Best plus size bras

We get it. It’s hard to find a bra that fits well and feels great. And we’re not just talking about the straps falling off or the cups being too small—we’re talking about bras that make you feel like you have to rip them off at the end of the day because they are so uncomfortable.

It shouldn’t be like this. Bra shopping should be an enjoyable experience, not a frustrating one. That’s why we’ve created a line of bras that are designed to fit every woman perfectly—no matter what her body type or size. We don’t want you to have to choose between not wearing a bra and having one that’s so uncomfortable that it makes you want to rip it off at the end of the day!

Best plus size bras

Looking for the best plus size bras on the market? You’ve come to the right place — especially if you hate wearing bras.

After more than two years in a pandemic, I had given up on bras entirely. As a plus-size woman, I’ve always hated the fit of most bras because they cause more pain than serve a real purpose. When virtual meetings became our new reality, bras weren’t necessary for my day-to-day life. However, now that the U.S. is slowly but surely transitioning back to in-person work, I’ve been on the hunt to find a bra that is supportive, comfortable, and ready to wear all day.


First up we have Parade. If you’re not familiar with it yet, Parade is an undergarment brand that focuses on size inclusivity and comfort — which are my favorite things. This triangle bralette shape is perfect for any low-cut top and was my go-to when heading to work. Its elastic band is comfortable and doesn’t cut into my ribcage the way most underwired bras do. While this silhouette doesn’t actually have an underwire, it will still give you a solid lift. The Silky Mesh Triangle Bralette from Parade is similar to the triangle bralette, but not as versatile since it’s more visible underneath shorts with a lower neckline. However, I got way more support and lift with this style versus the triangle shape if that’s what you’re after. It feels similar to a sports bra but is not as constraining, which makes it ideal for all-day wear.


Skims products always serve as a magic trick. The items — with extreme stretch — continuously worry me because they immediately look too small. But every time I’m left in awe at how well they continue to fit. I was able to try out the 3X and 4X, and while both fit well, I preferred the 4X since it gave me slightly more coverage. This scoop style has a lot of frontal coverage, but I didn’t love how thin the backing was. As someone that normally wears a triple D bra, I’m used to thick banned straps, so it took some adjusting to get used to thin straps on the Skims bras.While I had similar concerns with the thin backing of the fits everybody crossover bralette, I did surprisingly like the fit way more for everyday wear. Since most of my work shirts tend to have a v-line cut, this is another perfect, comfortable option.


Soma is another great brand for larger chests. The options without wires are truly a lifesaver, especially when you need to wear more professional clothes. Soma bras were the most ideal when dealing with work clothes — think white button-down tops and form-fitting tops to. The embraceable full-coverage wireless unline bra is the style I wear most days out of the week. The fit replicates that of a standard underwired bra but without the pain of actually having the wires. This style also offers next-level support, which is something I always look for in a bra. The only major downsides were the straps. I couldn’t get the exact level of lift I wanted without the straps leaving indents on my shoulders and when loosening the straps, I lost the lift I like. I definitely had to make a choice depending on the outfit I wore that day.

Third Love

ThirdLove is another fan favorite when it comes to plus size bra options. The wireless smoothing V-neck bra provides great lift and support. The material has a feel similar to that of silk spandex, so not my personal favorite, but the fit is so smooth I don’t think it matters that much.That said, the material is so smooth that it makes this style perfect for body-clinging clothes. It hides lines perfectly and works with any style of shirt, which is great. It’s not as deep of a V-cut as the other options so can’t be worn with anything that’s extremely low cut, but it works well overall.The seamless V-neck wireless bra style from ThirdLove is extremely similar to the one above. The main difference is the material. This style is a personal favorite as it has a more cotton feel to it. The thick band right below the chest also provides great support. The backside isn’t my favorite as it’s a little thinner than I’d like, so I’m constantly adjusting to make it sit where I’d like on my back.


Nordstrom actually has plenty of plus size bra options that fall on the more traditional side of the spectrum. (Like this one from Wacoal, which gives you all the lift and support you’ll need.) Among the many options, I particularly like Elomi’s full figure spacer underwire bra. While yes, this has a pesky underwire, I actually loved this style.

It’s rare that I find a traditional bra with this much cup coverage. I had no overflowing at all and it was nice to not be constantly tucking my chest back into the bra. Again, the underwire is still something I’m not a huge fan of, but the fit of this was great. I also thought the design was super cute with the small cutout in the front.

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