best drugstore primer for glowing skin 

Makeup primers were once positioned simply as a foundation prep step, a way to up the staying power of your base and any other makeup you apply. And indeed, primers are excellent and necessary for that purpose. But it’s time to shatter the misconception that that’s all they can do. The right primer can do so much more, mattifying or brightening, smoothing away the look of lines and wrinkles, and blurring imperfections.

There are a ton of drugstore primers out there with just as quality formulas — today’s most affordable primers can also brighten, hydrate, smooth fine lines, minimize pores, mattify and so much more. here are the best drugstore primers for long-lasting makeup, including the best primers for glowing skin, best face primer oily skin drugstore, best glowing primer for dry skin and more.

best makeup primer for oily skin drugstore

The Maybelline Master Prime Primer is a classic drugstore primer that delivers a smooth, even base for your foundation. It helps blur texture and pores while adding more wear time to your makeup. This has been named a dupe for the Smashbox Photo Finish Primer at a fraction of the cost, and with a more lightweight feel. Remember: since this is a silicone-heavy primer, you should use a silicone-based foundation for best results.

The bad news? There’s no product or treatment out there that will change the actual size of your pores. The good news? There are ways that you can make them appear smaller, like using a primer such as this one. The oil-free formula smooths away the look of prominent pores and has a subtle lilac tint that delivers overall brightness and generally makes skin look that much better.

There are three variants of this primer available—Brightening, Perfecting, and Pore Reducing— so you can choose whichever one sounds like the best fit for you. Each has some slightly different features; the Brightening has a pearlescent finish, the Perfecting a tone-enhancing pink tint, while the Pore Reducing also mattifies. But what they all have common is a topnotch ability to smooth skin and keep makeup locked in place.

The primer offers a lotion consistency (a major plus for those who prefer skincare-like primers), and we like that it doesn’t feel slick on the hands or face when applied to skin. Editorial Assistant Adrianna Freedman uses this primer on her dry skin. “It honestly feels like a hydrating moisturizer, and I actually like the way makeup sits on it after applying,” she says.

Udbeautycloset loved Aveeno’s hybrid formula so much that it won a Udbeautycloset for giving the skin a “luminous” look. It’s a serum and primer in one, softening skin with natural oils, vitamins and kiwifruit water. Our pros find it a good choice for those looking for a dewy finish.

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