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Are you slouching right now? Be honest — we know we have before. Maintaining good posture is seriously tough and it’s something we all have struggle with. It’s difficult to sit up perfectly straight when you’re hunched over your keyboard or phone all day. Even when you’re relaxing on the couch, you want to do just that — relax. We’re not constantly thinking about pushing our shoulders back when we want to feel at ease!

There are many steps necessary to improve this issue, but one way to address posture problems is with a new bra. Some bras are specifically made for posture correction, while others provide fabulous support, which may aid in improving your posture overall.

Benefits of Posture Support Bras
Massage Gear Guru describes some of the ways a posture bra could help benefit you:

It may help alleviate back, shoulder and neck pain
It may support your breasts more evenly so there is less strain on your shoulders
It may help you stand up straighter, leading you to look and feel more confident
Want to see some posture support bras and overall supportive bras that could help with all of the above? Let’s go!

Best posture bra

The struggle to find a properly fitting bra that provides good, adequate support; is comfortable enough to wear all day long; and works under everything in your wardrobe is certainly no easy feat. It takes a lot of trial and error, countless bra fittings, and multiple visits to department stores—regardless of whether you’re buying in-store or online—to finally find one that works for you. But if you feel like you’ve tried it all and still haven’t landed upon your perfect bra, we’re here to help.

We know a good bra when we see one. It’s made out of a quality fabric that breathes, has thicker straps, and—aside from offering up good front support—provides support in the back. Though we’ve already found the all-around most comfortable bras on the market according to real customer reviews, today, we decided to hone in on those that promise to give your back a serious break. That’s right. We searched the internet to find 29 of the best bras with back support that you’ll actually be able to wear all day long (yes, really) without acquiring any pain in your shoulders and mid- or lower-spine area.

How did we do this, you ask? We used our expert knowledge (a bra with back support has a different design than regular ones) and read through countless customer reviews to land on the 29 we think you’ll be quite happy with. Ahead, see our roundup of the best bras with back support and the standout reviews that speak to their overall comfort level.

Wacoal Basic Beauty Contour T-Shirt Bra

“This company and this bra are amazing! I own a couple of different styles of their bras, but this one is the most comfortable. It does have four hooks in the back, which is great for support. I wear a 32G just for sizing. I know personally, it can be tough to find a comfortable bra in my size. I think this bra does well at holding your boobs in without squishing them down too much.” — Amazon reviewer.

Playtex Posture Support Wirefree Bra

“It’s always been a big challenge to find bras that fit and do what they advertise. This bra is the answer to everything. The back support feels amazing! It lifts up your breasts and gives immediate relief to your back. I cannot believe how much a difference a good bra makes. I highly recommend this bra to anyone who has D cup and higher. You will feel and see the difference. No regrets about this item. I am purchasing more ASAP.” — Amazon reviewer.

Delimira Back Support Bra

“Yes, I do love this wire-free back support bra. It is very comfortable, moves and stretches easily, the shoulder straps are wide, adjustable, and well padded, especially for larger sizes. I am not bothered by scratchiness or pinching. Everything is smooth and cushioned against the skin. It’s great for everyday wear, and I gladly recommend this product. I plan to get rid of several other styles/brands that I’ve been wearing (enduring) and order more of Delimira.” — Amazon reviewer.

Chantelle Intimates Revele Moi Full Support Underwire Bra

“I love this full-coverage bra. It’s comfortable, I don’t have problems with the straps falling down, and [it] keeps everything in place.” — Nordstrom reviewer

Vanity Fair Wirefree Bra

“This is the first time I have purchased a bra without trying it on. It fits great, I am a size 42C. I love that there are no underwires, the straps are comfortable and not falling off the shoulders or digging in. I like the extra back support. It is not a minimizer, so I look good too.” — Amazon reviewer.

I wore a backpack over one shoulder all throughout high school and college, I look at the ground while I walk, I work almost exclusively from a computer, and I’m four foot eleven (so I get used as an armrest). The idea of wearing bras to support and improve posture has always intrigued me, because — face it — when all of the aforementioned factors are combined, slouching and back problems are pretty much inevitable. That being said, great bras that improve posture are a little hard to come by, primarily because a lot of people don’t even know that these types of bras exist. Well, they do, and as of last month, I can be the first to tell you that they’re wonderful.

Over the past couple weeks, I was lucky enough to sample some of the best options from a few really great companies that aim to change the way that women wear their bras. Representatives from Exquisite Form, Carnival Creations, and Glamorise were more than willing to provide me with some samples, so that I could try out a few of their best-selling posture bras. The good news? The difference in my posture while sitting at my computer or going about my business was like night and day. The even better news? All of these bras are available on Amazon, and each has different features and functionalities, so that anyone can find an awesome posture bra that suits their needs.

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