best eyeshadow colors for brown eyes

Brown might be the most common eye color, but it’s by no means a boring hue. Dark brown, light brown, and hazelly brown irises all but sparkle with gold and copper flecks. Not only that, but the versatility allows brown-eyed beauties to pull off a broad range of makeup looks and rock almost any eyeshadow shade. Having said that, a handful of colors are undeniably flattering on brown eyes, and they’re definitely worth trying out to help your peepers realize their most glamorous potential.

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best eyeshadow colors for brown eyes 2021

Marie explains that warm, soft shades with hints of pink, red, and gold are perfect for brown eyes. “Think roses, peaches, and the color of your favorite bronzer or blush.” Urban Decay’s Naked Cherry palette is just the thing. It has 12 colors, including both matte and shimmery shades, each with a touch of copper, rust, bronze, or berry-red warmth.

With two deep bronzy-grays, a coppery gold, and a highlighter shade, this budget-friendly mini palette has everything you need to make your brown eyes pop. “For a dramatic look with a simple approach, keep these colors close to the lash lines, blending them over your eyeliner on the top and bottom,”. “Swiping the shadow along your lash line diffuses the liner and actually increases the longevity of the wear.”

This eyeshadow palette by e.l.f. Cosmetics takes the universally flattering nudes we know and love and warms them up with a dash of rose gold. “Try sweeping these shades across your entire eyelid, softening as you work up and out of your crease. If using more than one shade, keep the deeper tone on the outer top and bottom corners of your eyes”

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