Best non wired bras

Bras aren’t exactly known for their comfort, but ditching the underwire is the best way to make a bra feel better without sacrificing support. Although lifelong wearers of wired bras may be hesitant to try a wireless bra, Tracy Freno, a Bare Necessities bra fit expert, is here to offer reassurance. “Many [people] automatically gravitate to a bra that has an underwire because we are conditioned to think that it’s the more supportive option,” she says. However, “there really are many wireless bras available that deliver incredible support and unparalleled comfort—and wearing them will make you feel just as fabulous and confident!”

Best non wired bras

To help you figure out which wireless bra is best for you, we did the research and evaluated dozens of bras based on size range, style and fit, and more. Our top choice is the Knix WingWoman Contour Bra for its supportive features, wide range of cup and band sizes, and compatibility with clothing of varying necklines.

Knix WingWoman Contour Bra

Who it’s for: People looking for a wireless bra that’s available in a range of colors and sizes and is made with extra side coverage.

Who it isn’t for: People who want a barely-there bra.

This highly rated bra from Knix is everything you’d want in a wireless bra. It’s supportive, compatible with clothing of varying necklines, and comes in a wide variety of sizes and colors. The Knix WingWoman Contour Bra is made of nylon, polyester, and spandex, all of which are considered to be strong, durable fabrics. These, in combination with the bra’s molded cups and wide side straps, will keep your breasts secure as you go about your day.

This bra provides medium coverage but features a plunging neckline that makes it compatible with v-neck shirts and dresses. Another great feature about this bra is the incredible amount of cup size options available. Band sizes start at 28 while the cup size goes as far as H. Like the sizes, there are multiple color options to choose from, ranging from skin tones to fun patterns. Keep in mind that nylon and polyester, although both soft, are water-resistant. So if you tend to sweat a lot in your bust, this bra will not soak up that moisture.

Lively The No-Wire Push-Up Bra

Who it’s for: People looking for a wireless push-up bra that is convertible.

Who it isn’t for: People looking for a bra with larger band size options.

Lively designs their bras so they feel like a mix of athleisure and lingerie, providing comfort while also looking pretty on your body. The No-Wire Push-Up Bra is made of a soft nylon and features a ribbed trim and mesh lining that adds a refreshing element of style (plus extra breathability).

The back features a hook closure while the bra straps are adjustable and convertible, so you can convert them into a crossed, racerback style. The padding provides a good, natural-looking lift, while the spandex band provides solid support. This push-up bra comes in eight colors, including skin tones and earth tones. Sizes range from 32A to 36DDD, which isn’t as comprehensive as other bras.

Cosabella Never Say Never Curvy Sweetie Bralette

Who it’s for: People with larger breasts who want a supportive bralette.

Who it isn’t for: People who want a wireless bra with cups.

People with bigger breasts often feel left out of the bralette club due to the additional support they need that bralettes don’t often come with. This Cosabella bra, however, manages to prove otherwise. Cosabella’s Never Say Never Curvy Sweetie Bralette is specifically designed for bigger busts, so much so that it only comes in cup sizes DD, F, G, and H (it’s also available in Extended and Ultra Curvy versions, as well as Petite and Standard). This bralette’s lift is achieved due to the small band, pull-over style, and wide adjustable straps.

The Never Say Never Curvy Sweetie Bralette’s looks aren’t too bad either. The bra is made of a beautiful lacey power mesh, which is a fabric known for its compression abilities. It also comes in a wide range of colors, ranging from neutrals and skin tones to fun colors like pink, purple, green, and coral.

Pepper Limitless Wirefree Scoop Bra

Who it’s for: People who want a wireless bra that provides a little lift and people who want removable cups.

Who it isn’t for: People looking for a bralette.

This bra is specifically designed for those with smaller breasts, as it only comes in AA through B cup sizes. The Pepper Limitless Wirefree Scoop Bra provides solid, no-gap coverage while still looking super cute, so much so that you can style it semi-exposed with the right T-shirt and top. Support is achieved by the double-hook enclosure in the back, the adjustable straps, and the elastane, which accounts for more than 20 percent of the bra’s material. But don’t worry about feeling like you’ve been sucked in—it’s also made of nylon, providing a soft cushion for your bust and back. And should you want less padding, you’ll be glad to know that it comes with removable cups.

The color options for this bra are a standout. You can choose between single colors, ranging from black to periwinkle, to limited edition two-tone options including brown and pink and light blue and dark blue. Plus, if you’re someone who is trying to shop more sustainably, know that this brand participates in ethical manufacturing practices, reuses water used during dying, and packs their products in biodegradable and recyclable packaging.

Negative Underwear Sieve Non-Wire Bra

Who it’s for: People who want a light and breathable wireless bra.Who it isn’t for: People who want a bra with more coverage.Mesh bras are a great option for people who are looking for thin, breathable bras. Most bras are made of thicker materials that provide support but feel bulky and not very breathable. Although mesh bras are still typically made of synthetic fabrics, they offer much more breathability and a lighter feel.The micromesh used in the Negative Sieve Non-Wire Bra gives you that light, breathable bra experience while also providing support thanks to the spandex lining and three-hook closure. This wireless bra comes in multiple colors, including neutrals, skin tones, two-tone options, and a few vibrant colors, including navy and coral. There are also a wide range of size options, with the largest size being a 40G.

Everlane Tank Bra

Who it’s for: People looking for a wireless bra made of a breathable fabric.

Who it isn’t for: People looking for a wireless bra with cups.

There are pros and cons to wearing cotton bras. The pros are that the fabric is softer and more breathable than common synthetic materials like nylon, and they’re usually machine-washable. The con is that cotton bras aren’t as strong and supportive as the more common nylon-spandex bras. The Everlane Tank Bra makes up for that by adding an extra layer of Supima cotton, which is stronger, softer, and better color-retaining than other types of cotton. There is also elastane located in the band of the bra for additional support.

As its name suggests, the Everlane Tank Bra is a full coverage bra that can also double as a top. You can wear it around the house, while doing a light workout, or when going out and running errands. The bra comes in four colors, including black, gray, burnt sugar, and dark sage, and comes in sizes XXS to 2X.

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