feather haircut for long hair

Feather haircut for long hair

Feathers are the perfect haircut for medium and long hair. Feathers add texture and movement to your hair, which is why they’re such a popular choice for sunny days.

The feather haircut is a modern variation on the classic layered cut. It’s great for thin hair because it adds fullness and volume, but it also works well with thick hair because it helps to keep the style looking light and airy.

Feather haircut for long hair

Feathers can be used to create soft curls at the front of your head or dramatic waves around your face. They can also be used to create a soft fringe that frames your face perfectly, or sharp spikes that emphasize your cheekbones.

The feather haircut gives you plenty of options when choosing how you want to style your hair!

Is your hair naturally curly? If so, then consider getting a cut with layers instead of blunt ends. This will give you movement and texture without taking away from the volume at the crown of your head. You can also add some texture if needed by applying some mousse or sea salt spray before drying your hair (this will help hold any pieces that fall out).

Do you have fine hair? If so, then consider going with an all-over cut instead of one that has layers or bangs in front. The lack of weight in those areas will make them appear even thinner than before! Instead focus on adding volume at the crown through products like root lift spray or

The feather haircut is a classic hairstyle that has been around since the 70s, and it’s still going strong.

The feather haircut is characterized by short hairs on the sides of the head, with long hair at the back. The hair at the front can be feathered (tousled), or brushed back.

Feather cut for long hair with front and back view

This feathered haircut is a great look for those who have long hair and want to add a bit of texture.

The layers in this haircut are razor-cut, which makes them look soft and fluffy. The layers start at the top of the head and get shorter as they go down. This is a great style for anyone looking for something fun and flirty!

Check out the video below for more tips on how to achieve this look at home!

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