Best bra for heavy breasts

Shopping for bras can be exhausting, regardless of whether you’re browsing in-store or online. It’s hard to know where to start, what to look for, and even what your true size is. Frankly, there’s something about the process that transports us back in time to uncomfortable mother-daughter outings. Cue flashbacks to being 13 and shedding a single tear, because mom, why is this so complicated?! That is precisely the kind of bra buying experience we want to help you avoid. To do so, we tapped three experts for their professional advice on how to find the right bra for you.

“For so long we’ve been taught to think our boobs were the problem, when all along it’s really been bad bras,” says Ra’el Cohen, co-founder and chief creative officer of ThirdLove. “Every person will have their own unique criteria for what makes a bra fantastic, but it ultimately comes down to looking and feeling your best.” Preach.

“A customer with a larger chest should never have to choose function over style,” adds Tracy Freno, senior manager of customer service at Bare Necessities. “Breast shapes and sizing can differ from woman to woman, so even among women who fall under the ‘big bust’ category, a certain style of bra might prove to be more comfortable and supportive to one woman’s shape as opposed to another.” With that in mind, Cohen and Freno both suggest being patient with yourself and the process and keeping your options—and mind—open. “What works best for someone will depend on their unique breast shape, size and needs…take the time to consider which style fits you, your life, and your style the best,” Cohen says.

Best bra for heavy breasts

Whether you’re looking for a high-impact sports bra, a lacy bralette, or a smoothing minimizer bra, “Swap out the frills and excess to focus on simple, modern, and timeless materials that you need and want for everyday,” CUUP director of fit Tania Garcia says. High-performance details like power mesh, memory foam, and padded underwires will gently lift and shape your chest; three-part and five-part cups are also key for a supportive, wear-all-day-fit in sizes DD and above.

“The more comfortable the bra, the more supported, confident, and sexy you will feel,” Garcia says. Whether you’re getting dressed for a special occasion or just to lounge on the couch, there’s a soft bralette, sheer balconette, or everyday T-shirt bra that’s comfortable and high quality. Ahead, shop the 22 best bras for big busts, from CUUP to ThirdLove and beyond.

Comfort Fit Seamless Minimizer Bra

The seamless design of this minimizing bra is the ultimate choice for full coverage and a molded look, with sizes ranging from 30A to 44H. The nylon and spandex band works with the polyester cup to minimize the chest size without compressing the body.

An Amazon reviewer says: “I’ve been wearing this bra for about two years now. It’s probably the first bra that has provided uplift and support for my DDD size without hauling up the straps so tight they put grooves in my shoulders.”

Full Coverage Underwire Unlined Minimizer Lace Bra

With over 23,000 reviews and a four-star rating, this inexpensive option from Delimira should support you and looks good while doing it. One ELLE writer personally bought this bra and instantly noted the subtle underwiring and breathability.

An Amazon reviewer says:“I am in love with this bra, I swear I’ve never known my actual bra size until I put this on. I’ve never had a bra fit me this well.”

Angie Front Close Minimizer Bra

Made with padded wide straps and a back panel of leotard mesh, this front-close bra comes in sizes ranging from a 32C to 44H. It’s also a minimizer for buttoned-up days or times you want the illusion of a slightly smaller chest.

An Amazon reviewer says: “This one fits beautifully and is comfortable. It covers my breasts, and when I bend over and shake, I don’t fall out of it. This is the first time in years I’ve been able to wear a front-close bra, and I’m loving that! It also greatly reduces the visible size of my bust, which is what I am always looking for.”

Brooklyn Leopard Lace Side Support Bra

This bra, which comes in sizes ranging from a 34E to 46L, has a four-row hook closure and thick bands to support your sides and avoid spillage. Longtime users of this bra are a fan of its construction.

An Amazon reviewer says: “It provides full coverage and reliable support. The sizing is spot-on and cup construction ensures minimal movement. The back material is generous, which prevents that annoying ride-up that many bras have.”

Retro Chic Full Figure Underwire Bra

This retro-inspired bra, available in sizes 32D through 46H, is made to keep your boobs in place with a stylish lace design that doesn’t sacrifice sex appeal. Keep in mind that although this is an underwire style, it lacks padding to give a more natural look and fit.

A Nordstrom reviewer says: “I always feel confident that the fit of this bra, regardless of color, will be perfect; I was not disappointed!”

Finding the best bras for large busts can be a struggle. Whether you call it voluptuous, well-endowed, big-chested, or busty, having big boobs can be a blessing and a curse. As someone whose cup size has more than two letters in it, I love the body I’ve been blessed with, but finding a bra that actually works for my heavy boobs is no easy feat. And no, I don’t want to be forced to wear a bra that looks like it was a hand-me-down from my grandma. Thankfully, brands are catching wind that the best bras for big busts can be cute, comfortable, and supportive. And I went on a hunt to track them down.

When it comes to choosing the best bras, there are a few qualities I consider nonnegotiable. For starters, the bra needs to have substantial lift and support. As far as I know, there’s no such thing as a DD bust that’s lightweight. Second, it has to offer proper separation. If I wanted a uni-boob, I’d wear a sports bra every day. Next up, coverage. I want clean, smooth lines, minus the bulge. And finally, the bra has to be attractive. Just because I have a large bust doesn’t mean I care less about aesthetic.

So why not treat yourself to a comfortable bra that truly fits? Plus, you know your underwear drawer has been begging to be cleaned out, so a little Marie Kondo action couldn’t hurt. Ahead, find the best bras for large busts, DD and up.

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