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Makeup look for a black dress

You’ve got the perfect black dress, but what makeup look goes with it? We have all the tips you need to know.

Black is one of those colors that can be tricky to match. If you’re looking for a great makeup look for a black dress, you’ll want to avoid using too much color. Instead, focus on neutral and natural shades—like browns and taupes—to match the tone of your dress.

When choosing what color makeup goes with black dress, keep in mind that darker tones are usually best. This will help keep your look balanced and allow you to create a clean, sophisticated eye without going overboard on color.

If you’re still having trouble deciding how to look black with makeup, start by applying foundation or concealer on your face as usual before moving on to eyeshadow application in order to achieve a more polished appearance overall. You could also try wearing eyeliner underneath your bottom lashes for an easy way to get some extra definition without going overboard!

Makeup look for a black dress

Black is one of the most versatile colors you can wear. It’s a color that goes with almost any other color, so it’s easy to find a matching lipstick or eyeshadow shade.

But how do you choose the perfect makeup look for your black dress? We’ve got all the answers right here!

Start with a base layer of foundation and concealer. This will create an even skin tone and cover any imperfections, so that they won’t show through later. Then, add some highlighter on the cheekbones, nose bridge, forehead and chin to brighten up your face and make it appear more youthful.

Next come the eyes! Use matte brown eyeshadow on your lids to create a smoky eye look—this will bring out the blue tones in your eyes, making them even more striking against your black dress. Finish off with some mascara for drama!

For lips, go for something neutral like nude or pinkish-brown lipstick. You could also try using gloss instead of lipstick if you want something less intense; just be sure not to overdo it so it doesn’t look too shiny in photos!

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