Bra to wear with backless dress

Backless tops and dresses are a great way to make a statement — but what do you wear underneath one? Your first option is to wear nothing at all, but if you’d prefer some support and coverage, you have options: The best bras to wear with a backless dress are either undetectable or make an intentional statement.

Bra to wear with backless dress

You can find bras in all different shapes and styles: There are ones that are completely backless and stick on, and there are convertible bras that you can add a strap to in order to make it fall lower on your back. You can also try using clear straps if you want a bit more support. Finally, you could try a corset or longline bra with boning to provide tons of support, even without straps.

No matter which design sounds like the best fit for you, Amazon is a great place to find all of them. This retailer also has plenty of reviewer feedback to help inform your purchase, so you never have to decide between support and invisibility, not to mention tons of colors and sizes to choose from. Ready to get shopping? These are the best backless or low-back bras, so you can go ahead and grab that backless dress you’ve been eyeing.

The Natural Plunge Bra

The great thing about this bra is that it works for both plunge dresses and backless ones. All you have to do is add on the low back converter. The straps are totally adjustable, and the bra can be transformed to several different styles. So, if you want to channel your inner pop star and rock both plunge and backless at once, go for it. You’ll feel supported and comfortable throughout the night.

Promising review: “I think this bra is genius and I have worn it twice. I have a very low cut, backless, maxi-dress that needs this bra and the moment I put it on it was secure, fit beautifully, and gave me a great amount of support.”

Free People Adella Bralette

If you can’t find any backless bras you like, or if comfort is a top priority, consider choosing a bra that’s so pretty, it looks intentional underneath an open-back outfit. “Rather than wrestling with adhesives and clasps, I usually pick a comfortable yet gorgeous strappy bra, like the Free People Adella bralette,” explained BDG e-commerce writer Maria Cassano. “The combination of lace and thin adjustable straps look great alongside any outfit, and it comes in nine color options, too.”

Promising review: “So I bought this purely for looks. I thought it was a great mix of pretty and sexy. I totally assumed it would be lacy and scratchy as heck. I was extremely pleasantly surprised to find it very comfortable. Like maybe the most comfy bra I own!”

Nippies Nipple Covers

If you’re having a lot of trouble finding a traditional bra, try these cult-favorite Nippies pasties instead. Rather than having to deal with straps, bands, and padding, you simply cover your breasts with the smooth, self-adhering silicone (which is reusable). This provides coverage while remaining totally invisible underneath your outfit. They come in two sizes and three different colors for varying skin tones. No wonder they have over 21,000 reviews and an overall 4.7 stars.

Promising review: “I love these! I live in a humid southern state and even when swearing these do not move! Wash them after wearing with mild soap and let them air dry. I haven’t had them lose their adhesion and just let them air dry! It’s way too hot to wear a bra sometimes so these are definitely it under backless shirts, dresses, and thin tank tops. I love being able to wear shirts with confidence especially if wearing white tops!”

ZUKULIFE Multi-Way Convertible Push-Up Bra

If you’d like your bra to be versatile and work with a plethora of options, consider a convertible bra. This multi-way bra converts to a halter, criss-cross, and low back. It’s made from stretchy nylon and spandex, has deep-plunge push-up cups, and offers front-adjustable straps, so it’ll be comfortable throughout the night.

Promising review: “oh. My. God. […] It’s like a gift from angels. It fits like they say it will and it’s comfortable. Like the ‘I forgot I was wearing a bra’ comfortable. And my chest seemed twice as big as it is. […] It’s the best bra I’ve ever owned. In my entire bra-wearing life.”

Fashion Forms Go Bare Backless Strapless Bra

This backless-dress-approved update on a standard strapless bra features molded cups are supportive and made with underwire, and the adhesive is only on the wings of the bra. One user even said she was able to dance the entire night without it falling off.

Promising review: “I was concerned that the bra might not stay on, but it was perfect. Probably if I was going to walk around in JUST the bra, it could have been an issue, but under clothes, it stayed up just fine. I LOVED that it didn’t have a tight band like a strapless bra.”

This Maidenform low-back converter is a stretchy, adjustable strap that turns almost any hook-and-eye bra into a low-back style. That way, you can use one that’s already in your drawer — and you know it’ll fit well while providing the support you need. It does this by wrapping around the front of your waist and pulling the back band downwards, so you get several more inches of invisibility underneath an open-back top or plunging dress. (It also comes in a smaller size, too.)

Some dresses are only semi-backless, and if that’s the case, and you’re looking for plenty of support, consider this corset a great option instead. It’s full coverage and has an extra-low back. It has underwire, lightly-lined cups, and light boning. It’s also completely adjustable.

Promising review: “I think this is a great purchase. The fit is tight, the back is low which is exactly what I wanted because I’m wearing this with a low back wedding dress. The cups are a little on the loose side but that’s fine in my case because my dress is a little tight and will make up for that. I am very pleased with this bra!”

If you’re wearing something thin and want coverage that feels like it’s barely there, these reusable adhesive silicone push-up cups are a great option. The bra has over 15,000 reviews and the strong clip in between helps with cleavage — plus it’s reusable and comes in three color options.

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