Bra Sizing

Bra sizing may be challenging. There are so many distinct approaches, and every brand uses a different measurement technique. Why do different manufactures use different techniques to determine bra size? Because not all brands utilize the same dimensions, is the straightforward explanation. While some manufacturers measure from the center of your back, others measure from beneath the bust. Additionally, some manufacturers use inches as opposed to centimeters or common sizes like AA, A, B, C, D, and What does this entail for you then? Well, if you’re looking for a bra that fits properly, we have a lot of vital information on bra sizing that would help you know your accurate bra size.

Bra sizing is a complicated process. It’s not just a matter of finding the right number; there are many factors that go into determining your bra size, including your weight and breast shape.

Bra Sizing


The first thing you need to know is that there is no such thing as one-size-fits-all bras.

A bra should fit the same way that clothes fit: comfortably, but not too loose or too tight. You shouldn’t have to adjust your bra throughout the day, and it shouldn’t be so snug that it cuts off circulation or makes you uncomfortable. If you’re having trouble finding a bra that fits well, here are some helpful tips:

1) Make sure your straps are adjusted properly. The straps should be tightened just enough so that they’re secure on your shoulders, but not so tight that they dig into your skin or stretch out the fabric of your shirt.

2) Check for fit around the band—if it’s too big or small in this area, it will affect how secure it feels while you’re wearing it. It should be snug enough to stay in place without being uncomfortably tight around your ribcage. If the band rides up at all when you move around (like when you bend over), consider going down a size or two until it feels right!

Finding your bra size is as easy as 1-2-3.

Step 1: Measure Your Band Size

Use a tape measure to measure around your rib cage, directly under your breasts. This number should be the same as your bra size—if it’s not, round down to the nearest whole number.

Step 2: Determine Your Cup Size

  1. Measure the fullest part of your bust and subtract the band measurement from that number. For example, if you measured 34 inches around your rib cage and 42 inches around your bust, you would need a 36C (34 – 42 = 2).
  2. If your measurement falls between sizes, round up to the larger size if your cup is smaller (for example, if you measured 35 inches around your rib cage and 40 inches around your bust, round up to 36B). Round down if it’s larger (for example, if you measured 34 inches around your rib cage and 45 inches around your bust).
  3. Then compare that number with our sizing chart below!

Bra Sizing Chart

It’s not a secret that sizing is a challenge for many women. The first step to finding the right bra size is knowing your correct measurements, which you can find in the chart below. Once you know your measurements, check out our guide to buying a new bra and don’t forget to use our handy sizing calculator!

Knowing your correct measurements is only one part of the battle when it comes to finding the right bra size. Your band measurement must also be taken into consideration when choosing a bra size because it plays a critical role in how comfortable your bra feels on your body and how well it supports your bustline.


When you measure yourself, you’re measuring across the fullest part of your bust and then around your back. The measurement in inches from side to side is your band size. If you’re wearing a bra that doesn’t fit properly, it will ride up in the back and dig into your skin. So make sure that as you measure yourself, you don’t wear anything tight or restricting around your ribcage. The next step is to calculate your cup size using this formula: 1″ = A cup, 2″ = B cup, 3″ = C cup, 4″ = D cup. For example, if you have a 32″ measurement around your bustline (band size), then add 4″ to that number for a 36″ measurement total. This means that if you have a 36″ measurement total (30″-34″), then you’d be an A cup size; if it were 37″-44″, then it’d be a B cup; 45″-50″, C; 51″-56″, D; 57″-62″, DD; 63″-68″, DDD; 69″-74″,


Measuring your cup size may seem like a daunting task, but it’s easier than you think!

All you need is a measuring tape and a bra that fits you comfortably.

First, measure your rib cage just below where your breasts begin. Write this number down; this is the starting point for determining your cup size. Next, measure around the fullest part of your bust. Be sure to keep the measuring tape snug but not tight. Add 5 inches to this number and write it down. If this number is not an even number, round up to the next highest even number. This is your bust measurement. Now subtract your rib cage measurement from your bust measurement (subtracting the smaller number from the larger). The difference between these two numbers is called “cup size” or “bust-waist ratio.” For example: if a woman’s rib cage measures 30 inches and her bust measures 32 inches, her cup size would be 2 (32 – 30 = 2). The final step is to determine whether or not she has a fullness problem with her breasts by dividing her rib cage measurement by 4 instead of 5 (30 / 4 = 7) and then adding

Bra Sizing Calculator

A bra sizing calculator is a tool that helps women find their correct bra size. It’s important because most women are wearing the wrong size of bra, which can lead to discomfort and health issues.

How to use a bra sizing calculator

A bra sizing calculator is easy to use. Simply enter your measurements into the fields provided and press “Calculate.” You’ll then receive your recommended cup size, band size, and cup volume in milliliters (CC).

Importance of a bra size calculator

The importance of a bra sizing calculator is that it can help you find the right bra size for you by measuring your bust and underbust measurements and calculating the size. If you are not sure what size you are, this will help you determine that. It is best to do this when you’re wearing an unpadded bra because it will give more accurate results.

It’s also important to know your correct bra size because wearing bras that don’t fit correctly can cause back pain and discomfort (not to mention they just won’t look good!). For example, if the band is too loose it will ride up on your body causing discomfort; if it’s too tight it can dig into your skin causing irritation. The cups should also fit properly so that nothing pokes out of them or falls out of them.

Uk Bra Sizing

UK bra sizing is a system that has been in use since the 19th century. The system uses inches and centimetres to determine the cup size of your bra.

The measurements are taken with the tape measure, and then you need to convert them into a number using a chart.

The chart is based on an imaginary line that goes from side to side across your back. This line is divided into four equal parts, which have different names:

-A: Measurement around your chest just below your armpits;

-B: Measurement around your chest at nipple level;

-C: Measurement around your chest above the fullest part of your breasts;

-D: Measurement around your chest below the fullest part of your breasts;

Once you have these measurements, there are two charts you can use to find out what UK bra size would be appropriate for you: one for smaller sizes (32A through 34DD), and one for larger sizes (36E through 40FF).

UK Bra Size Tables

Bra SizeBand,
Under Bust
Over Bust
Under Bust
Over Bust
26AA22-24 in22-26 in56-61 cm56-66 cm
28AA24-26 in24-28 in61-66 cm61-71 cm
30AA26-28 in26-30 in66-71 cm66-76 cm
32AA28-30 in28-32 in71-76 cm71-81 cm
34AA30-32 in30-34 in76-81 cm76-86 cm
36AA32-34 in32-36 in81-86 cm81-91 cm
38AA34-36 in34-38 in86-91 cm86-97 cm
40AA36-38 in36-40 in91-97 cm91-102 cm
42AA38-40 in38-42 in97-102 cm97-107 cm
44AA40-42 in40-44 in102-107 cm102-112 cm
46AA42-44 in42-46 in107-112 cm107-117 cm
48AA44-46 in44-48 in112-117 cm112-122 cm
50AA46-48 in46-50 in117-122 cm117-127 cm
52AA48-50 in48-52 in122-127 cm122-132 cm
54AA50-52 in50-54 in127-132 cm127-137 cm
56AA52-54 in52-56 in132-137 cm132-142 cm
58AA54-56 in54-58 in137-142 cm137-147 cm
60AA56-58 in56-60 in142-147 cm142-152 cm
62AA58-60 in58-62 in147-152 cm147-157 cm
64AA60-62 in60-64 in152-157 cm152-163 cm

TABLE: British / UK AA-cup bra sizes in inches (in) and centimeters (cm).

Bra SizeBand,
Under Bust
Over Bust
Under Bust
Over Bust
26A22-24 in26-27 in56-61 cm66-69 cm
28A24-26 in28-29 in61-66 cm71-74 cm
30A26-28 in30-31 in66-71 cm76-79 cm
32A28-30 in32-33 in71-76 cm81-84 cm
34A30-32 in34-35 in76-81 cm86-89 cm
36A32-34 in36-37 in81-86 cm91-94 cm
38A34-36 in38-39 in86-91 cm97-99 cm
40A36-38 in40-41 in91-97 cm102-104 cm
42A38-40 in42-43 in97-102 cm107-109 cm
44A40-42 in44-45 in102-107 cm112-114 cm
46A42-44 in46-47 in107-112 cm117-119 cm
48A44-46 in48-49 in112-117 cm122-124 cm
50A46-48 in50-51 in117-122 cm127-130 cm
52A48-50 in52-53 in122-127 cm132-135 cm
54A50-52 in54-55 in127-132 cm137-140 cm
56A52-54 in56-57 in132-137 cm142-145 cm
58A54-56 in58-59 in137-142 cm147-150 cm
60A56-58 in60-61 in142-147 cm152-155 cm
62A58-60 in62-63 in147-152 cm157-160 cm
64A60-62 in64-65 in152-157 cm163-165 cm

TABLE: British / UK A-cup bra sizes in inches (in) and centimeters (cm).

Bra SizeBand,
Under Bust
Over Bust
Under Bust
Over Bust
26B22-24 in27-28 in56-61 cm69-71 cm
28B24-26 in29-30 in61-66 cm74-76 cm
30B26-28 in31-32 in66-71 cm79-81 cm
32B28-30 in33-34 in71-76 cm84-86 cm
34B30-32 in35-36 in76-81 cm89-91 cm
36B32-34 in37-38 in81-86 cm94-97 cm
38B34-36 in39-40 in86-91 cm99-102 cm
40B36-38 in41-42 in91-97 cm104-107 cm
42B38-40 in43-44 in97-102 cm109-112 cm
44B40-42 in45-46 in102-107 cm114-117 cm
46B42-44 in47-48 in107-112 cm119-122 cm
48B44-46 in49-50 in112-117 cm124-127 cm
50B46-48 in51-52 in117-122 cm130-132 cm
52B48-50 in53-54 in122-127 cm135-137 cm
54B50-52 in55-56 in127-132 cm140-142 cm
56B52-54 in57-58 in132-137 cm145-147 cm
58B54-56 in59-60 in137-142 cm150-152 cm
60B56-58 in61-62 in142-147 cm155-157 cm
62B58-60 in63-64 in147-152 cm160-163 cm
64B60-62 in65-66 in152-157 cm165-168 cm

TABLE: British / UK B-cup bra sizes in inches (in) and centimeters (cm).

Bra SizeBand,
Under Bust
Over Bust
Under Bust
Over Bust
26C22-24 in28-29 in56-61 cm71-74 cm
28C24-26 in30-31 in61-66 cm76-79 cm
30C26-28 in32-33 in66-71 cm81-84 cm
32C28-30 in34-35 in71-76 cm86-89 cm
34C30-32 in36-37 in76-81 cm91-94 cm
36C32-34 in38-39 in81-86 cm97-99 cm
38C34-36 in40-41 in86-91 cm102-104 cm
40C36-38 in42-43 in91-97 cm107-109 cm
42C38-40 in44-45 in97-102 cm112-114 cm
44C40-42 in46-47 in102-107 cm117-119 cm
46C42-44 in48-49 in107-112 cm122-124 cm
48C44-46 in50-51 in112-117 cm127-130 cm
50C46-48 in52-53 in117-122 cm132-135 cm
52C48-50 in54-55 in122-127 cm137-140 cm
54C50-52 in56-57 in127-132 cm142-145 cm
56C52-54 in58-59 in132-137 cm147-150 cm
58C54-56 in60-61 in137-142 cm152-155 cm
60C56-58 in62-63 in142-147 cm157-160 cm
62C58-60 in64-65 in147-152 cm163-165 cm
64C60-62 in66-67 in152-157 cm168-170 cm

TABLE: British / UK C-cup bra sizes in inches (in) and centimeters (cm).

Bra SizeBand,
Under Bust
Over Bust
Under Bust
Over Bust
26D22-24 in29-30 in56-61 cm74-76 cm
28D24-26 in31-32 in61-66 cm79-81 cm
30D26-28 in33-34 in66-71 cm84-86 cm
32D28-30 in35-36 in71-76 cm89-91 cm
34D30-32 in37-38 in76-81 cm94-97 cm
36D32-34 in39-40 in81-86 cm99-102 cm
38D34-36 in41-42 in86-91 cm104-107 cm
40D36-38 in43-44 in91-97 cm109-112 cm
42D38-40 in45-46 in97-102 cm114-117 cm
44D40-42 in47-48 in102-107 cm119-122 cm
46D42-44 in49-50 in107-112 cm124-127 cm
48D44-46 in51-52 in112-117 cm130-132 cm
50D46-48 in53-54 in117-122 cm135-137 cm
52D48-50 in55-56 in122-127 cm140-142 cm
54D50-52 in57-58 in127-132 cm145-147 cm
56D52-54 in59-60 in132-137 cm150-152 cm
58D54-56 in61-62 in137-142 cm155-157 cm
60D56-58 in63-64 in142-147 cm160-163 cm
62D58-60 in65-66 in147-152 cm165-168 cm
64D60-62 in67-68 in152-157 cm170-173 cm

TABLE: British / UK D-cup bra sizes in inches (in) and centimeters (cm).

Bra SizeBand,
Under Bust
Over Bust
Under Bust
Over Bust
26DD22-24 in30-31 in56-61 cm76-79 cm
28DD24-26 in32-33 in61-66 cm81-84 cm
30DD26-28 in34-35 in66-71 cm86-89 cm
32DD28-30 in36-37 in71-76 cm91-94 cm
34DD30-32 in38-39 in76-81 cm97-99 cm
36DD32-34 in40-41 in81-86 cm102-104 cm
38DD34-36 in42-43 in86-91 cm107-109 cm
40DD36-38 in44-45 in91-97 cm112-114 cm
42DD38-40 in46-47 in97-102 cm117-119 cm
44DD40-42 in48-49 in102-107 cm122-124 cm
46DD42-44 in50-51 in107-112 cm127-130 cm
48DD44-46 in52-53 in112-117 cm132-135 cm
50DD46-48 in54-55 in117-122 cm137-140 cm
52DD48-50 in56-57 in122-127 cm142-145 cm
54DD50-52 in58-59 in127-132 cm147-150 cm
56DD52-54 in60-61 in132-137 cm152-155 cm
58DD54-56 in62-63 in137-142 cm157-160 cm
60DD56-58 in64-65 in142-147 cm163-165 cm
62DD58-60 in66-67 in147-152 cm168-170 cm
64DD60-62 in68-69 in152-157 cm173-175 cm

TABLE: British / UK DD-cup bra sizes in inches (in) and centimeters (cm).

Bra SizeBand,
Under Bust
Over Bust
Under Bust
Over Bust
26E22-24 in31-32 in56-61 cm79-81 cm
28E24-26 in33-34 in61-66 cm84-86 cm
30E26-28 in35-36 in66-71 cm89-91 cm
32E28-30 in37-38 in71-76 cm94-97 cm
34E30-32 in39-40 in76-81 cm99-102 cm
36E32-34 in41-42 in81-86 cm104-107 cm
38E34-36 in43-44 in86-91 cm109-112 cm
40E36-38 in45-46 in91-97 cm114-117 cm
42E38-40 in47-48 in97-102 cm119-122 cm
44E40-42 in49-50 in102-107 cm124-127 cm
46E42-44 in51-52 in107-112 cm130-132 cm
48E44-46 in53-54 in112-117 cm135-137 cm
50E46-48 in55-56 in117-122 cm140-142 cm
52E48-50 in57-58 in122-127 cm145-147 cm
54E50-52 in59-60 in127-132 cm150-152 cm
56E52-54 in61-62 in132-137 cm155-157 cm
58E54-56 in63-64 in137-142 cm160-163 cm
60E56-58 in65-66 in142-147 cm165-168 cm
62E58-60 in67-68 in147-152 cm170-173 cm
64E60-62 in69-70 in152-157 cm175-178 cm

TABLE: British / UK E-cup bra sizes in inches (in) and centimeters (cm).

Bra SizeBand,
Under Bust
Over Bust
Under Bust
Over Bust
26F22-24 in32-33 in56-61 cm81-84 cm
28F24-26 in34-35 in61-66 cm86-89 cm
30F26-28 in36-37 in66-71 cm91-94 cm
32F28-30 in38-39 in71-76 cm97-99 cm
34F30-32 in40-41 in76-81 cm102-104 cm
36F32-34 in42-43 in81-86 cm107-109 cm
38F34-36 in44-45 in86-91 cm112-114 cm
40F36-38 in46-47 in91-97 cm117-119 cm
42F38-40 in48-49 in97-102 cm122-124 cm
44F40-42 in50-51 in102-107 cm127-130 cm
46F42-44 in52-53 in107-112 cm132-135 cm
48F44-46 in54-55 in112-117 cm137-140 cm
50F46-48 in56-57 in117-122 cm142-145 cm
52F48-50 in58-59 in122-127 cm147-150 cm
54F50-52 in60-61 in127-132 cm152-155 cm
56F52-54 in62-63 in132-137 cm157-160 cm
58F54-56 in64-65 in137-142 cm163-165 cm
60F56-58 in66-67 in142-147 cm168-170 cm
62F58-60 in68-69 in147-152 cm173-175 cm
64F60-62 in70-71 in152-157 cm178-180 cm

TABLE: British / UK F-cup bra sizes in inches (in) and centimeters (cm).

Bra SizeBand,
Under Bust
Over Bust
Under Bust
Over Bust
26FF22-24 in33-34 in56-61 cm84-86 cm
28FF24-26 in35-36 in61-66 cm89-91 cm
30FF26-28 in37-38 in66-71 cm94-97 cm
32FF28-30 in39-40 in71-76 cm99-102 cm
34FF30-32 in41-42 in76-81 cm104-107 cm
36FF32-34 in43-44 in81-86 cm109-112 cm
38FF34-36 in45-46 in86-91 cm114-117 cm
40FF36-38 in47-48 in91-97 cm119-122 cm
42FF38-40 in49-50 in97-102 cm124-127 cm
44FF40-42 in51-52 in102-107 cm130-132 cm
46FF42-44 in53-54 in107-112 cm135-137 cm
48FF44-46 in55-56 in112-117 cm140-142 cm
50FF46-48 in57-58 in117-122 cm145-147 cm
52FF48-50 in59-60 in122-127 cm150-152 cm
54FF50-52 in61-62 in127-132 cm155-157 cm
56FF52-54 in63-64 in132-137 cm160-163 cm
58FF54-56 in65-66 in137-142 cm165-168 cm
60FF56-58 in67-68 in142-147 cm170-173 cm
62FF58-60 in69-70 in147-152 cm175-178 cm
64FF60-62 in71-72 in152-157 cm180-183 cm

TABLE: British / UK FF-cup bra sizes in inches (in) and centimeters (cm).

Bra SizeBand,
Under Bust
Over Bust
Under Bust
Over Bust
26G22-24 in34-35 in56-61 cm86-89 cm
28G24-26 in36-37 in61-66 cm91-94 cm
30G26-28 in38-39 in66-71 cm97-99 cm
32G28-30 in40-41 in71-76 cm102-104 cm
34G30-32 in42-43 in76-81 cm107-109 cm
36G32-34 in44-45 in81-86 cm112-114 cm
38G34-36 in46-47 in86-91 cm117-119 cm
40G36-38 in48-49 in91-97 cm122-124 cm
42G38-40 in50-51 in97-102 cm127-130 cm
44G40-42 in52-53 in102-107 cm132-135 cm
46G42-44 in54-55 in107-112 cm137-140 cm
48G44-46 in56-57 in112-117 cm142-145 cm
50G46-48 in58-59 in117-122 cm147-150 cm
52G48-50 in60-61 in122-127 cm152-155 cm
54G50-52 in62-63 in127-132 cm157-160 cm
56G52-54 in64-65 in132-137 cm163-165 cm
58G54-56 in66-67 in137-142 cm168-170 cm
60G56-58 in68-69 in142-147 cm173-175 cm
62G58-60 in70-71 in147-152 cm178-180 cm
64G60-62 in72-73 in152-157 cm183-185 cm

TABLE: British / UK G-cup bra sizes in inches (in) and centimeters (cm).

Bra SizeBand,
Under Bust
Over Bust
Under Bust
Over Bust
26GG22-24 in35-36 in56-61 cm89-91 cm
28GG24-26 in37-38 in61-66 cm94-97 cm
30GG26-28 in39-40 in66-71 cm99-102 cm
32GG28-30 in41-42 in71-76 cm104-107 cm
34GG30-32 in43-44 in76-81 cm109-112 cm
36GG32-34 in45-46 in81-86 cm114-117 cm
38GG34-36 in47-48 in86-91 cm119-122 cm
40GG36-38 in49-50 in91-97 cm124-127 cm
42GG38-40 in51-52 in97-102 cm130-132 cm
44GG40-42 in53-54 in102-107 cm135-137 cm
46GG42-44 in55-56 in107-112 cm140-142 cm
48GG44-46 in57-58 in112-117 cm145-147 cm
50GG46-48 in59-60 in117-122 cm150-152 cm
52GG48-50 in61-62 in122-127 cm155-157 cm
54GG50-52 in63-64 in127-132 cm160-163 cm
56GG52-54 in65-66 in132-137 cm165-168 cm
58GG54-56 in67-68 in137-142 cm170-173 cm
60GG56-58 in69-70 in142-147 cm175-178 cm
62GG58-60 in71-72 in147-152 cm180-183 cm
64GG60-62 in73-74 in152-157 cm185-188 cm

TABLE: British / UK GG-cup bra sizes in inches (in) and centimeters (cm).

Bra SizeBand,
Under Bust
Over Bust
Under Bust
Over Bust
26H22-24 in36-37 in56-61 cm91-94 cm
28H24-26 in38-39 in61-66 cm97-99 cm
30H26-28 in40-41 in66-71 cm102-104 cm
32H28-30 in42-43 in71-76 cm107-109 cm
34H30-32 in44-45 in76-81 cm112-114 cm
36H32-34 in46-47 in81-86 cm117-119 cm
38H34-36 in48-49 in86-91 cm122-124 cm
40H36-38 in50-51 in91-97 cm127-130 cm
42H38-40 in52-53 in97-102 cm132-135 cm
44H40-42 in54-55 in102-107 cm137-140 cm
46H42-44 in56-57 in107-112 cm142-145 cm
48H44-46 in58-59 in112-117 cm147-150 cm
50H46-48 in60-61 in117-122 cm152-155 cm
52H48-50 in62-63 in122-127 cm157-160 cm
54H50-52 in64-65 in127-132 cm163-165 cm
56H52-54 in66-67 in132-137 cm168-170 cm
58H54-56 in68-69 in137-142 cm173-175 cm
60H56-58 in70-71 in142-147 cm178-180 cm
62H58-60 in72-73 in147-152 cm183-185 cm
64H60-62 in74-75 in152-157 cm188-191 cm

TABLE: British / UK H-cup bra sizes in inches (in) and centimeters (cm).

Bra SizeBand,
Under Bust
Over Bust
Under Bust
Over Bust
26HH22-24 in37-38 in56-61 cm94-97 cm
28HH24-26 in39-40 in61-66 cm99-102 cm
30HH26-28 in41-42 in66-71 cm104-107 cm
32HH28-30 in43-44 in71-76 cm109-112 cm
34HH30-32 in45-46 in76-81 cm114-117 cm
36HH32-34 in47-48 in81-86 cm119-122 cm
38HH34-36 in49-50 in86-91 cm124-127 cm
40HH36-38 in51-52 in91-97 cm130-132 cm
42HH38-40 in53-54 in97-102 cm135-137 cm
44HH40-42 in55-56 in102-107 cm140-142 cm
46HH42-44 in57-58 in107-112 cm145-147 cm
48HH44-46 in59-60 in112-117 cm150-152 cm
50HH46-48 in61-62 in117-122 cm155-157 cm
52HH48-50 in63-64 in122-127 cm160-163 cm
54HH50-52 in65-66 in127-132 cm165-168 cm
56HH52-54 in67-68 in132-137 cm170-173 cm
58HH54-56 in69-70 in137-142 cm175-178 cm
60HH56-58 in71-72 in142-147 cm180-183 cm
62HH58-60 in73-74 in147-152 cm185-188 cm
64HH60-62 in75-76 in152-157 cm191-193 cm

TABLE: British / UK HH-cup bra sizes in inches (in) and centimeters (cm).

Bra SizeBand,
Under Bust
Over Bust
Under Bust
Over Bust
26J22-24 in38-39 in56-61 cm97-99 cm
28J24-26 in40-41 in61-66 cm102-104 cm
30J26-28 in42-43 in66-71 cm107-109 cm
32J28-30 in44-45 in71-76 cm112-114 cm
34J30-32 in46-47 in76-81 cm117-119 cm
36J32-34 in48-49 in81-86 cm122-124 cm
38J34-36 in50-51 in86-91 cm127-130 cm
40J36-38 in52-53 in91-97 cm132-135 cm
42J38-40 in54-55 in97-102 cm137-140 cm
44J40-42 in56-57 in102-107 cm142-145 cm
46J42-44 in58-59 in107-112 cm147-150 cm
48J44-46 in60-61 in112-117 cm152-155 cm
50J46-48 in62-63 in117-122 cm157-160 cm
52J48-50 in64-65 in122-127 cm163-165 cm
54J50-52 in66-67 in127-132 cm168-170 cm
56J52-54 in68-69 in132-137 cm173-175 cm
58J54-56 in70-71 in137-142 cm178-180 cm
60J56-58 in72-73 in142-147 cm183-185 cm
62J58-60 in74-75 in147-152 cm188-191 cm
64J60-62 in76-77 in152-157 cm193-196 cm

TABLE: British / UK J-cup bra sizes in inches (in) and centimeters (cm).

Bra SizeBand,
Under Bust
Over Bust
Under Bust
Over Bust
26JJ22-24 in39-40 in56-61 cm99-102 cm
28JJ24-26 in41-42 in61-66 cm104-107 cm
30JJ26-28 in43-44 in66-71 cm109-112 cm
32JJ28-30 in45-46 in71-76 cm114-117 cm
34JJ30-32 in47-48 in76-81 cm119-122 cm
36JJ32-34 in49-50 in81-86 cm124-127 cm
38JJ34-36 in51-52 in86-91 cm130-132 cm
40JJ36-38 in53-54 in91-97 cm135-137 cm
42JJ38-40 in55-56 in97-102 cm140-142 cm
44JJ40-42 in57-58 in102-107 cm145-147 cm
46JJ42-44 in59-60 in107-112 cm150-152 cm
48JJ44-46 in61-62 in112-117 cm155-157 cm
50JJ46-48 in63-64 in117-122 cm160-163 cm
52JJ48-50 in65-66 in122-127 cm165-168 cm
54JJ50-52 in67-68 in127-132 cm170-173 cm
56JJ52-54 in69-70 in132-137 cm175-178 cm
58JJ54-56 in71-72 in137-142 cm180-183 cm
60JJ56-58 in73-74 in142-147 cm185-188 cm
62JJ58-60 in75-76 in147-152 cm191-193 cm
64JJ60-62 in77-78 in152-157 cm196-198 cm

TABLE: British / UK JJ-cup bra sizes in inches (in) and centimeters (cm).

Bra SizeBand,
Under Bust
Over Bust
Under Bust
Over Bust
26K22-24 in40-41 in56-61 cm102-104 cm
28K24-26 in42-43 in61-66 cm107-109 cm
30K26-28 in44-45 in66-71 cm112-114 cm
32K28-30 in46-47 in71-76 cm117-119 cm
34K30-32 in48-49 in76-81 cm122-124 cm
36K32-34 in50-51 in81-86 cm127-130 cm
38K34-36 in52-53 in86-91 cm132-135 cm
40K36-38 in54-55 in91-97 cm137-140 cm
42K38-40 in56-57 in97-102 cm142-145 cm
44K40-42 in58-59 in102-107 cm147-150 cm
46K42-44 in60-61 in107-112 cm152-155 cm
48K44-46 in62-63 in112-117 cm157-160 cm
50K46-48 in64-65 in117-122 cm163-165 cm
52K48-50 in66-67 in122-127 cm168-170 cm
54K50-52 in68-69 in127-132 cm173-175 cm
56K52-54 in70-71 in132-137 cm178-180 cm
58K54-56 in72-73 in137-142 cm183-185 cm
60K56-58 in74-75 in142-147 cm188-191 cm
62K58-60 in76-77 in147-152 cm193-196 cm
64K60-62 in78-79 in152-157 cm198-201 cm

TABLE: British / UK K-cup bra sizes in inches (in) and centimeters (cm).

Bra SizeBand,
Under Bust
Over Bust
Under Bust
Over Bust
26KK22-24 in41-42 in56-61 cm104-107 cm
28KK24-26 in43-44 in61-66 cm109-112 cm
30KK26-28 in45-46 in66-71 cm114-117 cm
32KK28-30 in47-48 in71-76 cm119-122 cm
34KK30-32 in49-50 in76-81 cm124-127 cm
36KK32-34 in51-52 in81-86 cm130-132 cm
38KK34-36 in53-54 in86-91 cm135-137 cm
40KK36-38 in55-56 in91-97 cm140-142 cm
42KK38-40 in57-58 in97-102 cm145-147 cm
44KK40-42 in59-60 in102-107 cm150-152 cm
46KK42-44 in61-62 in107-112 cm155-157 cm
48KK44-46 in63-64 in112-117 cm160-163 cm
50KK46-48 in65-66 in117-122 cm165-168 cm
52KK48-50 in67-68 in122-127 cm170-173 cm
54KK50-52 in69-70 in127-132 cm175-178 cm
56KK52-54 in71-72 in132-137 cm180-183 cm
58KK54-56 in73-74 in137-142 cm185-188 cm
60KK56-58 in75-76 in142-147 cm191-193 cm
62KK58-60 in77-78 in147-152 cm196-198 cm
64KK60-62 in79-80 in152-157 cm201-203 cm

TABLE: British / UK KK-cup bra sizes in inches (in) and centimeters (cm).

Bra SizeBand,
Under Bust
Over Bust
Under Bust
Over Bust
26L22-24 in42-43 in56-61 cm107-109 cm
28L24-26 in44-45 in61-66 cm112-114 cm
30L26-28 in46-47 in66-71 cm117-119 cm
32L28-30 in48-49 in71-76 cm122-124 cm
34L30-32 in50-51 in76-81 cm127-130 cm
36L32-34 in52-53 in81-86 cm132-135 cm
38L34-36 in54-55 in86-91 cm137-140 cm
40L36-38 in56-57 in91-97 cm142-145 cm
42L38-40 in58-59 in97-102 cm147-150 cm
44L40-42 in60-61 in102-107 cm152-155 cm
46L42-44 in62-63 in107-112 cm157-160 cm
48L44-46 in64-65 in112-117 cm163-165 cm
50L46-48 in66-67 in117-122 cm168-170 cm
52L48-50 in68-69 in122-127 cm173-175 cm
54L50-52 in70-71 in127-132 cm178-180 cm
56L52-54 in72-73 in132-137 cm183-185 cm
58L54-56 in74-75 in137-142 cm188-191 cm
60L56-58 in76-77 in142-147 cm193-196 cm
62L58-60 in78-79 in147-152 cm198-201 cm
64L60-62 in80-81 in152-157 cm203-206 cm

TABLE: British / UK L-cup bra sizes in inches (in) and centimeters (cm).

Bra SizeBand,
Under Bust
Over Bust
Under Bust
Over Bust
26LL22-24 in43-44 in56-61 cm109-112 cm
28LL24-26 in45-46 in61-66 cm114-117 cm
30LL26-28 in47-48 in66-71 cm119-122 cm
32LL28-30 in49-50 in71-76 cm124-127 cm
34LL30-32 in51-52 in76-81 cm130-132 cm
36LL32-34 in53-54 in81-86 cm135-137 cm
38LL34-36 in55-56 in86-91 cm140-142 cm
40LL36-38 in57-58 in91-97 cm145-147 cm
42LL38-40 in59-60 in97-102 cm150-152 cm
44LL40-42 in61-62 in102-107 cm155-157 cm
46LL42-44 in63-64 in107-112 cm160-163 cm
48LL44-46 in65-66 in112-117 cm165-168 cm
50LL46-48 in67-68 in117-122 cm170-173 cm
52LL48-50 in69-70 in122-127 cm175-178 cm
54LL50-52 in71-72 in127-132 cm180-183 cm
56LL52-54 in73-74 in132-137 cm185-188 cm
58LL54-56 in75-76 in137-142 cm191-193 cm
60LL56-58 in77-78 in142-147 cm196-198 cm
62LL58-60 in79-80 in147-152 cm201-203 cm
64LL60-62 in81-82 in152-157 cm206-208 cm

TABLE: British / UK LL-cup bra sizes in inches (in) and centimeters (cm).

Bra SizeBand,
Under Bust
Over Bust
Under Bust
Over Bust
26M22-24 in44-45 in56-61 cm112-114 cm
28M24-26 in46-47 in61-66 cm117-119 cm
30M26-28 in48-49 in66-71 cm122-124 cm
32M28-30 in50-51 in71-76 cm127-130 cm
34M30-32 in52-53 in76-81 cm132-135 cm
36M32-34 in54-55 in81-86 cm137-140 cm
38M34-36 in56-57 in86-91 cm142-145 cm
40M36-38 in58-59 in91-97 cm147-150 cm
42M38-40 in60-61 in97-102 cm152-155 cm
44M40-42 in62-63 in102-107 cm157-160 cm
46M42-44 in64-65 in107-112 cm163-165 cm
48M44-46 in66-67 in112-117 cm168-170 cm
50M46-48 in68-69 in117-122 cm173-175 cm
52M48-50 in70-71 in122-127 cm178-180 cm
54M50-52 in72-73 in127-132 cm183-185 cm
56M52-54 in74-75 in132-137 cm188-191 cm
58M54-56 in76-77 in137-142 cm193-196 cm
60M56-58 in78-79 in142-147 cm198-201 cm
62M58-60 in80-81 in147-152 cm203-206 cm
64M60-62 in82-83 in152-157 cm208-211 cm

TABLE: British / UK M-cup bra sizes in inches (in) and centimeters (cm).

Australia, bra sizes are denoted with a letter followed by a number. The letter indicates the band measurement and the number indicates the cup measurement. For example, if your bra size is 34DDD, you have a 34-inch band and a DDD cup.


The under-bust measurement will establish the size of the band (the bit that goes round your body). Remember that many bra bands have some elasticity which is why it is important you hold the tape measure firmly around your body while taking measurements. You don’t want any slack as a firmly fitting band will provide the most support, alleviating pressure on your shoulders from bra straps.

UNDERBUST SIZE (CM)65-6767-7272-7777-8282-8787-9292-9797-102102-107107-112112-117117-122122-127
BAND SIZE8101214161820222426283032
US BAND SIZE30323436384042444648505254


The over-bust measurement will help establish your cup size. Place the tape measure around your body ensuring it is straight and without kinks. Then move it up to sit over the widest part of your breasts – often over the nipple. You’ll want it sitting lightly while you take the measurement. 


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