Best wireless bras for big busts

Show of hands: Who’s regularly worn a bra during the pandemic? I sure haven’t. And after almost two years at home, going totally bra-free 99 percent of the time, I’m far from ready to start wearing bras again. But most of us have busier social calendars than we have in many months. We’re seeing people again, and for some of us, that means putting on a bra.

Unfortunately, I have really large boobs (size 40G boobs), so going braless in public isn’t an option I’m comfortable with. Thankfully for me and all big-boobed people who don’t like traditional bras, there’s a compromise between the restrictive bras of our past and ditching bras for good. The solution: wireless bras.

Best wireless bras for big busts

Wireless bras have been around for a long time, of course. There are bralettes, sports bras, and bras that look traditional but simply have no wires. Until relatively recently, though, wireless bras just couldn’t support bigger busts. They were too flimsy. But bra technology is catching up with a push for more extensive sizing in all facets of fashion. Now, there are several companies making actually supportive, wire-free bras for people who have big breasts.

I tried several of these brands on, wearing them around the house and out to drinks with friends to see just how easy a wire-free life can be. Happy news: It’s great. If you’re dreading having to wear bras again, I recommend trying one of the below brands.

What to look for in a wireless bra
“If you’re full busted and you want to wear wireless, go for it!,” says bra expert Jenny Altman. Thanks to new fabrics and technology, wireless bras can support all sizes. But not all bra brands are made equal: Altman recommends looking for brands that understand full-busted women and are created specifically for C-cups and larger. Here are some other things to keep in mind when shopping for a wireless bra for big breasts:

Fit: Ensure you have a good fitting bra. “There’s nothing worse than a bra that’s too big OR too tight,” says Altman.
Band: Regardless if a bra is wired or wireless, bra support comes from the band. Make sure your band has a secure fit, firm but not too tight.
Cup: “Large cup girls need support throughout the cups. Don’t shop for cup sizes that are too small, you want good stretch and good coverage all around the breasts with no spillage,” says Altman.
Back support: Back support is important for large breasts, so pick bras with a wide band that has strength through the back to help with posture.
Support and stretch: You’ll need both in a busty bra. Altman says, “Stretch gives you comfort, but you still need a workhorse that keeps you lifted and supported in light of the bra being wire-free.

Davy Piper The Nellie Simply Wireless Bra

I found Davy Piper through a targeted Instagram ad, and I’m so glad I did. Davy Piper promises extensive sizing and amazing support, and delivers on both. Their sizing even includes a “busty” option in addition to the S/M/L/XL/XXL sizing we’re used to. The busty option extends any band size (from 30 to 44) into bigger cup sizes (G, H, and I/J). All of the bras I tried were super soft and comfortable, with some including padding in the cup area to avoid visible nipples. One of the bras (the Nellie Simply Wireless in XXL-busty) even came with a band extender to add more length if needed. In addition to extending the cup coverage, the busty bras use a more supportive fabric and wider straps to give heavier boobs and the shoulders that hold them up more support.

Negative Underwear Sieve Non-Wire Bra

If you want something sexy and see-through, but still supportive, try Negative Underwear. The brand has a plethora of mesh bras, some with wires and some without. Typically, sexy mesh bras like these are too flimsy to hold up bigger breasts, but Negative Underwear has developed a section of their best-selling bras with added support for DDD-G cups. The busty bras have an extra swath of fabric at the sides and thicker, more supportive straps.

Pansy Bra

If you prefer wearing clothes made from certified organic cotton with all-natural dyes, Pansy is a great choice. The bras have a homemade feel, made simply with cotton and elastic. All of Pansy’s underwear is sewn locally in California. I tried the full bra, cross bra, and sports bra — all of which are available in larger band and cup sizes. Although Pansy’s bras offer less lift than others on the list, they’re very comfortable and provide full coverage.

TomboyX Lounge Bralette

TomboyX is a great LGBTQ+-owned brand that makes bras and compression tops for all genders and gender expressions. Similar to Pansy, TomboyX’s bras are less likely than others on this list to lift your breasts (especially if they’re heavy), but are extremely comfortable. These bras come in lots of fun prints and colors (some of them even glow-in-the-dark!) to fit any style. I found them great for when we had people staying at the house and I wanted just a bit of coverage.

Torrid 360 Back Smoothing Lightly Lined Everyday Wire-Free Bra

Torrid has long been a go-to for plus-size women. The brand makes clothes for sizes 10-30. Catering to plus sizes, Torrid is used to making bras for bigger bands and busts, so it’s no surprise that Torrid has an excellent selection of supportive wireless bras. Their wire-free section has bras in many different fun patterns, as well as classic black and beige options.

Bras aren’t exactly known for their comfort, but ditching the underwire is the best way to make a bra feel better without sacrificing support. Although lifelong wearers of wired bras may be hesitant to try a wireless bra, Tracy Freno, a Bare Necessities bra fit expert, is here to offer reassurance. “Many [people] automatically gravitate to a bra that has an underwire because we are conditioned to think that it’s the more supportive option,” she says. However, “there really are many wireless bras available that deliver incredible support and unparalleled comfort—and wearing them will make you feel just as fabulous and confident!”

To help you figure out which wireless bra is best for you, we did the research and evaluated dozens of bras based on size range, style and fit, and more. Our top choice is the Knix WingWoman Contour Bra for its supportive features, wide range of cup and band sizes, and compatibility with clothing of varying necklines.

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