Bra for low cut dress

We all have that perfect low-cut dress hiding in our closets because we haven’t found the right bra for it yet. Well, say no more! With the best bra for a low-cut dress, you are ready to rock the show without any second thoughts. These come into consideration exactly when you find just full coverage bras where either the strap or the cup pops out of your dress or when you aren’t just ready to go braless in public. The low-cut dress bras are specially designed for low-cut dresses to ensure you can look like a diva with the plunging neckline outfit. Otherwise known as plunge bras, these bras stay hidden, feel comfortable, and keep everything right in place. Moreover, they are available in different bust sizes and shapes. Check out the 13 best bras for low-cut dresses listed below.

Bra for low cut dress

Low-cut dresses might bring out the sexier side of you, but they might also make your conventional bra prominent. That is why it is always good to invest in some of the best bras for low-cut dresses. These are primarily made so that you can flaunt the dress without having to worry about your bra straps and cups peeping out from here and there.

If you are wondering how to get your hands on these, take a look at our list of popular low-cut bras and choose one as per your need.

1. Pleasure State Phoebe Push-Up Plunge Bra

From Pleasure State’s White Label, the Phoebe Push-Up Plunge Bra continues to wow plunge bra lovers season after season. Ticking boxes all around this hybrid bra style offers a plunging neckline AND customised push-up, an ideal option for those wanting to achieve a fuller yet natural-looking cleavage with their low-cut neckline.

Available in Pleasure State’s innovative FMO (for me only) push-up profile, this plunge bra provides the perfect level of push-up for your cup size. The inside of the cups feels like a buttery-soft suede material which helps to hold your breasts in place all day and night long.

All breast shapes will reap the benefits of this style; however, push-up plunge bras are known to work extremely well for Wide-Set breasts as the angled cups draw the breasts together, minimising space and creating cleavage. 

Pssst, if you love the look of this range, we suggest you keep your eyes peeled in September as the Phoebe range is expanding; think of a luxurious bright white colour on corsets, robes and bralettes!

No matter what outfit you’re wearing, one of our lovely customers reckons you can wear this style every day:

“This is the best bra I’ve ever purchased, fits so well, so comfy, looks beautiful, makes me want to buy more so I can wear it every day” Aimee L. (NZ)

2. me. by bendon Deep Plunge Strap + Backless Bra

Designed specifically for tricky back and necklines me. by bendon’s Deep Plunge Strap + Backless Bra may just be a piece of the puzzle that you always longed for but never knew existed. This is the kind of bra that a male would see lying on the floor and think, ‘wtf is that’ not realising that he is looking at lingerie solution gold.

With zero straps and no back band, this bra provides support from its sticky adhesive cups and side wings. Women often go bra-less when they’re working with a backless, low-cut or strapless dress, which can be fine, but it’s often not ideal, but the Deep Plunge Strap and Backless Bra allows you to have your cake AND eat it too by supporting your breasts whilst looking like you’re not wearing any bra at all.

This style is only available for A-D cups due to the fact the bra support relies solely on the sticky adhesive. It’s our duty to ensure that we’re providing adequate support for all cup sizes, which is why we offer Adhesive Body Tape (currently sold in-store only) as an amazing option for backless and strapless outfits for larger breasts (we’ll come back to this style later on!).

3. Pleasure State My Fit Lace Push-Up Plunge Bra

Pleasure State’s My Fit collection was created as a solution for the perfect push-up bra, providing a sexy solution for every outfit. Engineered in 2005, My Fit Lace Push-Up Plunge Bra has stuck around as one of our best-selling push-up plunge bras ever, and it’s not hard to see why. Featuring a soft delicate lace that sits subtly underneath outerwear, suede-touch cup lining that holds breasts in place, adjustable shoulder straps finished with classy Swarovski diamantes at the apex, and of course a plunging neckline suitable to be worn under low-cut dresses.

This style continues to be repeated in Black and Frappe. However, every season, Pleasure State releases this best-selling style in once-off on-trend colours to match the mood and colour palette of the season.

As mentioned earlier, women with wide-set breasts benefit greatly from push-up plunge styles as the angled cups draw breasts together, creating a fuller-looking cleavage. However, we also know that women with round, bell, asymmetric, and small breasts LOVE this style, making it a match for all.

If we haven’t yet sold you on this style, we think this customer review will do the job! 

“AMAZING BRA. If you want to fall in love with a bra, this is it!! Such a comfortable fit with perfect contours, and the lace is so flattering, the push-up feature makes your tatas look like gods gift to this earth and I could shout from the rooftops about how much I love this style – I have 3 different colours. And the matching thong? To die for. This is my all events appropriate bra for suuuure. This bra will make you sigh out of infatuation when you see yourself in the mirror, girlies, I highly HIGHLY recommend.”  Louise V. 

4. Fayreform Sculpt Contour Plunge Bra

Comfort and fit were front of mind when our Fayreform designer created this incredible D-F cup plunge bra. The moulded contour cups feature a subtle stretch allowing for great fit and strong support. The material of the angled cups is ideal for a plunging neckline because they are covered with a soft microfibre meaning your low-cut dress, top, or t-shirt will glide over the bra making this style a great option for low-cut necklines.

Fayreform Sculpt Contour Plunge Bra is a great option for those with conical shaped breasts. Conical shaped breasts slope downwards towards the nipples, and the nipples tend to stick out quite prominently (even when your nipples aren’t cold!). This bra will not only draw the breasts together, but the contour cups will create more rounded looking breasts and cover nipples from sticking out or being seen through your bra or dress.

If comfort is your number #1 criterion for your plunge bra, then take it from Marie; this style is a winner!

“THE best. This bra is without a doubt the most comfortable bra I have ever worn. It is now the only bra I wear.” Marie R (AU)

5. me. by bendon Audacious Underwire Bra

It’s chic, it’s sheer, and it gives your cleavage stunning natural shape, meet Audacious Underwire Bra. This is a simple style that could be classed as an everyday basic and a saucy evening style all in one. What makes this style unique from the other plunge bras we’ve listed is that the cups aren’t padded, making this a great style for ladies who prefer a natural shape and no additional bulk that can come from padding. Although the cups are made with a soft sheer mesh material, this style provides a decent amount of coverage as the dramatic plunging neckline is created from the apex of the cups sitting up by the shoulders. It’s clear to see why this style would be great underneath your low-cut dress. With a plunging neckline like Audacious, you’d be able to pull off jaw-dropping dresses like Mindy Kaling’s 2022 lilac met gala gown by Prabal Gurung! 

Most breast shapes will suit this plunging underwire style as long as the wearer is happy with a natural-shaped bust, though it wouldn’t be our top choice for athletic and small breasts where the space between the breasts and the chest is quite shallow and not ideal for underwires. 

Audacious was first released in early 2022, and with the customer reviews it’s had so far, we can confirm it is a crowd favourite!

“Beautiful and comfortable bra. I really love this bra and the matching underwear. They are super comfortable and really lovely looking. The shape is great, and the sheer fabric makes it a little more fun!” Sinead C (NZ).

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