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Sexy has no size.The worst thing about online shopping for undergarments is falling in love with a beautiful bra or sultry bralette and then finding out it either doesn’t come in your size or wont offer the support you need to actually function.

When you do find a bra that fits, chances are it isn’t as cute or sexy as the ones on Victoria’s Secret models, which isn’t fair or fun.With the average US woman wearing a size 34DD, it’s shocking that there simply isn’t enough coverage on bras of that size, and even less that actually offer coverage as well as a cute style. And just because you have a larger body, doesn’t mean your breasts match — an alarming few bra companies offer plus-sized bras with smaller cups.

Bra for larger sizes.

No more shopping for bras with dread, as we hunted down the best brands for plus-sized women to feel confident, supported and sexy, with bras that fit curvy women no matter her cup size. See below for the best plus-sized bras, bralettes and more for the full-figured woman.

Savage x Fenty by Rihanna, up to a 46DDD

Leave it to Rihanna to be the new queen of body inclusivity, with a line of gorgeous bras that fit all bodies.The site allows you to search by band size and cup size, and ranges from a 30 to a 46 in bands and from an A-cup to a DDD in cup size. Not only will they fit, but they are super sexy and come in a wide array of options, as opposed to other brands that only carry black and nude for larger ladies. The best part is that the pricing is super affordable, and even more so if you become a VIP member to score the best prices and newest drops from her collection.

Kinflyte, up to a 6XL or up to a J cup size

Keep your head in the clouds and the rest of you secure in supportive and stylish bras. Kinflyte wants to make everyone feel sexy and supported, offering their bras in sizes up to a 6XL. They look more like sports bras, and since they are wire-free, they are great for the gym where no wires will jab or poke as you move your body.

Torrid, up to a 54DDD and up to an H cup size

Torrid is here to remind you that sexy comes in all shapes and sizes, and so does support.The plus-sized fashion brand has a special line of intimates just for you, offering one of the largest size-ranges in this lineup. The band size goes all the way up to a 54, and you can find cup sizes in F, G, and H that many other brands just don’t carry. Don’t worry about having ugly styles either, as while the do carry the basics like black and taupe, they also have fun styles such as galaxy print and more.

Ashley Stewart, up to a 46H

Ashley Stewart changed the game when it comes to plus-sized clothing, and is changing it again for bras.Not only do they carry items up to a size 46H and everything in between, they also have unique styles built for comfort you won’t find anywhere else. The Butterfly Bra is one of those things, and worth a mention for any woman needing some extra back support but not a compromise in fashion. They feature not one but two closures, holding you in while supporting your back all at the same time. In addition, they also offer regular closure bras, unlined options and even those with no underwire for all-day comfort no matter your shape or size.

ThirdLove, up to a 48 band size and an I cup size

ThirdLove with make you fall in love with your underwear drawer again and again, no matter your bra size.The best part about this company is not only that they go all the way up to an I-cup, but they also have size and cup combinations that many other brands don’t. If you are a plus-sized lady with smaller breasts, they carry combinations like a 40A up to a 48B. If you are the reverse with a smaller frame and a bigger bust, they offer a 30G and a 38I. After more than two years in a pandemic, I had given up on bras entirely. As a plus-size woman, I’ve always hated the fit of most bras because they cause more pain than serve a real purpose. When virtual meetings became our new reality, bras weren’t necessary for my day-to-day life. However, now that the U.S. is slowly but surely transitioning back to in-person work, I’ve been on the hunt to find a bra that is supportive, comfortable, and ready to wear all day.

Ever since high school, I’ve always worn a DD or DDD and have struggled to find a good fit from the staple bra brands most women my age like to shop from. (You know what those are.) That’s why I set out to find the perfect bra for all occasions — from my daily commutes to the office to a night out with friends. When choosing a bra, for me it’s important to look for one that has solid coverage and comfortable straps that won’t leave indents in my shoulder. When it comes to bras, I will always choose comfort over anything else. Over the past few months, I’ve tested out over twenty bras to find one that works for people with larger chests and I think I’ve narrowed it down to a pretty solid (and stylish) selection.I’ve rounded up my top choices for people like me who dislike wearing bras, but definitely need to wear one here and there. Without further ado, let me present to you the very best plus size bras from five different brands:

As anyone who has ever walked into a lingerie store will tell you: Finding a comfortable bra (plus one that’s attractive, supportive, and actually fits) is no easy feat. That’s true for all of us—but perhaps even more so when you’re looking for a plus-size bra.

The good news? Comfortable, flattering, and just plain pretty plus-size bras do exist. In fact, more brands are embracing every body, so there have never been better options available for fuller figures than there are today. For some useful tips on how to find the perfect-fitting bra, we tapped Holly Wilson, Soma’s VP of design, for her expert advice. “A good-quality bra will fit comfortably from the minute you put it on, provide all-day support, and hold its appearance over many wears and washings,” she tells Oprah Daily.

“The most important element of support in a bra comes from the fit and comfort of the band and cups,” Wilson further explains. “When the cups fit your shape and support appropriately, there is no digging, gapping, or sagging. The right band fit is essential, as it provides the most important support feature, and can determine how much support your bust gets from the bra.”

Once your bra arrives, try it on and keep an eye on the following fit notes: “If your bra fits on the middle hook, it’s perfect; that means you have room to loosen or tighten it slightly based on your body’s natural changes during the month,” advises Wilson. “The cups should fit smoothly on the breast with no gaps or digging. The center front should lie flat against your rib cage. The underwire should not poke, pinch, or rest on your breast tissue. Adjust your straps so they stay in place and sit comfortably. They should not dig into your shoulders.”

With that guidance in mind, we sorted through racks and reviews to find the best plus-size bras for your shape and budget (hint: while you’re at it, make sure you’re measuring your size correctly). Whether you’re in the market for an everyday bra that offers max coverage (and no uncomfy underwire!), a push-up that provides the perfect amount of lift, a workout-friendly sports bra for heavier breasts, an affordable Amazon bestseller (hello, $12), or even a lacy bralette (that’s right, bralettes aren’t just for small chests!), our picks won’t let you—or your girls—down.

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