80b Bra Size Conversion

If you are looking for 80b bra size conversion, this article will help you find your perfect fit. A 80b bra size is equivalent to a 34A in the UK and Ireland, and a 32B in the US and Canada.

80b Bra Size Conversion

In the United States, bra size is typically measured in inches. However, sizing varies from brand to brand and country to country. The same bra size can be called different names depending on where you are shopping. To complicate matters, even within one country some brands may use different sizing methods. This is why it’s important to know which method your favorite brands use so that you can convert their sizes into other systems of measurement if necessary.

How To Convert Your Bra Size

The first step in converting your bra size involves finding out how large or small your breasts are according to the measuring system used by each manufacturer. If a company uses a letter-based sizing system, you’ll need to know what letter corresponds with the size you currently wear (e.g., 32C). If they use numbers instead of letters, then you’ll need to know what number corresponds with the size you currently wear (e.g., 34B). Once you know what letter or number matches up with your current size, then you can look up that information on conversion charts for other systems of measurement (such as inches).

Band Size Chart

US Band SizeInches (in.)Centimeters (cm.)
282858 – 62
303063 – 67
323268 – 72
343473 – 77
363678 – 82
383883 – 87
404088 – 92
424293 – 97
444498 – 102
4646103 – 107
4848108 – 112
5050113 – 117
5252118 – 122
5454123 – 127
5656128 – 132
5858133 – 142

Cup Size Chart

US Cup SizeDifference Between Bust Size and Band Size 
Inches (in.)Centimeters (cm.)

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