prom hairstyles for long hair down

Wedding hairstyles for long hair down

When you’re getting married, your hair is the crowning glory of your wedding day. Sure, brides are all about the dress, but it’s not like you can wear the same dress every day for the rest of your life—so why not make sure you get a wedding hairstyle that will be awesome forever?

If you have long hair and are looking for a gorgeous way to wear it down at your wedding (but not straight down), consider this tutorial on how to do a half-up half-down style with a veil. It’s perfect if you want something more formal than just a ponytail or bun, but don’t want to go overboard with the volume.

Another option is the half-up half-down style with tiara. This is great if you’re going for more drama on top, but still want something elegant and beautiful underneath. It also looks really good on people with long faces who might want to distract from their features by focusing attention elsewhere!

Finally, if your mom is getting married soon and wants to be able to wear her hair up at her own wedding without looking too old-fashioned, this tutorial will show how she can achieve that look—and keep her hair out of her face!

  1. The loose updo

You can use your veil to create an elegant updo by threading it through your long hair, then securing it with bobby pins. This is a great option if you want to keep all of your hair out of the way while still making a statement with your veil.

  1. The half-updo

Tie back half of your hair, then wrap the other half around your head in a low ponytail or bun and secure it with bobby pins or bobby pin curls, then pin on flowers or gems as desired!

  1. The braided bun

Create a high ponytail at the top of your head, then braid it all the way down before tying it off with an elastic band at the bottom of the braid. Secure that elastic band with bobby pins, then wrap the ends of the braid around to create a bun and secure again with more bobby pins!

Wedding Hairstyles

Wedding hairstyles for long hair down with veil

If you’re looking for a wedding hairstyle that’s elegant and romantic, consider wearing your hair down with a veil or headpiece. The veil is a symbol of purity, so it’s an especially appropriate choice if you’re getting married on your first date! If you are going to wear your hair down, make sure that it’s healthy and shiny so it looks its best under the veil. Try using products like [product name] or [product name] to keep your hair looking fresh all day long.

Wedding hairstyles for long hair down with tiara

A tiara is another great accessory for brides who want to look like royalty on their special day. Choose a simple design (like a crown) or something more elaborate (like a bejeweled piece), depending on your personal style and preferences. You can also add some sparkle by wearing earrings or bracelets in this same style. This type of hairstyle works well when paired with an updo, but it also looks amazing on its own if you want something simpler and more laid-back than the traditional ceremony look.

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