye fastening to offer a smooth finish. Also suitable for low-impact sporting activities, they offer support without wires and padding for a really natural shape. Although the bra goes up to a 2XL, customer reviews suggest it comes up small, making it more appropriate for smaller cup sizes. The design will work well underneath the best dresses in your closet.

Best Bras for Back Fat

A bra should fit your body, not the other way around.  It should embrace your shape, flatter your natural contours and smooth rather than constrict to avoid uncomfortable overhang.  Understanding the main issue with bra bulge isn’t a body issue but rather a bra issue, look for a few key factors to find a fit that’s comfortable at any size.

Why Does Your Bra Show Your “Back Fat”?

Bra bulge, where the structure of a bra causes the body underneath it to push out especially at the back (below/above band) and underarm areas, can typically be attributed to either bra style, size or simply age.

You Are Buying The Wrong Bras

Start by sorting through the myriad of bra styles to find a few that work for both your wardrobe and your shape (our in depth guide, 20 Bra Types for Every Woman, is a solid resource to see many of the options).  Even within a style, bras can vary greatly in terms of neckline, back design and strap options, so first focus on comfort and support, then play around with what works best for your typical style of dress.

You May Be Wearing the Wrong Bra Size

By now we’re guessing you’ve heard an alarming statistic about how many women are wearing the wrong size bra.  There’s a lot of history, including the antiquated negative perception of larger cup sizes, behind why many women stay stuck in one size even as their bodies change through life and events like pregnancy and breastfeeding.  Be willing to revisit your measurements each time you shop for bras, remember sizing can be a bit different by brand and understand sister sizes (the concept of retaining cup volume by going up a cup size and down a band size).  For a quick refresher, check out our guide, How Should a Bra Fit, especially related to cup spillage issues.

Your Bra May be Worn Out / Too Old

Over time, a bra naturally stretches, both with wear and washing.  At a certain point, it’s time to be honest with yourself, and say goodbye to your go-to if it’s not longer delivering the support it once was.  A bra that lacks enough stretch to retain its shape can’t effectively contour yours, thus causing sudden spillage and bulge without your shape actually changing.  Once again, the issue is with your bra, not your body.

Bras that Help Contour Your Back

Bra construction has come a long way in terms of both design and materials, as brands have recognized issues women deal with and attempted to alleviate them.  At True&Co, we strive to design comfort for all sizes, specifically focused on smoothing to embrace your natural shape.

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