Best nursing sports bra

After all, why make life harder as a breastfeeding mother runner than it has to be?Time is often of the essence and comfort is queen. You need ease of access to nurse and squeeze your run in between nursing sessions. You also need ease of access to nurse when your baby is breaking down because they want to nurse ASAP.It’s been 4 years since I was a breastfeeding mother runner, so I asked other mother runners their opinions and have rounded up the most popular nursing sports bra for runners on the market today.I also have the DIY method—how to make your own nursing sports bra.Before I get into the review, please note that it is important to change out of your sweaty sports bra as soon as possible to avoid mastitis. Don’t come back from a run, nurse your baby, and forget to change!

Best nursing sports bra

Nursing sports bras for runners are worth the investment because:

You don’t have to endure the hassle of removing your sports bra to nurse your baby
You can feed your baby quicker with easy access flaps and comfortable cups
Nursing sports bras are more comfortable than underwire bras so you can wear them all the time (not just when running)
BONUS: Many of these high impact sports bras are cute to wear under tank tops
How do you know if a nursing sports bra fits well?
If you want to find out if a nursing sports bra is going to fit well when running do jumping jacks and run in place when you try it on. If it does not slide, rub, or allow bouncing, then it’s a good candidate. Ensure your purchase has a good return policy (as all these do).

Jen & Keri Annie Pumping and Nursing Sports Bra — $68

Well, I HAD to update this nursing bra list because I have fallen in love with the Jen & Keri Annie nursing and pumping sports bra. And I’m not even nursing!

It’s the softest running apparel I own. It’s comfortable. I love the high neckline cut. And, what makes it genius is its new Pull-up, Pull-down technology that makes indiscreet nursing so easy.

This design combined with the soft fabric makes it so simple to nurse. I can tell because I have tried putting the sports bra on when wet and it glides on and off.(Any woman knows that putting a sports bra on when your skin is wet is harder than, I don’t know, giving birth itself. Okay, maybe that’s an exaggeration, but it’s difficult, nonetheless!) Since we are past the baby phase, I actually like the double layer to stick my phone in if I’m walking around with the kids outside. (It won’t hold for running since there is no bottom, but it does keep in place for just walking around).The pros of the Jen & Keri Annie Nursing Sports Bra are:Buttery soft, moisture-wicking, breathable, and recycled fabric that glides on and offBeautiful cut with an attractive high neckline and racerbackSmart Pull-up, Pull-down technology that makes nursing incognito simple. (Just pull-up out layer and pull-down inner layer).No zippers, snaps, clips, Velcro, or seams.High compression with inner mesh panel for breathability and support.Compatible with most pumps for hands-free pumping.

Caden Shae Smoothie Crop Bra — $55

Who better to ask about nursing sports bras for runners than a pro runner? Neely Gracey, who had her second baby earlier this year, loves the Caden Shae Smoothie Crop Bra. And she wasn’t the only one in my unofficial survey.Gracey says she loves it because “It has a typical sports bra back while lots of breastfeeding sports bras have clasps in the back which I find a bit annoying. The Caden Shae Smoothie Crop Bra is sturdy, supportive, and has a cute design.”

Lululemon Enlite — $108

The Lululemon Enlite bra wasn’t designed for nursing mamas but with its zipper front, it’s perfect for the task.The Lululemon Enlite sports bra offers a lot of support up to a cup size E and a zip front for easy on/off. Each breast is supported individually, making it ideal for high-impact exercise such as running. Despite being so supportive and durable, the fabric is still soft and breathable.

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