best neutral eyeshadow palette for hazel eyes

No matter what your eye color is, you’ve likely been told time and time again that neutral tones are the best for making them stand out — especially if you have hazel eyes. And though neutral tones are, indeed, universally flattering, that shouldn’t stop you from playing around with color, too!

Pinks, deep reds, blues, and greens, along with neutrals, are all great colors to make hazel eyes pop. And there are a ton of great palettes out there with those colors in them. Scroll here to shop just few of the best eyeshadow palette for hazel eyes, best neutral eyeshadow palette for mature eyes, and best eyeshadow for pale skin hazel eyes.

best neutral eyeshadow for hazel eyes

Covergirl Roses TruNaked Eye Shadow Palette

This cruelty-free palette accentuates hazel eyes thanks to its pigmented rose shades. The palette features eight colors that work well layered, blended, or on their own. The colors are great for everyday wear.

Clinique All About Shadow 4-Pan Palette in On Safari

Hazel eyes typically have a hint of green, so what better way to make them pop than with a green eye shadow? This palette features four shades of green from light green to dark, so you can feel free to experiment with a bolder look.

Huda BEAUTY Obsessions Palette in Amethyst

Bring on the drama and intensity!! As we’ve discussed, reddish tones and purples are the best way to make those hazel hues pop gals. So no matter whether they appear greener one day or more golden the next, either way, with this palette, you’re covered on both fronts!

These nine curated colors offer excellent “pack with a punch” pigmentation, color payoff, and all-day-long wear! It features a collection of red-based and purply shades, from pink to plum, maroon, berry tones, and a to-die-for violet purple; rest assured, all of these will look incredible on hazel eyes!

And having a palette that has a combination of matte and shimmer shades as this one has is a must for techniques that require 3 or 4 color eyeshadow placement on different parts of the eye!

Since these colors are all in the same family, creating an eyeshadow look that features multiple shades will be easy. However, if you prefer a simpler eye makeup approach, you can always stick to just one color. And with such vibrant shades, even wearing just one can make a MEGA eye-popping impact!

CHARLOTTE TILBURY Luxury Eyeshadow Palette in Vintage Vamp

This particular eyeshadow palette (and #5 on this list) is perfect for hazel-eyed beauties looking to make an easy eye makeup transition from daytime to evening. Not to mention for any gals who happen to be makeup beginners.

Why? Well, each shade is color-coded and represents a step in easy-to-follow eyeshadow looks suitable for work or play!

So, for example (during the day), the gold shade (bottom left) represents the “prime” color and is your step 1. You can use this eyeshadow on your eyelid.
The shade directly next to it represents the “enhance” color and will be your step 2. You can use this shadow in your crease and at your lash lines.
For the evening, you can repeat the first two steps plus add in the remainder colors. The top left color represents your “smoke” shade. This one works well when applied to the outer “V”, the outer portion of the lid, and can also be used at the lash lines.
The last pink shimmer shadow (top left) represents your “pop” shade. You’ll want to use that to highlight the inner corners of your eyes or apply it right at the center of your lid on top of the “prime” shade.
While there are fewer eyeshadows in this palette than some of the others I’ll be talking about; it does have red & purple-based tones along with gold, which are, of course, superb colors for gals with hazel eyes!

Mothership V Eyeshadow Palette – Bronze Seduction PaT McGrath Labs

Honestly, I always say you really do get what you pay for, which is certainly the case with many makeup products. While it may be ok to take the budget-friendly drugstore route for some items, eyeshadow is not one I commonly recommend doing so with.

Now, this palette may seem like a splurge, but if you are in the market for a luxurious PRO-level eyeshadow palette, look no further. The eyeshadows from this brand are seriously unreal and so very much worth every single penny!

The other day I was using a few Pat McGrath shadows along with another shadow from a second brand I also really love. Let me just say, the smoothness for application, blend-ability, and pigmentation difference between the two was so stark!

I became a full-fledged Pat McGrath believer, to say the least! And many of the shimmers look breathtaking if you want to use them for a colorful liner with a wet brush.

The delectable chocolatey browns, neutrals, and metallic eyeshadows in this palette (golds and bronze) create harmony for hazel eyes. Therefore these shadows can totally work for a more subtle daytime look while still enhancing the eyes, as well as a nighttime look!

And if your hazel eyes have a great deal of green in them, you’ll love this palette for its rich additional red-based tones (Blitz Flame & Rose Gold 005).

CHARLOTTE TILBURY Luxury Eyeshadow Palette in Rebel

Command attention and make your hazel eyes look fierce, bright, & goddess-like golden! The Rebel palette contains obsession-worthy gold, olive, and khaki-bronzy tones literally made for hazel eyes! PRO Tip: It goes by the name “Green Lights” or “The Rebel”.

The combination of next-level shimmers and colors will undoubtedly brighten your eyes with stunning, unsurpassed radiance! Prepare to turn some heads with this bad boy!!

These powder eyeshadows have a nice silky, smooth texture and contain ingredients known for their reflective, glossy, and luminous effects. You can expect easy blend-ability, with long-lasting, crease-less results whether you make it your go-to daytime eye palette or decide to work it in for a sexy, evening look!

Purple Smokey Eye Makeup

A great way to bring out the color of your eyes is to use colors from the opposite side of the color wheel. And somewhere along the opposite spectrum of the color wheel for hazel are purple tones. In order to achieve this look, bright purple, aubergine, and black shades have been used.

  • Start by packing on some of the bright purple on the lid, but don’t extend the color too much.
  • Go over it with the aubergine shade and blend it on the outside corner and crease. Then, using the black eyeshadow, define the outer corner.
  • Using a clean brush, blend it out so that there are no harsh lines. By using appropriate transition shades, you can make your hazel eyes pop.
  • Attach the falsies.
  • Finish with some mascara.

This Purple Smokey eye look is more suitable for women with brown hair and Pale skin.

Hot Pink Eye Makeup

Adding bright colors to your eyes is a definite way to make them stand out. A hot pink eyeshadow would do just that. Using a primer before applying the eyeshadow is a good way to start since it prevents the eyeshadow from melting into the creases.

  • How to Get Hot Pink Eye Makeup Look?
  • The way to achieving this bright pink look is by starting off at the crease with a hot pink shade. Take your time in blending it out, because that makes all the difference. Work with a little amount of product at a time to get a diffused look.
  • Now pack on a frosty shade at the center of the eyelid and the browbone. Use a clean fluffy brush to blend the colors.
  • Dab some purple kohl from on the outer corner of your waterline as well as the center and blend.
  • Finally, to finish this look, use some mascara and a purple liner to create a wing. You will have yourself hazel eyes that pop through these gorgeous fuschia colors!
  • This Hot Pink Eye Makeup look is more suitable for Warm skin tones.

Black and Gold Glitter Eye Makeup

Gold and black – A powerful combination. The gold make the flecks in the eyes pop out and the black adds a strong contrast with hazel eyes. To achieve this look, you will need a pigmented gold with micro glitter and a gray-black shade.

How To Do Black and Gold Glitter Eye Makeup?

  • Start off by priming the eyelid and going over it with a neutral shade matching your skin tone in order to create a transition shade.
  • Using a sticky tape, apply the black eyeshadow along the lower lash line to create a refined line as shown.
  • Next, work the metallic black shade on the outer corner and crease.
  • Continue from the outer corner to the lower lash line to derive a smokey look.
  • It is now time for the gold! Pack some of the product into the center and rest of the eyelid. Build the product up slowly to prevent fallout.
  • Pop some of this lightly in the inner corners as well.
  • Finish with fake lashes or just mascara.

This Gold an black glitter look is generally suitable for all skin tones. But, the blonde haired girls can make their hazel eyes pop with this look.

Mermaid Eye Makeup Look

Blue, green, and purple is a beautiful combination. It often reminds us of mermaids. These colors create a magical look and bring out the color of your eyes. Prep and prime your eyelid as you normally would and create a neutral base. For this look, we need to start from the outside and work towards the inside. Since this look is a mermaid look, make sure that all the colors that you will be using from the next step are shimmer.

  • Taking a subtle orange shade, go over the area above your crease.
  • Next, use a purple shade to apply at the outer corners, crease, and bottom lashline.
  • Use a clean brush to blend the orange and purple.
  • With a metallic blue kohl, line the upper and lower lashlines.
  • Now, grab a metallic blue and cover your eyelid with it and blend.
  • Then, take a bit of green onto the brush and apply it at the center of the eyelid.
  • Use a clean brush to blend out any harsh lines.
  • Once you are happy with the colors and their transitions, finish with some mascara.

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