Best wireless bra for large bust

When I think back to the days when I first started wearing bras, I still remember the hurdle of having to deal with the transition from training bras with no underwire to big girl bras with underwire. Underwire was the bane of my existence, and to me, it signified an itchy and uncomfortable feeling. Reluctantly, as my boobs grew, underwire bras became the only option for me as they were the only type of bra that offered me the level of support that I needed. My how things have changed! A quick search today for the best wireless bras yields tons of results.

Best wireless bra for large bust

Nowadays, both wire and wire-free bras have come a long way. Bras with underwire have become more comfortable, as manufacturers have started to take into account things like breast spacing, breast height, and breast shape.

Bras without underwire have also become more supportive, with new shapes and designs and careful attention being paid to the structure of the underbust of the bra. In short, brassieres have come a long, long way. Handpicked for you is my list of my top 5 picks for best wireless bra for large breasts.


First up on my list is Playtex Women’s 18 Hour Sensational Sleek Wire-Free Bra. This bra has got a nice wide band from behind with 3 hooks in all sizes. The back band does a good job of keeping things smooth from behind too. I like the shiny satin trim that is used along the edges of the bra as well as for adjustable part of the strap.

The strap is back adjustable, with the front being a seamless continuation from the cup. This design works well as it allows for enough adjustability to fit the bra properly, while the design at the front allows the straps to be positioned closer to the center of the cup, meaning that more support and upward pull is provided. This helps the bra give a nice shape to the breasts and keep them sitting at a nice height.


It’s been a while since I’ve looked at an Olga bra, but I really liked the Olga Women’s Play It Cool Wirefree Contour Bra, enough to put it on my list. First I need to start with the back of the bra. I absolutely love how wide the back band is as it provides a good level of support, even in bigger sizes.

The straps are sewn to the back of the bra in quite a pronounced U-shape, which provides good center pull to help lift the breasts up.

I absolutely loved the brushed look of the material, as it fancies the bra’s look up a bit, even though it is meant for everyday use.


The next contender on my list of best wireless bras is the Vanity Fair Women’s Beauty Back Full Figure Wirefree Bra 71380. This bra comes in a pretty big variety of colours.

I absolutely love this bra! The amount of separation this bra creates is actually pretty impressive, again when you consider that it is wirefree. It uses the same trick as the Olga to create that, a shorter center ‘gore’ area that reminds me a lot of plunge bras.

Another thing this bra does well is the back band. Nice and thick, it provides a lot of support without creating any back bulge. The straps come in and join the back band in a nice U-shape, creating some center pull.

The absolute best feature about this bra has to be the amount of lift you get from the design. I’m always wary about how much wire-free bras can support heavier breasts, but this bra does an excellent job. In some instances, you might argue that it does too good of one! The lift that this bra gives may be great for ladies who are fuller on the bottom, but if you have boobs that are completely full or fuller on top, you make feel like the bra pulls your breasts up too high.


First things first: the band. If you can’t tell already from the previous 3 contenders, the band plays a big part in compensating for the support lost by not having an underwire. The band on this bra does not disappoint, with up to 5 rows of hooks in some of the larger sizes. Love! Like the others, it does a good job of smoothing out the back and preventing back bulge as well.

Made of cotton entirely, I think this bra is a great option for people with sensitive skin that need a soft fabric that can breathe. There is a bit of stretch to the bra though, so if I had to say anything bad about it, it’s that I’m not sure how well it will age, overall.

On to the strap: the strap on this bra is mostly adjustable. What sets this bra apart from the other ones is that there is a ring connecting the cup to the straps. Some people may not like this feature. I find that where it sits, on the front of the body, means that the ring is not a nuisance at all. The straps aren’t as wide as the Vanity Fair, but they do prove to be fairly comfortable.

If you are a fan of full coverage, this bra will absolutely suit your needs, as it does come up pretty high on the chest. The cups are seamless, meaning there’s no weird lines to contend with on the front of your boobs. They are also double lined which helps to shape and support your breasts while giving them a bit of separation. If I have to be frank though, this bra provides less separation than the other three previously mentioned.


If you want something sexy and see-through, but still supportive, try Negative Underwear. The brand has a plethora of mesh bras, some with wires and some without. Typically, sexy mesh bras like these are too flimsy to hold up bigger breasts, but Negative Underwear has developed a section of their best-selling bras with added support for DDD-G cups. The busty bras have an extra swath of fabric at the sides and thicker, more supportive straps.

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