Bra Measurement Guide

A bra measurement guide is a simple way for women to find their correct bra size, in order to achieve the best possible fit. The most common mistake women make when buying bras is picking the wrong size. Many women do not know how to measure themselves properly and as a result, they end up with ill-fitting bras that are uncomfortable and may even strain their back or shoulders.

A well-designed bra measurement guide helps women find their correct bra size by providing them with an accurate measurement of their bust, and then showing them where each size falls on the chart.

Bra Measurement Guide

Your band size (the number) and cup size determine what size bra you need (the letter). Typically, a tape measure is used to take these measures around your breast and ribcage. The digit or letter represents your bra size. A smooth, comfortable fit and the correct support depend on getting the right bra size. Girls who have worn a bad bra or the improper bra size should be aware that this may ruin a fantastic outfit and, in the worst case scenario, destroy the entire day with backaches and suffering.

How To Measure Bra Size At Home

Not sure what bra size you should be wearing? Follow our easy step by step guide on measuring your bra size at home and find your size in the bra size guide below

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➀ Grab a soft measuring tape and wear a lightly-lined or unpadded bra that follows the natural shape of your breasts.
➁ Measure around the ribcage directly under the bust in a straight line to get the underbust width, this determines your band size.
➂ Make sure the tape is tightly hugging your ribcage and subtract 5 cm from the measurement. The bra support comes from the band so it needs to be tight.
➃ Keep the measure tape parallel to the floor by checking yourself in the mirror.

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➄ Measure over the bust points in a straight line to get the overbust width, this determines your cup size.
➅ Hold the measure tape loosely around the largest part of your breasts.
➆ Again, keep the tape parallel to the floor. Use a mirror or ask someone to help you.

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