Best wireless bra

The first step to finding your perfect wireless bra is to find the right size. “A big part of wearing a wireless bra is having the right fit,” says Freno. “If your band rides up or digs into your back, it’s not going to feel as comfortable.”

If you’re used to wearing a wired bra with an underwire, there are a few things you can do when trying on a wireless bra that will make it feel more similar when it comes to support and comfort. “The most important thing is to make sure that the center of the cup is flat against your chest,” says Freno. “That means if there’s any wrinkling or movement in the fabric, it’s too small.” If you need help finding your size, check out this helpful guide.

Best wireless bra

When you think about why you dislike wearing a bra on a daily basis, what are some of the top reasons on your list? Sure, the undergarment can cause serious back pain, and that’s why a great solution is to find one that has extra back support to lessen any aches and pains, especially when you’re wearing it all day long. Another reason many tend to stay away from bras? A pinching underwire can be so annoying. One way to ensure all-day comfort without the poking is with a wireless bra that’s so comfy that you’ll forget you’re even wearing one.

The market for über-comfortable undergarments is quite vast, though, so we set out on a mission to find the best wireless bras on the internet, according to customer reviews. From one style a shopper said she could wear all day without any pinching to another pick that was repeatedly described as buttery soft, below, you’ll find the top bras sans any pesky wires that perfectly combine comfort with ample support. Trust us—once you go wireless, you’ll never go back. Read on.

1. Wacoal

“This style is so comfortable I can wear it all day without pinching or pulling up straps. This is my go-to for every day and special occasions.” — Retail reviewer

“I love these bras, have them in several colors. Very comfortable, will definitely buy again. Appreciate no-underwire style.” — Retail reviewer

2. Pepper

“This is exactly the bra I have been looking for! It feels like a bralette but has enough coverage to wear under blouses for work. Gives my boobs some shape (like a bralette would) without being obnoxious or too padded. I have literally worn this bra every day since it arrived and can’t wait to get my beige one! So nice to have a bra made with small sizes in mind. Bras should not be one-design-fits-all!” — Retail reviewer

3. Parfait

“So dang comfy!! It is so hard to find this bralette style for larger chests. As a 36DDD, this was TTS for me and fits perfectly. Breathable cotton blend, reinforced straps that don’t dig into shoulders, and a three-row clasp in the back for extra security. Will def be buying again when more colors available, as the black is awesome.” — Retail reviewer

4. Commando

My new favorite bra—pricey but worth it. Well-constructed and the fit is great.” — Retail reviewer

5. Bali

“Really like this bra. It is one of the first that I’ve had that is truly comfortable. It also has a nice natural shape while still providing plenty of support. I bought it to wear under sheer white T-shirts, and you can’t see it at all. I might buy it in black as well.” — Retail reviewer

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