Best bra companies

We could all use a little extra support these days. Whether you’re shopping for your first bra or looking to upgrade some lackluster staples, this is a good place to start. We think any bra you put on your body should be comfortable and well constructed. And it should make you feel beautiful. To find some of the best bras, we spent 23 hours researching bras and talking with industry experts about what makes a great one. Then we enlisted a panel of four testers of different sizes who spent countless hours wearing 43 models from 19 brands—pitting industry titans against fledgling startups. We’re confident that our 10 final recommendations will suit a slew of moods, bodies, and style preferences.

Best bra companies

Let’s face it. Shopping for a quality bra is more effort than it should be, and due to the number of emerging lingerie brands out there, it can be more intimidating than we’d like for it to be. However, when you’re in search of the best bra brands on the market, why not let someone else do the shopping for you?While you might not have the luxury of a dressing room to try a bra on for size, thanks to the nature of online shopping, we like to look at reviews to get an idea of what people love and what they don’t. So because we want to take advice from those who have tried these brands out for themselves, we found some of the best brands that’ll fit your every need, from comfort and support to fit and style. After all, when it comes to things we wear every day, why not have the best?Check out which designers women love right now, and then shop from each brand for your own lingerie drawer.

Fleur du Mal

If you’re looking for something on the sexier side or just something more contemporary, Fleur du Mal will fit your need. One of the brand’s best sellers? Its satin strapless bra. Read a customer’s review below.“This bra gives great lift and is very sexy, which is a tough combo to find in a strapless bra. It runs small, but that’s easily remedied by taking out the removable padding.”


ThirdLove launched with a focus on size inclusivity for its female customers and was also the first brand to introduce half-cup sizes. The brand is especially known for its Classic T-Shirt Bra, which has over 46,000 reviews that are almost entirely positive.“Like magic, it fit perfect! I love my new bra. Will order again!”

Hanky Panky

Known for quality lace pieces, Hanky Panky offers a range of sizes for any body type while also ensuring that you’re comfortable.“I love this bra! Hanky Panky lace is so soft, and the bra is really comfortable. Just what I was looking for!”


Based on reviews, it’s safe to say that Chantelle checks all the boxes when it comes to a truly great bra. From support and comfort to versatility, these bras have it all.“Love Chantelle bras, have been wearing them for two-plus years. Doesn’t matter what style you may choose. All the bras give you excellent support, keep you ‘in’ on the sides, and smooth backs. Could you ask for anything more? I don’t believe so!”


This direct-to-consumer lingerie brand has become a trailblazer in making sleek and comfortable bras for everyday activities. Whether you get an unlined option like The Balconette or something with more support like The Scoop, there’s no going wrong here.“Best ever. So comfy. If you have to wear a bra wear this one. I will never wear anything else.”


Hands down, Natori makes some of the best, chic intimates on the market. From comfortable T-shirt bras to something that’ll make you feel sultry underneath it all, this brand will have exactly what you’re looking for.On the best-selling T-shirt bra:“This is the first bra I don’t want to rip off after wearing it all day—so soft, looks great under T-shirts, fabulous!”

Calvin Klein

At the end of the day, as much as we love gorgeous lingerie, we want something that’s well-made and comfortable. Leave it to Calvin Klein to create a bra that not only does both, but it also doesn’t break the bank.“These bras are so wonderful that I’ll probably only be buying CK bras from now on! Fit is true to size, quality and attention to detail are beautiful, and support is fantastic! Highly recommend!”

As our resident underwear expert — I have thought about granny panties much more than anyone should — I’ve come to realize there’s no supporting player quite like the bra. The bra gets a bad rap because it can be hard to find one that fits, but it’s doing a lot. It has to disappear under your clothing while not cutting into your chest from any angle. It should separate and support your breasts without feeling unnatural or uncomfortable. I previously theorized (in our small-bust-specific bra guide) that the best bra is one you don’t have to think about, and the longer I’ve been on the bra beat, the more I’ve come to believe that’s true. Since no two boobs are alike (which is why you also need straps that adjust accordingly without digging into your shoulders) and considering all of the above, it’s easy to see why bra shopping can be so challenging. To simplify the process, I asked professional undergarment fitters, lingerie-store owners, and those who have tried tons of styles about their most beloved bras (and I’ve included a couple of my own favorites too).

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