best neutral eyeshadow palette for asian eyes

Asian eyes are very special. These petite eyes have a narrow opening that makes them look adorable. What’s more most of the Asian eyes are a single lid and do not have a crease on the upper lid. The absence of a crease and the small size makes a lot of difference when it comes to applying makeup to these eyes.

The truth is not every eyeshadow palette will work for an Asian eye. These eyes come in a wide variety of shapes, including round, almond, and button. Regardless of the shape of your Asian eye, it will require a special eyeshadow palette to bring out its beauty and fullness. So, what are some of the best neutral eyeshadow palette for mature eyes, best eyeshadow asian eyes, and best color eyeshadow for asian eyes? Read on to find out.

what is the best neutral eyeshadow palette for asian eyes

Tarte Chrome Paint Shadow Pot in Sun Drenched

As its name suggests, this sun-kissed hue dresses your lids in a chrome finish that glistens under light. A little goes a long way so be sure to use this sparingly and gradually layer on more product for added intensity. Apply this with your fingertips or a sponge tip instead of a brush to avoid having the eyeshadow flakes fall on your cheeks.

Dior Backstage Eye Palette in 001 Warm Neutrals

Comprising of an eye primer as well as shimmery and matte shades in warm, neutral shades from the barest of nudes to smoky deep browns, this handy palette holds everything you need to create endless looks that flatter all skin tones and eye colours. Each eyeshadow is also super pigmented, long-wearing and feels lightweight.

Natasha Denona Metallic Eyeshadow in 62S Terracotta

A combination of gold, bronze and brown pigments, this eyeshadow adds warmth to any skin tone as it glides onto lids smoothly and blends out effortlessly. Enriched with moisturising waxes, the formula adheres closely to the lids so it doesn’t flake, crease or sink into fine lines during the day. If you’re looking for all-out drama, apply with a wet brush for maximum colour payoff.

Urban Decay Naked Honey Eyeshadow Palette

Urban decay naked honey eyeshadow palette comes in 12 different golden neutral shades to help make your Asian eyes pop. This eyeshadow palette is easily blendable, and it offers a metallic, shimmery, and matte finish. 

Best Eyeshadow Palette for Asian Eyes

This eyeshadow palette is cruelty-free, paraben, sulfate, and phthalate-free. Its shades are available in a velvety texture that lasts all day. 

L’Oreal Paris Colour Riche Pocket Palette Eyeshadow

L’Oreal Paris Colour Riche Pocket Palette eyeshadow offers a light coverage to help in highlighting the inner corners of your monolid eye. This cruelty-free eyeshadow offers a matte and shimmery finish and has a wide variety of shades ranging from light to dark-colored combinations. 

Best Eyeshadow Palette for Asian Eyes

L’Oreal Paris eyeshadow blends smoothly, allowing for easy application. It is also worn all day long without smudging. To use this eyeshadow, contour the crease area with shade one and the entire eyelid with shade 2. Work on the center of the eyelid with shade three and define the lash line using shade 4. 

Maybelline City Mini Palette

Maybelline city mini palette is one of the most affordable eyeshadow palettes for Asian eyes out there. This mini palette offers six matte finish shades formulated with quality formulas and a good range of colors. 

Best Eyeshadow Palette for Asian Eyes

To use this eyeshadow on your Asian eyes, use the lighter shades to color your entire eye area and shade 2 to contour the eyelid. Next, contour the crease using shade three and line the eye using shade 4. 

COVERGIRL TruNaked Eyeshadow Palette

TruNaked eyeshadow palette by CoverGirl offers eight satin and shimmer shades to help enlarge and brighten your Asian eyes. This eyeshadow palette contains universally flattering neutral shades that offer a matte finish. 

Best Eyeshadow Palette for Asian Eyes

The shades in this palette blend easily, giving you a natural end look. TruNaked eyeshadow palette is cruelty-free, paraben and phthalate-free, and dermatologist tested.

How to Apply best neutral eyeshadow palette for asian eyes

It requires a bit of effort to maneuver Asian eyes makeup application. For starters, these eyes don’t have a crease, and it’s upon you to create the illusion of one with makeup or emphasize the absence of it with makeup. You can use the following tips to do the best makeup on your Asian eyes. 

Step 1; Start with a Primer

A primer is a necessity in Asian eyes makeup application. These eyes experience high levels of smudging as the lids fold over the lash line. 

Applying an eye primer beforehand will help prevent this and help lay the foundation and increase the lifespan of your other makeup products. A primer also helps brighten the pigments of your eyeshadow, making your Asian eyes appear more defined. 

Besides the eye primer, you should also invest in a lash primer to help volumize and lengthen your lashes. 

Step 2; Apply the Eyeshadow

Since Asian eyes lack a crease, you may be tempted to think that applying eye makeup on them is such an uphill task, but this is not true. Applying the right type of eyeshadow can actually make your eyes look bigger and brighter. 

To get this look on your Asian eyes, apply lighter colors of the eyeshadow to the inner corner of your eyelid and darker colors to the outer corner and blend gently. This will help lengthen and brighten your Asian eyes. You can also decide to create a false illusion of a crease by applying a darker shade of eyeshadow from your lid to the crease line.  

For better eye-popping, add shimmery colors to your eyeshadow makeup look. Shimmery colors reflect light and enhance your eyes. Add some shimmer along the brow bone, inner corners of your eyes, and the tear duct for a more awake look. 

Step 3; Apply Eyeliner

In addition to the eyeshadow, it’s essential that you also layer a thin coat of eyeliner to help brighten and open up your Asian eyes. When applying eyeliner, avoid going too heavy or too dark on the eye line, as this will create a bigger gap between your eyeliner and eyebrows. The goal of the makeup should be to make your Asian eyes look bigger by drawing attention to them with a lighter shade of eyeliner. 

To avoid closing your eyes more, apply the eyeliner along the top of your lash line only. 

Step 4; Work on Your Eyelashes

Eyelashes help brighten up your eyes and make them livelier and larger. For best results, ensure to curl and prime your lashes first before applying mascara or false eyelashes. These products will help volumize, lengthen and lift your lashes, giving your eyes a more awakened look. 

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