Best bras for small boobs

All bras are not created equal—and sometimes it can feel like finding the best bras for small busts is an endless saga of ill-fitted pieces that feel more straitjacket than sexy. No more: If you’re working with a small chest (think A to B cups), you can say goodbye to too loose straps and gaping cups and discover a world of support and comfort with our 29 top-selling picks. But before we jump into that, there’s some need-to-know info that lingerie experts told us to keep in mind when shopping for a bra for small breasts.

Small boobs need support

Whether you’re rocking an A cup or a DD, you need lift and support for one simple reason: gravity. According to Emily Lau, founder of The Little Bra Company, even the tiniest amount of breast tissue will eventually stretch and sag, and a well-fitting bra can help prevent that. This doesn’t necessarily have to translate to an underwire bra, so don’t worry about relegating your wire-free or strapless favorite to the bottom of your undergarments drawer. Elma Valerio, founder of Elma Shop, notes that support should depend on how your breast tissue sits. People whose breasts are bigger on the bottom, for instance, could get ample support from a longline bra or a wider band, while those who are fuller at the sides might find that a bra with a wider back and three sets of hooks provides the optimal fit.

Best bras for small boobs

So much of the bra-shopping process hinges on the size (or letter) of the cup—but according to the experts, the key to getting the best fit might actually be in how the cups are spaced out on a bra. If your breasts are set wider apart, for example (which is often the case for people with smaller chests, per Valerio and Rachel Klein, owner of Lula Lu Petites), a bra with touching cups isn’t great; instead, seek out a style that has a one-inch gap between the cups, to ensure that they’re sitting right over the breast instead of toward the center.

Bralettes are a small bust’s best friend.

Never underestimate the power of a bralette. Wireless bras and bralettes are the perfect bra for people with small boobs—not only because they’re seriously comfortable and don’t have the dreaded underwire but also because the silhouette frames the natural shape of the breast. “The triangle cup tends to be the most flattering for a smaller chest just because it’s the smallest cup type,” Valerio explains. Plus, bralettes just so happen to be in vogue, which makes finding them seriously easy.

Limitless Wirefree Scoop Bra

It’s hard enough to find bras that come in AA cup sizes, let alone ones that actually fit. Pepper only designs bras for small busts, so you know it’s not just a scaled-down version of a larger-sized bra. This style in particular is soft, stretchy and wireless. It has thin, adjustable straps and a low neckline so it can be worn discreetly under most clothing, plus it has removable cups depending on how much shaping you want. The brand also makes an underwire bra for small busts with lightly lined cups that are specially shaped to avoid gaps in the fit. There’s also a layer of mesh around the cups to help with the fit and give a flattering look.

The Base

When we tested this lightly-lined underwire bra, it was especially loved by B-cup testers because it gave a nice shape without too much padding. Testers rated the bra as both supportive and comfortable — one even said it was the softest bras she’s ever tried. In the Lab, it washed well without shrinkage or damage. It also has clever features, like straps that adjust in the front (genius!) and a hook that converts it to a racerback. Plus, the online-only brand has free returns, so you can try on multiple bras at home and send back the ones you don’t want.

Oh So Light Comfort Wire Free Bra

Don’t let the price fool you; despite being one of the least expensive bras in our test, this one was also a top performer. It completely recovered its shape after being stretched out in the Lab, and it washed well with hardly any shrinkage or wear. It looks somewhat like a bralette, but it has adjustable straps and a hook-eye closure in the back. The foam cups give a nice shape for smaller cup sizes without having underwires that poke. Our testers said it was comfortable and surprisingly supportive for not having an underwire. They also raved about how lightweight it felt, and one even said she forgot she was wearing a bra.

Plunge Bralette

Lab pros love that this pullover style bra from Parade is designed with a silky polyester outer fabric but is lined inside with a cotton material for a more comfortable feel. The plunging neckline and back are perfect for low cut tops, and analysts are impressed by the seamless construction, which means no wires or stitching will show through your clothing. Reviewers say that the bra is supportive and provides lift, even though there are no cups or wires. Some reviewers did mention gaping along the sides of the bra, while others shared that it runs on the smaller side, so be sure to check out the size guide for your best fit.

Wear Everywhere Push-Up Bra

Pink’s push-up bra is one of the few styles out there that’s available in AA cup sizes, and on top of that, it’s super popular with hundreds of five-star reviews online. Users say it feels comfortable to wear, fits perfectly and looks amazing under clothes. The bra is padded to give a rounded shape and has underwire support, plus we’re impressed by the adjustable straps that can easily be converted to a cross-back for racerback tops. It also comes in lots of colors and prints and the option for front closure, which we find is easier to put on, especially if you have limited mobility.

Finding the perfect bra can be a struggle. Oftentimes designs can be too tight or just too big, leaving gaps in unnecessary places, and resulting in not looking good under tops. To help you find a comfortable fit from a great brand once and for all, we’re here to help you shop for the best options. These range from editor favorites to bestsellers that customers rave about, but either way, the testimonials will help you make your decision.

Whether you’re looking for a strapless choice that won’t leave gaps on top or you want a sexy lace choice, there are 10 options ahead to help you find your match. From brands like Pepper that specifically design bras for small bust sizes to classics like Skims and Calvin Klein, you might end up leaving with more than just one. Keep reading to check out these winners and get yourself an upgrade today.

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